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  1. Rookie65

    Stud only wall

    Change the material to fir framing, check the materials to make sure it's fir framing. Then back out of the view, then go back in
  2. Rookie65

    Stud only wall

    Copy the wall to a new one and delete the 2 layers of drywall
  3. Rookie65

    Home Designer 2020 Vs 2021

    The part that makes me nervous is the last sentence that says "see if." Sounds like the potential exists to possibly wreak havoc with the other features. Think I'll live with the offset footing until it gets fixed down the road.
  4. Rookie65

    Home Designer 2020 Vs 2021

    Yeah, it's been that way from the time I upgraded. I use a default 20 x 12 footing in my plans and haven't gone to a 10". Don't know if that is centered, though one would think it would use the same "formula" as when you change the size of a window which keeps the center.
  5. Rookie65

    Home Designer 2020 Vs 2021

    David, Pro 2021 has the foundation footing off center by default. It is not a setting that us users can change. All we can change is the width and depth.
  6. Rookie65

    Small Keyboard Nudge

    You can click on the object using "transform/replicate" to move it along the x or y axis. Type in the fractional distance you want it to go.
  7. Rookie65

    Using Steel I-Beams between 1st and 2nd floor

    It looks like a small enough plan to maybe start over. Without knowing what it's supposed to look like, it's hard to accurately provide a solution. I am wondering if the walls on floor 1 are supposed to be concrete, or did you use a foundation wall to build them? If so, that could be why the beam is mixed in with the floor joists.
  8. Rookie65

    Using Steel I-Beams between 1st and 2nd floor

    Take the beams you have drawn, copy them, then go to floor 0 and paste-hold position and see if that helps? You can always use your perspective-framing overview and see how they are shown and their location
  9. Rookie65

    Using Steel I-Beams between 1st and 2nd floor

    I see that and am looking at it. The beams holding up the 1st floor would be drawn on the basement (floor 0) level and the 2nd floor beams on the 1st floor (floor 1)
  10. Rookie65

    Using Steel I-Beams between 1st and 2nd floor

    check the setting of the beam as to if they are set to be below joists or with joists.
  11. Rookie65

    Using Steel I-Beams between 1st and 2nd floor

    Go to your framing default settings, select beam, adjust the size to what you need the steel beam to be, and select the item to be Steel-I.
  12. Rookie65

    How to rebuild a roof over a single building only

    In Pro you can use manual roofs. I don't believe that is available in architectural.
  13. Rookie65

    Custom Kitchen Hood

    Or you can go to Library>Fixtures and Appliances>Stanisci Design and download that catalog for free. There may be a range hood there that suits what you are looking for.
  14. Rookie65

    Mod Existing Plan Walls To Be Higher

    Spend some time going through the reference manual about setting floor and ceiling heights.
  15. Rookie65

    Square Footage Calculation

    Try opening the stairwell and changing the square footage to be included in the total. By default it isn't because it's not livable space. All of the rooms can be adjusted like that as needed.