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  1. I am trying to figure out what size to make my interior walls. I'll be using 2x4 framing. What is the most common size for drywall thickness? (Home Designer Pro has defaults of 1/2"). Also, what is the common size for a skim coat on the drywall surface?
  2. 447Debbie

    Plinth Blocks

    Nice. Then what's the point? Plinth blocks do not display in 3D views, but are counted in the Materials List. Nobody adds something to a feature and then double checks that it is on the material list. You might as well just count the doors.
  3. 447Debbie

    Plinth Blocks

    I just turned them on in both, unless there is something else that needs to be done. I still don't see plinth blocks in camera view. Tried it on the exterior door going out to balcony. Options, plinth blocks checked. Also tried dragging the plinth block from library browser and pasting it. Nothing.
  4. 447Debbie

    Plinth Blocks

    David, I wonder if that's because I didn't zip the materials. I have it right here. When clicking on it I get two different icons depending on where I am on the plan. One of the icons just changes the color of the trim that is there, and the icon that looks like the profile of a baseboard, does nothing.
  5. 447Debbie

    Plinth Blocks

    Why do plinth blocks not show up when I add them to doors on this plan. Floor 1 (have not yet tried the basement level 0 but I suspect the same down there.) Plinth Zip file.zip
  6. Thanks DavidJPotter. That was it. I had to change it to select intersected objects. Sometimes the simple things are not so obvious. I tried searching for it in the manual and in the videos but never used the word "marquee".
  7. I used to be able to drag a selection around cabinets, beds, desks, washers, etc, and it wouldn't matter if I had part of the wall selected. As long as the entire wall wasn't selected, the only things that I could move with this selection are the things COMPLETELY selected. I must have turned off some setting, but I'd like to get that feature back. I've tried the edit area features and those don't see to give me what I want. What do I need to reset to get the 'normal' selection feature back to normal? That is, how can I just select only those items fully within the selection area?
  8. Thank you. I thought I was going crazy trying to figure it out. I will submit it as bug report.
  9. Please, can anyone tell me why these three cabinet drawer faces are not centered on the drawer box? When you close the drawer it completely overlays the right stile, and but does not overlay the left stile the same amount. As far as I can tell, both stiles are 2". Thank You. Junk plan.zip
  10. UPDATE: I resolved this by rebuilding the cabinet and then sliding it over to the all. How do I go about deleting this post, or any post for that matter? It seems that Home Designer Pro automatically adds a spacer between my cabinet and wall to account for the molding on the door. I want to change this cabinet to just put an opening there, no door, thus I don't need this spacer. How do I eliminate it? See the area on the right side. The red lines show the width. I have Home Designer Pro 2021
  11. When they import are walls actually walls or just CAD lines?
  12. I would like to hire someone to draw up my final plans but most people have AutoCad. If I import AutoCad files into Home Designer Pro 2020, or 2021 as I plan to upgrade, will the file be usable without a lot of manipulations to the same extent that a Chief Architect file can be imported and used to the full capacity of Home Designer Pro? I know Chief Architect files will lose the Chief Architect functionality, but for the most part, they appear to at least work inside the confines of Home Designer Pro. Is this the same with an imported AutoCad file?
  13. 447Debbie

    Wall Colors

    Thanks. I'll do it that way. I was thinking it would be set it in the defaults dialogue but maybe the Wall Type Definition Dialogue will accomplish the same thing.
  14. 447Debbie

    Wall Colors

    What I want to do is change a default somewhere so that I can go into the wall and then tell it to use the default color. Then, if I change color schemes in the future, I only have to change the default in one place, and all walls will update with the new color. Here is part of the problem. I've set the interior of the exterior wall default at Accessible Gray. I click thru to "Done", and it's yellow. I go back and check and the default settings window tells me that Accessible Gray is the color of the wall, yet the wall is the yellow like it's the drywall default. This is the
  15. 447Debbie

    Wall Colors

    The object painter tools aren't my toolbar. When I click view toolbars, they don't populate. It's 2 1/2 years later and I still can't get wall colors to work. I want to set the default color in one place, then go tell the room specification, or the wall specification, or the material applier, to use the default but it doesn't work. I can open a wall, tell it set the default, it actually says it on the default, but when I look in the 3d viewer it's the yellow from the drywall. So, I went into the wall specification and changed drywall to the color I want, but still can't tell the