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  1. Robborito

    Plot import DXF file problem

    Maybe the DXF needs to changed?
  2. Robborito

    Generating Topology for Site Plan

    Lake Travis, This is interesting - and I am curious what these zig-zag lines or paths you added are contributing? The 'path tool' you used is in Google Earth - correct? What is happening technically here with what you have achieved - do you know exactly? So you ended up with a terrain in HDPro that is based on Google Earth data etc... Could you expand on the outcome you achieved for me please? Thanks.
  3. Robborito

    Centering 2 story building on drawing sheet

    If you are talking about working in plan view as opposed to working in a layout.... move the drawing sheet to where you want it positioned? I have done this.
  4. Robborito

    How to change deck top rail profile?

    Hi there; This had me bamboozled for a while too pondering the need to change the profile; But could not. But yes it can happen I discovered thru experiment how to do it; Instead of using the deck and handrail tool - which has a default oval handrail (unchangeable I found); I built the perimeter of where I wanted the deck to be located using the 'wall type' - 'Deck railing/fence'; Don't use 'Railing/fence' wall type; there are two types in the wall types that come with HDPro; Make sure you tick 'railing' in the General tab of the Wall Specification; Once this area was defined using the wall type 'Deck railing/fence' perimeter - I then defined the area within the wall area as a 'Deck' - which then fills the area in as a deck; You can now edit all railings on the 'Rail' tab in the Rail Specification as desired. But they are square, not oval. Add balustrades and or infills as desired etc. You may have to add the structure under by 'build deck' selection and operation if it hasn't already done so Pic attached of basic square deck I built this way as demo and another on project with glass panel infills. (and rectangular handrailing) Happy railing sailing.
  5. Robborito

    Shower drain

    My suggestion is - it works for me as a work-around; And as I say - its just 'my' work around as a solution that I have used. firstly - Label the room as 'open below'; this removes the default floor; the draw a CAD circle the size & where you want it; Then insert two floor slabs that centre around the hole you want; Mine are off centre for this demo; Add a few points or 'breaks' to enable making a round hole, or half a round hole on each slab edge; add your finish; add your floor waste plumbing object; ( i did not do this bit, again for clarity ) Then- take a break. Happy hole cutting.
  6. Robborito

    HD Pro Bonus Catalog

    The library objects I have in the Bonus Catalogue folder are library items I have downloaded from the available on offer at the website; If your bonus catalogue folder is empty, maybe you have not yet downloaded anything? Is that the issue?
  7. Robborito

    Alternative skillion roof design

    An alternative roof style option for cost savings to overall project.
  8. There is a 17 page comparison chart of features between CA Premier and HD Pro - and in particular - on page 4 of that webpage this pdf file, The following is found in 10th para of page 4; And it's stated, Remodeling Plans. Place New, Existing, Demolition and Remodeling Walls on unique layers. A feature of CA Premier not found in HD Pro it state's. I have a demo of CA Premier - and cannot find this feature in Layers, or elsewhere. Have looked extensively. Have any of the users in these forums have experience with this feature of Premier please. Advice of same would be excellent thanks. Happy modelling.
  9. Robborito

    Looking for Chinese house plans

    Are you looking for a design or HDPro plan so you can copy it? Why not just Google the internet for this and source examples then build it up in HDPro? Isn't that what the software is for - building plans of ideas and designs?
  10. Robborito

    Measuring to triangulate a point?

    Are you talking about a fixed point - or a point that rubber-bands dimensionally as you move it around?
  11. Robborito

    Best source for learning to use Home Designer Pro 2020

    The terrain tool just takes a slow hand, patience and experimentation with different scenarios watching the results from the user input. Keep it simple is my rule. Its wobbly results at first, but slowly does it, staying calm, don't panic, and there's always 'undo' that helps; It's learning the logic it produces that helped my working thru the terrain tools. When the results happen its awesome to use. Hi - any chance this announcement can be re-issued as nothing is available on you post - is says that it has been hidden from display? Was it related to the terrain webinar comments by Ricatic? Can someone offer where was the webinar advertised please? Thanks.
  12. Robborito

    X12 for sale $1500.00 include transfer fee

    So does the CA license allow for this procedure of handing-on or ownership transfer?
  13. Robborito

    Templates for Title Block

    I use HDPro2021....and have created title blocks for project layouts....the CAD tools work well for this as you would expect, I guess. In your version - Architectural ?, if there is a design title block you want to build, why not try creating the title block in plan and sending it to you layout and use it that way? The layout template has its own title block in the HDPro version. Or further, can you bring it into your plan as an external jpg, or other image. Possibly There may be other options for this available to's not a title block maker it's a BIM program, and some I thought. Well Pro is I can say for my work. Cheers.
  14. Robborito

    Terrain contour "dips" near garage stem wall

    An Interesting forum post I must say - thanks. Hi - I have used HDPro (since 2015) for various Local Planning/Council Approval drawings/applications - no worries at all; Can't seem to get the ultimate resolve about moving to CA - anywhere or from anyone. Lots of opinions. It depends on drafting capabilities and personal experience in this field I add. HDPro is a most adequate and useable application for my select works. When I need to prepare site management or drainage management schematics (like you have) I would use a more focused software. Cheers. PS - What is a 'french drain'? ( I'm not french btw.) Pardon.
  15. Robborito

    New laptop

    I recently purchased a laptop for HDPro 2021 use also - with specs as per recommended configuration by HDPro (CA) - here; I went for a 17" screen - as the deal was on special here at the time. Your spec's. has more video memory it seems. Great for the 'physically based' 3D work.