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  1. Panel on the inner most rail will be the active panel. In Home Designer Pro 2021 this is considered a left slider, and its label gets 'LS' after the size. Go to your window supplier and ask them if you would get the image in the picture below if you order an 'LS' window.
  2. I know this is an old post, but Home Designer Pro 2021 has this same issue. Home Designer Pro 2021 also places the sliding portion of the window on the outside rather than where it should be, on the inside. I'm not sure why this wasn't understood. It's a HUGE annoyance because you can't just flip them as then the Window Schedule is incorrect. If left as is, this will be an issue in the field and Murphy's Law will take effect. The triple sliders draw correctly with the window that slides being on the inside track. XOX
  3. Thanks Solver. I think using the slab and wedge will work. I'll have to revert back to floor plan view because as I try to move it in perspective view it's movement isn't what is expected.
  4. I couldn't get the wedge shape to work. For what it's worth, the work around doesn't fully work either, I just found out. Some of the soffits tend to revert back to square, for no apparent reason.
  5. I found a work around. Create the angled soffit with the lower part in the back, then transform it vertically. This seems to stay in place when you close the file and reopen it. EDIT A DAY LATER to add: For what it's worth, the work around doesn't fully work either, I just found out. Some of the soffits tend to revert back to square, for no apparent reason.
  6. Why do these angled soffits revert back to square after I save the file and reopen it? I even tried sending it to someone that had Chief X12, and the same thing happened to them.
  7. For what it's worth, left click doesn't work when you are creating moldings out of soffit with a perspective camera view.
  8. Agree, I clicked on the soffit (vertical trim on the window), it brings up the context menu. The problem is that I wanted to resize the trim and the context window always places itself on top of the handle I need to use to resize the item. I have the same problem with roof planes and other areas.
  9. Why is it that this menu box constantly comes up on top of the handles I need for the item I selected? Is there some setting I can change to stop this behavior? If I keep clicking, sooner or later I'll be able to access the needed handle, but it's hit or miss until I somehow click in the 'right' place. This has been doing this for years, and I've finally just had enough of it to ask the question.
  10. When I export a dwg or dxf file from Home Designer Pro 2021, the entire view is not being exported. Why is this?
  11. Perhaps that doesn't exist in Home Designer Pro. Oh well. I'll have to do it the old fashioned way.
  12. Is there a way in Home Designer Pro 2021 to create a transparent building envelope, 30' tall, that follows the natural terrain? (Terrain is already incorporated in the plan.) I found this picture on the Chief Architect forum to explain what it is I am looking to do. http://www.chieftalk.com/attachment.php?s=87ff97eb92008d9e973157540c0cd5e3&attachmentid=49405&d=1314768160
  13. Here are the remaining files that could not be uploaded initially due to the total size exceeding the limit. 7 Third import of dwg.plan 8_Fourth dwg export.dwg 9 Fourth import of dwg.plan