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  1. Just curious. Question: Why do you want to go to an 8' ceiling? The home I now live in was designed with HDP2016, and we have 9' ceilings. It is so much more open feeling that our previous home that had 8' ceilings everywhere. After moving from the previous home to the new home I would never want to go back to 8' ceilings.
  2. You can have as many layout sheets as you wish per design, but you can only have one layout sheet open at any one time. Mario_Rapinett states above, you create each layout page, one at a time with whatever views and information you wish to have located upon it. Then name it and save it. Open a new layout page, name it and place info upon it. Once you have all of the layout pages for your plan created, send them to PDFs one at a time, and you are done. Cheers.
  3. It is imported as an image file. If you no longer need it for anything, click on it to select it and delete it.
  4. Maybe this video can help. https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/videos/watch/10144/home-designer-landscape-design.html
  5. DIG5050


    Have you taken a look at the Edit->Preferences->General->Folders to see where items are being saved? Maybe HDPro is looking for data in some other place or possibly over a network. I could see how that might slow down the program.
  6. DIG5050

    Grouping symbols

    Select the pieces you want to group. Choose the "architectural block" icon in the Select toolbar It looks like a red and blue cube. You can then save the arch block in your user catalog, select the book+ icon in the select toolbar. You can rename of the arch block by right clicking on it in the library browser window and change it accordingly.
  7. Click-open the 1/4 radius on your front porch sidewalk. It’s dbx looks the same as a straight sidewalk segment. At least it does on my pc. Draw two connected sidewalk Spline segments at a 90 degree angle, and they should turn into curved spline sidewalk you can adjust.
  8. Draw several of the spline segments connected together to form what you desire. You'll see how the curved splines form. Then adjust the splines to get the desired result. Use undo as required.
  9. If you haven't saved the file for a while, Undo the change. Then review the feature settings again to see if you missed something.
  10. The program will try to "smooth" between the lines to simulate soil condition typical after grading. It's similar to fitting a curve to data points on a graph. To get the terrain to look like what Jo_Ann drew above, use terrain regions.
  11. Main Menu -> View-> Color, or press hotkey F8 and see if the color comes back. Dimensions? Else, attach plan to see if someone can help you.
  12. You can make that type lattice or pediment using a combination of normal and sloped soffits, or a custom countertop in HDPro. I can’t say if those same resources are available in Suite.
  13. Placed a cube (closed box) from the HD core catalogs library. Had no distortion problem with HDPro 2021 Trial and angled rotation. Where did you get your cube shape from? How is it distorting?
  14. Sounds like a Ft to Inches conversion issue. 100 Ft. is 1200 Inches. The last screen in the import dialog allows for the units to be changed to the appropriate units, at least in HD2021 Pro. Import it again.
  15. DIG5050

    Fix roof heights

    Make the porch wider, left to right, or raise the porch ceiling height, or change the pitch of the roof on the porch. There are various ways to get the timber look, depending on which version of HD do you have.
  16. Are you using a desktop pc or laptop? You can probably upgrade a desktop pc with an nvidia chipset card; sometimes upgrade a laptop pc similarly as well.
  17. Unfortunately, your graphics chipset is a bit dated for Pro2021. The webpage Solver directed you to has references Intel Integrated graphics 8th generation or newer. Yours is 7th generation. As Solver states, I would contact Tech support to see if there is any kind of work around. Good Luck!
  18. Maybe this can help. Here you go: https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00752/creating-a-structure-that-is-built-on-piers.html
  19. Usually this is caused by a graphics driver. Have you installed or updated your graphics driver to the latest version?
  20. Hello K2H, I was able to get this close using soffits for all of the truss members and posts, and backsplash for the braces. I also used backsplash for the black iron straps on the trusses. Close enough to what you want? With a little more work, you can eliminate the soffit surface on the ceiling and fit the trusses right up under the roof planes like the picture, but it takes more effort. I hope this helps.
  21. I am not sure there is a way to make the existing plan symbols a different color with HDPro. You can make a duplex symbol using cad off to the side, label it and change the color to your liking, and copy/paste it where needed. You will have to use a dotted cad arc to show a connection from a new duplex to an existing duplex socket, maybe in the same color as your cad symbol. Hope this helps.
  22. Why not make it with the tools that Pro2020 has for customizing windows? You can always spell out construction detail elsewhere with cad drawing on a separate layout page.
  23. Select all of the components of your window, glass, rabbeted lumber, trim, etc. and use the isometic cube object in the selection toolbar to make them an architectural block. Then copy/paste as required into your plan.
  24. Hello, Please post the plan so others can have a look at it and help you. Thanks,