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  1. Robborito

    Adjacent material appearance....

    I applied a material I have used from the HDPro Library for the floor finish to two adjoining rooms. The material appears differently in each room as shown in the attached image taken from the model; Does anyone have any suggestions please as to why this could be; All the specs for the floor material to both rooms is identical - yet I have this accidental and non cohesive look. The material delineation is quite noticeable. I have deleted the material and re-applied other similar materials to the floor and the same instance occurs. I did not include the plan file as I was simply after first impressions and comments - if any? - as to what the cause might be. That's all - Many thanks to you all.
  2. Robborito

    Island End Panel

    Why not just use the 'partition' tool - I do; It works very well.
  3. Robborito

    Cursor lag in HD Pro 2017 on 2019 iMac

    I'm using HDPro2020 and I have an iMac 2012 (512Mb int. graphics) running OS High Sierra - and there has always been a bit of cursor lag; Thats just the Mac I have researched and I just work with it. It happens on other programs I use also. That spinning beachball is very familiar to me running HDPro - but the software HDPro2020 makes up for it. I have recently also read that the system configuration recommendations on the HDPro website/CA page - recommend a 4Gb 'gaming' graphics/video card - not a workstation video card. Are you working on plan files opened in the iCloud - or directly from from your hard-drive - as access to cloud can add to 'the lag' I realised.
  4. Hi there ddiyanni - Are you talking a contoured plan of lots that can be displayed in 3D window - or just a 2D plan of lots view sort of thing? There are tools in HDPro that could be used to create this presentation either way I believe; ( I believe ) Lets know how you want to present this subdivision. Its a matter of application I believe. Cheers.
  5. G'day there - I recently added further regarding your tilting sun sail shades query on the forum. It may be of interest to you - using the roof tool and other objects.


  6. Robborito

    Tilting Sun Sail Shades in HD Pro 2020

    As it is that I am not one for giving up - quite that easily. All the tools and objects are here in HDPro - imo.
  7. Robborito

    How to increase roof thickness?

    When I build roof planes, other than the auto generated roof types - to have the changes or structural sizes become visible or effective - I use the 'Rebuild 3D' button - see pic;
  8. Robborito

    Tilting Sun Sail Shades in HD Pro 2020

    I have found options with the available library 'Exterior Sail Shades'.....the quad butterfly and quad kite work well. A height adjustment on the 'quad flat' version - to introduce pitch to the sail - might be nice. Maybe a suggestion for one of the other forums? Smooth sailing.
  9. Robborito

    Plumbing lines

    In my opinion and for my work to date, there are plenty enough tools in HDPro to do either of the tasks you seek to do - either by utilising non-parametric two dimensional (CAD) line-work or by adaption of other simple-parametric objects etc. For example - a soffit could be dimensionally construed, and placed, to represent HVAC ductwork etc. Leave all of the serious nuts and bolts detailing to the Mechanical/Hydraulic Engineer - after all, that's his/her arena. ( Isn't it? )
  10. Robborito

    Vale - 'Print Model' feature.

    Duplex does not necessarily follow any rule regarding one plan being a mirror of the other; solar access is not guaranteed to be beneficial to both occupancys thru simple mirroring of a shared neighbouring layout; further, thinking outside the box is a better approach in my opinion rather than assuming plans in a duplex are a mirrored copy of each other automatically. Mirroring of objects etc is already available without a dedicated reverse plan tool. Bring back print model.
  11. Robborito

    Terrain Import and moving your design

    Hi - I have had similar issues where I have designed walls that are not rectilinear to the X and Y orthographic directions too; Apparently the software is setup for nicely placed walls at 90 degrees to each other - I was told. Following a one-on-one computer lesson with the Chief Architect gurus - I learnt about prescribed or 'Allowed' angle settings in the Plan Defaults. This tells the software that these strange angles, or rotated angles are ok. It sorted out my problem - it may assist in yours. See Plan Defaults image. I believe it is better to rotate the site to suit the location of the building - and not rotate the model.
  12. I recently upgraded from HDPro 2018 - to the current version 2020. All good - some great new bells and whistles. I like it allot. However, I notice that the great feature under Print - 'Print Model' has been removed. I queried this with 'support' and they confirmed it was dropped a while back. Well as I have jumped 2 versions - and it is in HDPro 2018 - I guess it happened in 2019? I am disappointed to see this clever devise print option disappear. Not everyone can step into stl files and a 3D printer as the alternative - it seems. Under tools - I see 'Loan Calculator' - and 'Reverse Plan' remain in 2020. Well all I can say is if someone can't use a calculator on a loan summary and can't learn how to mirror a plan manually instead of using these two features- then I am really surprised. These are surely two redundant tools? Could I suggest trading these two rather simple 'Tools' - for a return of Print Model please kind sirs? Keep up the good work.
  13. Robborito

    Siding over roof lines

    Hi there....I have had similar issue in the past, have you tried just material painting tool on that area; Also on the mismatched fascia or verge board...paint it to match the others? I recall solving my model issue that way. the other thing I now check is the room definition for the outside porch area; ive also learnt this the hard's the good part of's smart. im a novice with it and every day is learning the ropes.......but still I use it in a similar way to yourself... the manuals and books did help me though. give them a go it saved me some time I must say. They are good tools to have. cheers.
  14. Robborito

    Home Designer 2020

    Real-Time Ray Tracing with the new physically-based rendering technique - - this is what is stated on the what's new page re 2020..? having now downloaded a trial version....where is the feature located?
  15. I discovered something today - that floor plans are printable from within the floor plan working area; Just got it! The drawing sheet on the floor plan is turned on under View\Drawing Sheet - see image. The Drawing Sheet can be selected like other objects on floor plan and moved to suit. This can also be shown and printed from all floor levels thru to the attic - meaning I can print all floor plans with the drawing sheet positioned suitably over all floor plan levels; ( So they look similar in presentation) This meant I can now save views and drop them onto floor plans over each level.... So, it means I am not limited to just one layout for HDPro - as I can have as many levels as I like displaying whatever I like -before I even start to use my single Layout file. This was an opportune discovery for me. But a very useful find indeed in regards to limited output of HD. Anyway - this feature may be useful to other users? Working to print from multiple floor plans as well as a layout file - is of great value to my day to day workings. Note - the first image below is from the 1st floor plan level - its not a Layout file. Happy modelling.