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  1. Just as a side issue - that's a lovely looking house.
  2. Robborito

    Shade sails

    There is a purchasable library of Exterior Sail Shades in the Exteriors and Landscaping section of the additional library's at CA; (Additional - because these are additional to the core library's.) You get there thru the Libraries\Get Additional Content Online tab in HDPro. I have used the sails and connector object's and all work very well. They look great. Happy sailing.
  3. Alpha Terra - if you are seeking Home Designer Pro 'polish to design' as you say - then this is the HD Forum. If I wanted Chief Architect polish - then I would post on the Chief Forum. I hope you find the help you seek.
  4. Are you seeking Home Designer assistance or Chief Architect assistance to layout? This is after all the Home Designer forum - not Chief Architect. Isn't it? I always thought it was. I'm not offering btw, just curios as to the suggested resources offered here. Thanks and good luck btw.
  5. Can I ask which material's/finishes in the pic attached to your comment are the ones you have created please?
  6. For this to work I use two slabs - the screed under slab bed is depicted as gravel in these screen shots; This is ok in the 3D visual world but needs drafting using fills in the 2D detail drawings world - easy as really. This is a 6" slab and a 4" screed. Happy modeling.
  7. I have read various comments by users in these forums about the multi-page layout subject, and I have experimented with the multi-page layout on my own projects - and show the results I achieved here; Generally it is stated that it cannot be done - but I seem to have achieved suitable results for my work. So in layout I have created a custom layout sheet size that is dimensionally, 4 x A1pages wide and one A1 page page high; Using a metric A1 sheet that's a layout that measures 594mm high x 3364mm wide (or long, 4 x 841mm =3364mm) An A1 sheet is 23" x 33"....approx. See s
  8. Robborito


    So what's wrong with the export to 'Collada' DAE file? File\Export\3D Collada model (DAE) Using all you creative input used in HDPro exporting instead of conversion back from a DWG export? (If you had an abundance of time on hand you could then export form DAE Collada to SKP Sketchup.) IMO - HDPro produces very good 'physically based' images if time is spent with available settings. Chief Architect Premier X12 does image 'ray tracing' rendering at a higher level. Cheers.
  9. Simply use the CAD tools and trace of what you need of the reference level, on the plot (land lot) level that you want to show, be it a floor layout or roof level; add dimension and notations, north/south point ; All the tools are there for simple 2D drafting;. That's what I have done in the past.
  10. Maybe the DXF needs to changed?
  11. Lake Travis, This is interesting - and I am curious what these zig-zag lines or paths you added are contributing? The 'path tool' you used is in Google Earth - correct? What is happening technically here with what you have achieved - do you know exactly? So you ended up with a terrain in HDPro that is based on Google Earth data etc... Could you expand on the outcome you achieved for me please? Thanks.
  12. If you are talking about working in plan view as opposed to working in a layout.... move the drawing sheet to where you want it positioned? I have done this.
  13. Hi there; This had me bamboozled for a while too pondering the need to change the profile; But could not. But yes it can happen I discovered thru experiment how to do it; Instead of using the deck and handrail tool - which has a default oval handrail (unchangeable I found); I built the perimeter of where I wanted the deck to be located using the 'wall type' - 'Deck railing/fence'; Don't use 'Railing/fence' wall type; there are two types in the wall types that come with HDPro; Make sure you tick 'railing' in the General tab of the Wall Specification; Once thi
  14. Robborito

    Shower drain

    My suggestion is - it works for me as a work-around; And as I say - its just 'my' work around as a solution that I have used. firstly - Label the room as 'open below'; this removes the default floor; the draw a CAD circle the size & where you want it; Then insert two floor slabs that centre around the hole you want; Mine are off centre for this demo; Add a few points or 'breaks' to enable making a round hole, or half a round hole on each slab edge; add your finish; add your floor waste plumbing object; ( i did not do this bit, again for clarity ) Then- tak
  15. The library objects I have in the Bonus Catalogue folder are library items I have downloaded from the available on offer at the website; If your bonus catalogue folder is empty, maybe you have not yet downloaded anything? Is that the issue?