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  1. I just create some new wall definitions that define the difference between an existing wall and a new wall; There is also a wall hatch tool that I have used to differentiate a particular type of wall - say 'exisitng', on my drawings. Hope that adds some thought on the subject for you. Jeff.
  2. Looks like a job for a manually built roof to me? Or is it already?
  3. I understood that it needs to be an application to run on an iPad? Home Designer Pro is not an App. It would be grand if support could offer some confirmation here on this? Jeff.
  4. So what is the benefit of using an allocated point? The elevations cannot be manipulated in the layout other than by guesswork or clever eye judgement- as none of the snap points are available from my use? (or that help) Conventional orthographic projection and good practice drafting (here) provides for elevations and sections to be aligned with corresponding floor levels (or similar); Having a midpoint of an image or elevation sent to layout aligned doesn't really cut it - does it? Do you guys not work similarly with your drawings? This drawing (attached) I aligned the views by guesswork (by eye) and is in no way accurately represented between each view - which it should be. ( IMO) Done in Home designer Pro - not Chief Architect. (BTW) Jeff.Stevens_Kitchen2019_Final_191022.pdf
  5. I don't need all the Math....I find the point to point resizing tool perfect for this. It's use is straightforward. Have used it many times. Never fails.
  6. Try going to preferences, and under 'Render' turn on 'Manage GPU Residency'.... Solved an issue for me as advised by support services at CA. It may work for you.
  7. Well, when I use % signs code - all I get is as its typed - with the % signs. Including the % signs before and after each factor; Its just as easy to enter the details manually as you go, on the fly, as it were - for my work.
  8. Wow - so much discussion on such a simple matter - Any custom materials I have created on the fly are automatically saved in the 'User Catalog'.....So where is the issue? Once they are located there they can be accessed in any plan. These new materials can be filed into folders to suit ones individual needs and classification etc. Am I missing the question here? (again?)
  9. No need for the % coded typed in entry's in Pro 22 - type in what you like under 'specify label' - the window displays custom notes etc. as customised. Or is this for some preset automatic tag to windows other than the preset? Happy labeling.
  10. I have had 2 similar errors running 2022 out of nowhere with similar graphics card? All was working perfectly, and is again presently, apart from these 2 incidents. Feedback from support was to update the drivers (x2); waiting input now from Asus also; I'll look into your solution. Thanks for posting.
  11. I have the 2022 updated HDPro version now and the rendering is noticeably better, the ambient light is more balanced, the materials are crystal sharp and clear. I'm impressed with this alone for the price. You can't knock it for value for money compared to other runners in the field in my opinion. After dollar conversion it cost me $140AU. The saving of unique text notes to library is also a nifty addition for my work. One simple tool that means a lot. Well done Chief.
  12. Create a new wall type as 'existing walls' that mimics the new walls; but change the wall background color so its identified differently as the existing building part; there is a wall hatch tool that just hatches walls on the fly; That's exhausted my capabilities; Good luck.
  13. Maybe this framing thing would be better as a technical question to CA support? It looks a bit weird from here. So the frame is maybe 18-24" lower than the floor level? You might need to upload your plan file for others here to delve into a solution for you. Don't give up on it. Problem solving is part of the learning curve I say to myself often. Especially when time is not on your side. Cheers.
  14. Just as a side issue - that's a lovely looking house.
  15. Robborito

    Shade sails

    There is a purchasable library of Exterior Sail Shades in the Exteriors and Landscaping section of the additional library's at CA; (Additional - because these are additional to the core library's.) You get there thru the Libraries\Get Additional Content Online tab in HDPro. I have used the sails and connector object's and all work very well. They look great. Happy sailing.