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  1. Rookie65

    Limit Tile Back-splash

    Go to your cabinet defaults. Under wall cabinet, check the box marked "backsplash to base below." Set your thickness and the material you wish it to be. For the areas where there isn't a wall cabinet, use a soffit to fill in those gaps. Painting will just paint a whole wall, as you've found.
  2. Rookie65

    Window size labels for stacked windows

    The original poster said they used black lines, so I was following what he said.
  3. Rookie65

    Window size labels for stacked windows

    You don't even need to put in black lines. Just hit the "enter" key a couple of times and it will add spaces to move the call size
  4. Rookie65

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    It sure looks connected in your post. You do realize that you need to do that procedure to the 2nd floor wall, since that's the one that is being intersected?
  5. Rookie65

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Go to the wall specification. Open it up. Go to the "roof" section. At the very bottom is a box that says "Lower wall type if split by Butting roof". Check that, change the lower type to an interior or whatever you want and that should fix it. Your manual is also a great place to look for this stuff.
  6. Rookie65

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    You can tell it to change the wall type below the roof to whatever you need it to be. The 2nd picture in your post looks like it's facing into the lower room and the siding is the 2nd floor exterior wall.
  7. Rookie65

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    You can try to go to your wall, open the "roof" dbx, then look at the bottom where you can change what the wall type is under a roof.
  8. Rookie65

    Cabinet tools - Lighting "inside" cabinets?

    How about deleting this post then so people don't read it unnecessarily?
  9. Rookie65

    3d painter and ceilings

    Change the ceiling material to whatever it is you want it to be . . . if Suite lets you do that. You'll find it in the DBX for "Floors & Rooms".
  10. Rookie65

    window label location

    If you aren't going to change the window size, you can open the label and put a couple of "enter" taps in before it and it will move below the window if that helps. If you change the size, the label won't change, so be careful if you use this.
  11. Rookie65

    Changing porch beam size?

    You'll find some nice improvements on the deck tools in 2021.
  12. Rookie65

    Changing porch beam size?

    That option was not available in HDP 2020. It came out in 2021.
  13. Rookie65


    When you move the wall, is it still connected to another wall to close the area up? If there's an open wall connection, it won't tally the footage.
  14. Rookie65

    Internal Vaulted Ceiling Rafters ?

    I don't know if Suite has the ability, yet maybe you could open up your roof framing view, copy a rafter from each side and move them down along the "Z" axis to get them to the level you want. Then "transform/replicate" along the X or Y axis @ 16" oc to make them all show?
  15. Rookie65

    Floor & Ceiling Structures

    if you click on the terrain, you will see it probably has "hide terrain intersected by building" checked. Uncheck that and it should go away. What you can then do is go to the 1st floor plan, go to the terrain drop box, find "terrain hole" and draw that to the outside of the framing in the walls. It's something that's been happening over the last few releases and frankly, it becomes annoying. Yet at least there is a simple work around. You'll see it with cantilevers, etc. too.