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  1. I'm not seeing this feature - is it in the Architectural version?
  2. For sure, I just want to be a little knowledgeable about the likely solution before meeting with them.
  3. The "porch" is excluded already from the Living Area calculation: I just tried deleting the "porch" and I still get 1,017 sq ft. Could the rectangular cottage of 40' x 25' exterior walls be anything other than 1,000 sq ft? Not sure why I'm getting 1,017 sq ft.
  4. Thanks, David Your suggestion worked! Who needs features if you have workarounds ... ;-) Is my thinking correct that having these joists will likely mean the stucco and roof overhang will be 12"-16" taller than the finished ceiling height? Is putting these joists what builders/engineers typically do if one wants to avoid any supporting columns in an open floor plan?
  5. The house is basically a long rectangular shape with a depth of 46' without any support beams. Since there is no second floor, I assume the architect and engineer will solve this by calling for 46' long ceiling joists from engineered wood to span the depth of the house. So though the finished ceiling is 10' tall, these beams, which I'm guessing are around 12" - 16" tall, mean that the stucco on the outside of the house will be 10' tall PLUS the 12" - 16" of the beam and only then the roof/overhang will start. And if so, is there a way in HD Architectural to have the inside ceiling be 10' tall but the outside stucco be 11' tall and only then the roof starts?
  6. The AC outlets in the kitchen backsplash keep popping out of the backsplash (see picture) even after I move them back and save the file - any idea why that's happening??
  7. I'm working on a cottage that can't be more than 1,000 square feet, and for some reason the foundation level shows the house is 1,000 sq ft (with a 'porch' that's not really a porch but just hidden walls that allowed me to create a hip roof above the main sliding door entrance) another 7 sq ft (which, again, don't count), but on the 'main level' the program shows 1,017 square feet, which I hope and pray and believe should be 1,000 sqft. See attached image. How do I show 1,000 sqft on the main level?
  8. That's another keeper - thank you so much for being so helpful!
  9. Wow - that's a great trick! I wish I had asked my questions earlier ...
  10. I want the upper cabinet to be 2.5" from the wall to avoid hitting the window casing, but the filler is automatically created whenever I get within a few inches from the wall.
  11. I just tried your cad lines workaround and it works well - thanks!