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  1. Try finding what the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the shelf is. If you look at the light defaults, they usually have a spot where you can select the distance from the ceiling you want them to be. Once you have one as you wish, use the "transform/replicate" function to move the rest where you want them to go. If Architectural has that function?
  2. Since it's a detail you are having trouble finding, how about if you draw a section view of the door in your plan using wedges, etc. Where it's a small detail and likely to be missed even if you can model it at the scale the 3D views default at. This will save you time and get your point across if it's critical.
  3. Did you look at the bonus catalogs for the cabinet doors?
  4. No, just leave the 2020 installed. Plus you will probably have files in the archive that were done with 2020 that you may need to open again some time.
  5. Rookie65

    Tray Ceilings

    Does architectural have closed boxes available in shapes?
  6. I copy the plan, then hide the window and door labels, manual and automatic dimensions, cabinet labels, etc.. Then turn the wall default fill to solid black. This way the original plan stays intact and you can print floors separately if you desire.
  7. It doesn't really have a name other than a return. Just go to the roof, use the "break line" tool where the roof and brick intersect, then drag the section of the roof over the distance you want it to be. Works the same when you want to have the roof extend to cover corner boards, etc.
  8. That's about the most you can do that I have found. Sometimes they are nice to keep and rename, say for finished or unfinished attic, etc. Just change the materials for each and that will speed up the process a little when changing room types.
  9. Rookie65

    Fix roof

    You get a lot more than just that. Compare the 2 programs
  10. Rookie65

    Fix roof

    With Architectural, you don't have manual roofs. Upgrade to Pro and you can eliminate that problem with having 2 different pitches
  11. Just do it with manual roofs. Your reference guide is a great place to start so you can find answers for yourself instead of having to wait for people to respond.
  12. Have you checked that your computer meets the minimum specifications to run the program? Do you have enough memory/storage space?
  13. Another option is to use a soffit surface for the ceiling at the thickness you need it to be. You can then set it to be placed under the ceiling. That way you can leave your auto build roof setting on in case you need to rebuild something down the road.
  14. Go to the display preferences and uncheck roof planes
  15. Guessing you have auto build roofs on and your foundation isn't aligned with the wall above