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  1. Rookie65

    Lighting Issues

    You can also check your preferences to find out how many lights you have allowed to be on. What I found with this version of Pro also is that sometimes you need to go in and check the materials info for each light to make sure it is the correct material to show the light. Even just clicking the light material to check, even if it is correct, will somehow make it turn on.
  2. Maybe take a geometric shape like a closed box, make it small, set the material to the light you want, then place it at the right spot in the fixture?
  3. Ok, then it's the same process.
  4. Depending on what Architectural can do, it may work to create a separate room for the slanted section using room dividers and change the material to what you want for the ceiling. When you get to the flat section, a custom shape or soffit of the color needed could be placed just below the ceiling to emulate the look you want..
  5. It probably depends on what wall type and material you used.
  6. Might be able to draw it as a roof plane and use skylights to get the glass you want and move the framing out of the way? Just a thought, haven't tried it.
  7. There are bonus catalogs for 3D trees and shrubs for purchase that should help.
  8. Did you look at the bonus downloadable catalogs?
  9. HD Pro 2021 offers some customizable rails where you can adjust thickness and width. Nothing with a radius though. I can't remember if that was available in 2020 or not. Might be an upgrade that could work for you. Like Jo_Ann said, download the trial and see if that's different.
  10. Did you rebuild the roof?
  11. I don't think 24x36 D size paper printing ability showed up until HD Pro 2021
  12. Use a rectangular poly line and make the "fill style" stone or gravel. You can adjust the size of it through the setting tab.
  13. There are some fire wood piles in some of the bonus catalog if you haven't checked there yet?
  14. I will go the deck framing plan, transform/replicate the rim joists the thickness they are. Then edit them to keep the height the same, change the thickness to 3/4" or 1/2", then close the gap between the new joists and the framing. Then you can transform/replicate on the "Z" axis, adjust the thickness again if you wish. Then make that item a lattice. From a side elevation, you can adjust that piece to the height you need. Depending on what catalogs you have, there is a diagonal lattice that works pretty good. Just adjust the material and texture properties down to a size opening you want. The
  15. Rookie65

    beauty salon/spa

    Did you search the bonus catalogs? Go to Library>Get Additional Content Online and look there. Some will need to be purchased, yet there are quite a few catalogs to view and download. Maybe something there will work for you, or at least be representative of the fixtures you're looking for.