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  2. I am trying to create a parapet wall on a gable end and struggling to figure out a way to make angled (in this case 45 degrees as the roof is 12/12 pitch) trim along the rake edge of this parapet. I managed to make trim for the horizontal parts but so far no manipulation of CAD shapes or anything else I can find seems amenable to being suitably angled and placed flat against the wall. I saw another thread that seemed vaguely related, wherein suggestions of using backsplash or soffits to make such plant-ons (in that case for a Tudor style house). I struck out on those possibilities so am app
  3. I watched some videos and tried a few of your suggestions, thanks. When I break the roof planes and snap it to the edge of the roofline, the walls aren't automatically generating like they do in your videos. That could just be because I have my second floor only a few inches high, though. If I delete the second floor and try that, no walls come up for the attic space, which I assume is normal. I also tried exploding the auto dormer I'd already built, but then the walls wouldn't display correctly either (weird overlap and shifting the automatically generated wall). I tried several
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  5. Drel1234

    Ceiling Height

    Thanks. Btw, I am using Suite.
  6. Do not use the Dormer tools, create the dormer manually. I have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel that might help.
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to turn what would have been attic space into a loft area with a large shed-style dormer to give it some head room. I do not want to build a true second story (I just want the loft, I don't want the extra square footage all over the house), but after several less-than-satisfactory attempts and an inability to put a stairwell in the attic, I made a two inch high second floor. Now, I'm putting in the dormer over the loft and I really want it to be flush with the walls on either side, but because it's a dormer it won't connect. Is there a more elegant way to make th
  8. solver

    Ceiling Height

    Preferences and Defaults are different. Things like ceiling heights are set in Defaults. The default 1st floor ceiling height is 9'. Just add 1' to whatever is shown in defaults.
  9. solver

    Ceiling Height

    Answers often depend on which title (Suite, Pro etc) and version (2018, 2019 etc) you are using. You can help everyone by adding that info to your signature (see below for how to turn them on) by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left. Doing so makes it always available, and keeps others from having to hunt for it. And, turn on signature display too. ---- Many questions have been asked and answered. The Home Designer website is a good place to start your
  10. Drel1234

    Ceiling Height

    If I want to have 10 ft ceiling height, how should parameters be entered in the Preference setting?
  11. Hi Jo Ann, Can you show me what I'm doing wrong with my HDA 2021? Can you share the file? Hi Eric, Can you share the file ? Thank you Scott
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  13. This is all done using HD Architectural, with auto-build roof.
  14. I used manual roof tools for this part of the roof. everything else you can do with Architectural. In your first image above, you had the roof in this shape, so maybe it can all be done without using the manual roof tools. With Pro, the roof would be easy because you have the tools.
  15. Hi Eric, I have watch your tutorial a few times now and I do not think I have the features you have for the roof and I would need to upgrade to pro to have them. I believe and correct me if I'm wrong but we can only use the auto roof in any ver of HDA? This is why I was trying to start from the beginning to get the roof to work and see what I was doing wrong? As for the drawing being upside down, being a laymen I drew it the way I sit at my computer in the house. Another feature I haven't found yet it the wall height? I was having a difficult time with the height of the backwall which I
  16. SandraH

    Split level design

    Need some help with stairs. Am trying to create a renovation for an existing house, and the stairs are 8" rise with 10" run. I can change the run for stairs, but I can't get the rise to 8". Is there any way to adjust this given the limitations of architectural? Thanks for any help NVM Once the exact stair opening was created, it set the stairs perfectly!
  17. Update your 3D assets library with these new GYM 3D models from Movement which are now available from our 3D Update Package until 28th May

    Private GYM Inwards To Right+Logo.png

  18. Thanks! There's some other really cool old houses in our neighbourhood. This is one of my favourites where they go all out for Halloween,+New+Westminster,+BC+V3L+1M1/@49.210782,-122.9108396,3a,75y,305.18h,81.5t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smPQqCdd3ty1-VFJ2vrk3OA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x5485d80b33b5b3b5:0xe975c4a2b84829d!8m2!3d49.2108171!4d-122.910304
  19. Just as a side issue - that's a lovely looking house.
  20. Awesome, very cool and thanks! I gained my understanding of the term pony wall years ago from an old carpenter who helped us rework a deck in our cottage. Part of that was cantilevered and ended up at one step higher than the rest. When we reworked the deck so it was all the same level, the base of one wall was hanging in the air so he built what he called a wood frame "pony wall" about a foot high to support it. Terminology is important in forums like this so I'll be sure to use the reference manual to firm up my terms going forward. Thanks t
  21. Two different basement heights shown in the pic. The stem wall height can also be changed, as shown, and so can the location of the slab floor. A pony wall is a full size wall, that is divided into a top and a bottom. The top and bottom wall types, height proportion, and materials can be altered. Read your reference manual.
  22. Well I may have my naming wrong here but I thought a pony wall was just a short wall. In our case they're 2x4 with ship lap cladding and shingled siding, penetrated by windows along the side.
  23. Brilliant, that's exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!
  24. I gave you, your answer. You don't need Pro to do this. Why are you using pony walls? Is it because the foundation walls are partially clad with siding?
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