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  1. Robborito

    Templates for Title Block

    I use HDPro2021....and have created title blocks for project layouts....the CAD tools work well for this as you would expect, I guess. In your version - Architectural ?, if there is a design title block you want to build, why not try creating the title block in plan and sending it to you layout and use it that way? The layout template has its own title block in the HDPro version. Or further, can you bring it into your plan as an external jpg, or other image. Possibly There may be other options for this available to's not a title block maker it's a BIM program, and some I thought. Well Pro is I can say for my work. Cheers.
  2. Robborito

    Terrain contour "dips" near garage stem wall

    An Interesting forum post I must say - thanks. Hi - I have used HDPro (since 2015) for various Local Planning/Council Approval drawings/applications - no worries at all; Can't seem to get the ultimate resolve about moving to CA - anywhere or from anyone. Lots of opinions. It depends on drafting capabilities and personal experience in this field I add. HDPro is a most adequate and useable application for my select works. When I need to prepare site management or drainage management schematics (like you have) I would use a more focused software. Cheers. PS - What is a 'french drain'? ( I'm not french btw.) Pardon.
  3. Robborito

    New laptop

    I recently purchased a laptop for HDPro 2021 use also - with specs as per recommended configuration by HDPro (CA) - here; I went for a 17" screen - as the deal was on special here at the time. Your spec's. has more video memory it seems. Great for the 'physically based' 3D work.
  4. Robborito

    How to rotate my plan (view) in HD architect 2021

    Oh - I see. he says he has Architect - he means HD Architectural then. Better he just upgrades then. Then the software will do what he wants it to do - perhaps? Thanks Eric.
  5. Robborito

    How to rotate my plan (view) in HD architect 2021

    Hi - I worked on a plan design in HDPro ( not sure if you have Chief Architect or HD Architectural ) that had a couple of odd angled walls that they were non rectilinear (90degree) apart to each other - not ideal but allows a bit more design freedom I guess. I discovered in the 'General Plan defaults' - double click on 'Select Objects' pointer.... I entered the angles I wanted to establish and worked away from there. On the screen image attached I added 25 and 35 degrees for example. Also the plan (part) I worked on with odd angles. Hope this helps you.
  6. Robborito

    Best way to simulate tree shadows?

    OK - so can i ask what aspect under this preference will allow for tree shadows in HDPro2021?
  7. Robborito

    Print size limitations

    For a pdf plan copy - in HDPro2021, My experience has been to 'Customise sheet sizes' firstly in print dialogue/menu to the size you want A1 - or size as whatever;; Follow - File\print\customise sheet sizes; Then, - under print layout\destination window select 'Chief Architect save as PDF'; Next confirm same paper size' Then, 'Save as PDF'. Now with the larger sheet sizes on HDPro2021. All great.
  8. Robborito

    Posts under a shed roof protrude through roof

    Check out - for waterproof decking detail on installation.
  9. Robborito

    How To Use An Image As a Tracing Template?

    Stage5 - I'll offer my experience on exactly the same issue; There are various free transparency tools on line that an image can be modified with prior to using into HDPro? Photoshop has an opacity adjustment. As I am on a Mac I have used a PNG image transparency tool EG which works well., When I have traced walls of a sketch plan - I just keep all visible by moving them to the display front for clarity. Its quite workable for my uses.
  10. Robborito

    A works in progress - unusual wall outcome results.....

    OK - I just drew them as regular walls - the area enclosed by them is not defined. ( But could probably be 'Garage' also ) And as 'solver' says - the cladding can extend past or below the floor line, as it does, if its floor level is defined under the Room Specification 'structure' tab as a minus (-) value. ( In this case its left at 0 because the garage is sitting at 800mm ) Sorry I'm metric....The model or plan file, is attached so you can have look into it if you want. ( its metric also..)
  11. Robborito

    A works in progress - unusual wall outcome results.....

    OK - it seems that room names is everything, well - it certainly helped here. I've sorted out the wall woes thru refinement of joins and relationship to the 'Garage' room definition. Again all important things really. As for the door and floor elevation - sorted that in the new room ' structure'. Thanks for the simple lead Eric.
  12. Robborito

    A works in progress - unusual wall outcome results.....

    If I try to redraw the wall thats the problem(I assume) - I get the " the operation modifies automatically generated walls". If I proceed with the operation - the wall disappears - but then re-appears? I can't define the garage it seems for some reason? I can not select it as a room? Thanks Eric. OK - Found the problem with Garage room naming - thats all OK now, however it has complicated the appearance of the garage door and floor elevations. My goodness.
  13. Hi QA Forum.... I have attached a plan of a project that I cannot resolve or see where my defaults and specification of structure has given the result - I need direction with this please; The three pics detail the results that was the outcome - and I suspect I have mixed up the defaults somewhere - but cannot see where exactly; All was fine with all walls, roofs, foundations etc - until I added some external steel clad walls to the edge of the garage doors creating an alcove or extended area forward of the garage doors - pretty straightforward - and now I have these other walls that have appeared ( as shown in the images attached ) The plan file is here also for anyone who has the urge to investigate a solution on it. I am sure it must be something I have or have not told the structure defaults - but I am lost as to what that is exactly. I just cannot see it - it needs more experienced eyes. Thanks in advance. AbbottSt_Version3.plan
  14. Robborito

    Adjacent material appearance....

    OK - I made the two rooms into one room as you suggested - and jackpot, floor finish looks correct across the two spaces; No need t do anything else. Now why didn't I think of that. I will next time - so thank you again Chief_Content. Thanks to all other for their input also.
  15. Robborito

    Adjacent material appearance....

    Yes - of course. You are spot on there - I do have a doorway between the rooms (not wall/room divider) - both rooms have different ceiling treatments - one has a flat ceiling - the other is raked or sloped to the roof structure; I am not immediately familiar as to how I combine two rooms into one - but I will explore the content of your suggestion. Thank you. Plan file is attached. Black_DualOcc_Interiors.plan