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  1. SAILOR139

    Foundation Stem Wall

    I have an 8" foundation stem wall with the top portion 5.5" to match wall thickness for a garage. The concrete floor does not extend to the 5.5" wall; see image. How do I fix this?
  2. SAILOR139

    Wall Plates

    I have created an attic truss. It does not sit on top of the wall plate. I have double plates. It intersects the plate approx 1.25 Inches down from the top of the plate. Can I fix this?
  3. SAILOR139

    Window casing

    Elevation view of windows
  4. SAILOR139

    Window casing

    Attached image. Frame spacing is 5"; casing is 4-1/4" with 3/8" gap for caulking and seal per Pella. The nailing fin is 1-5/16".
  5. SAILOR139

    Window casing

    How do I add casing between two closely placed windows which are 5" frame to frame? When I place windows close together the casing goes around both windows but not between them.
  6. SAILOR139

    Contractor vinyl windows

    How do I show vinyl windows with nailing fins. Example: Jeld Wen or Pella. The trim for these windows set approx 3/8" from frame allowing for seal and caulking.
  7. SAILOR139

    cabinet doors

    Thank you
  8. SAILOR139

    cabinet doors

    Thanks. For my career I was a product designer; we were very detailed. It is sometime difficult to ignore the detail. But, you are right; it is not necessary for the cabinets. I was exporting the cabinets to AutoCad and noticed the error. I thought CA would have been more accurate in their presentation. I will follow your advice.
  9. SAILOR139

    cabinet doors

    PRO 2018
  10. SAILOR139

    cabinet doors

    Cabinet doors are usually spaced 3/16" to 1/4" from cabinet case or face frame due to the thickness of the quite closure button attached to the doors or drawer faces. CA spaces the door 1/16" from face frame. Is there a way to increase this distance to 3/16" or 1/4"? I am providing cabinet details to a cabinet maker; hence, reason for above request.
  11. SAILOR139


    How do I show base molding on a pony wall? The pony wall I created shows the molding inside of the wall.
  12. SAILOR139

    No Dormer walls

    Solved: I had a vaulted ceiling under the dormer. I removed it and added a floating dormer. See image. Then added the vaulted ceiling back. An auto dormer has walls which break thru the vaulted ceiling.
  13. SAILOR139

    No Dormer walls

    If the dormer is exploded the individual walls stop at the roof plan and do not extend thru it.
  14. SAILOR139

    No Dormer walls

    New dormer problem for me. The walls are missing when I use either dormer function; see images. Any solutions for this?
  15. SAILOR139

    Display insulation in attic floor

    This is a R-49 batt