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  1. Rookie65

    change pocket door direction

    Sometimes I have had luck in this situation by putting in a regular swinging door with the knob on the side I want the pocket door to slide to. Then open up the object and change the door from a swinging door to a pocket door and that may do it too.
  2. Rookie65

    How do I remove moldings from a single wall in HDP 2020?

    Make the shower its own room w/a room divider. Then open the room it's in and delete the mouldings. Also VERY helpful to everyone to create/update a signature so people always know which program and version you are using. You will also find the reference manual a great resource so you don't have to wait for a reply from others.
  3. Rookie65

    How to create a Decorative Gable Truss

    Go to Library>get additional content online>millwork>Corbels and Brackets No.3 Gable
  4. Rookie65

    Wall Colors

    Are you talking about the yellow that shows the "framing", or are you trying to paint the walls to be a different color? If it's for the framing, try changing the "fill style" of the wall.
  5. Rookie65


    The only way I have been able to do that is when opening up the item's label tab in the DBX is to either tap the space bar to move it horizontally or the enter key to move it down further. I suppose you could also set the item to not show the label and enter a text description at the size font you desire and place it manually?
  6. Rookie65

    Ceiling Bulkheads

    You should post questions in Q&A for future reference, as most people look there first. What I do when I run into these is just use the soffit tool and you can put the top right at the ceiling and make the width, height and depth be whatever you have on the site. What program are you using?
  7. Rookie65

    SketchUp-How to place SKP lamp onto HD table top

    I don't know what Suite has for options, yet in the bonus catalogs, you can download a Wayfair catalog and pull items from that.
  8. Rookie65

    Windows with transom top

    While you can't necessarily mull them to save in your library, you can place a transom above a window and then copy/paste the combination around your plan.
  9. Rookie65

    Where to Find Topography Data?

    Don't know that you have any really. When cities and towns have theirs done, it's usually a State or Government funded project is my guess. They aren't going to break it down into every lot, especially when the land isn't broken up. That's why people need to have their lots surveyed professionally for buying, selling and modifying real estate and their homes. Depending on how good you are at reading a transit, I suppose you could mark your property boundaries and string out a grid system and shoot elevations of each of the corners of the grid. Depending on the size of your grids will determine how many days or weeks you will spend trying to do this.
  10. Rookie65

    Where to Find Topography Data?

    Short of paying for an actual survey of your lot, I really don't think there's anything out there that will specifically show your lot.
  11. Rookie65

    2D Symbol

    try changing the size of the bib
  12. Rookie65

    2D Symbol

    For your circle w/letter, use "callout" under text & put in whatever letter/number you want. Simple enough to do and no need to save anything For the hose bib, it's in the core catalog. Architectural>Exteriors>Irrigation>Hose bibs & accessories
  13. Rookie65

    Floor framing

    In section view you can, where you would call out the specs, yet I have not seen it in floor plan view. Plus it really isn't a framing item. Look for the blocking right above the joists in the drop down list. Remember every view has to have the correct items turned on to display
  14. Rookie65

    Floor framing

    My guess is that those joists are under walls on the floor above? Those joists get doubled during construction by code in most regions. Looks like you still need to add your beams and blocking in there as well.
  15. When you find the item you want, look at its default settings. My thought is if you open the item, then raise the height 3/4" of an inch to make up for the thinner counter.