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  1. Robborito's post in Sunlight area calculation for a room. was marked as the answer   
    You have supplied a floor plan here with an orange area so noted "Light Access at 11:30am" - The suggested method was to simply resolve this area calculation.
    So do a screen shot of the dolls house view you suggested and then import it into the floor plan then scale the screen shot and then do the polyline lassoo calcs. there on that.
    That could work for me.
  2. Robborito's post in Transparent Building Envelope was marked as the answer   
    Well it is entirely up to the individual....I have tried this before on simple envelope profiles set by local authorities;
    I use the 'Driveway Area', tool which hugs the terrain when it is placed;
    Elevate this via the specification to 6.000M (20') in respect of what you need for the build envelope;
    Terrain To Top - becomes the height for the envelope you need;
    Make it to be glass or other transparent material you so desire;
    Heres one I made earlier.
    PS - It will cut out or clip the build area but it's a compromise as the height plane can be elevated..
    Unless you unselect 'Hide terrain intersected by building' in the terrain spec.
    Plus -if you specify the thickness same as the height - it will show as a box to contour.

  3. Robborito's post in Imported PDF: how can I set measure unit was marked as the answer   
    I don't need all the Math....I find the point to point resizing tool perfect for this.
    It's use is straightforward. Have used it many times. Never fails.

  4. Robborito's post in Wall materials selection...consistent with floor slab edge. was marked as the answer   
    For what exactly? To change the top of the wall material?
    I'm not with you...sorry.
    And Eric,
    The old Go Through Wall Below button - it makes sense when someone tells you - Thank you.
    How did I miss that....
    Yep I worked around  that and now all good.
    What I did for the top of the wall  - is layed a 40mm capping atop it using - yep ye old soffit.
    Thanks DJPotter for that tip.
    Cool bananas.
    Thank to all.

  5. Robborito's post in Trees - and final view shadows. was marked as the answer   
    OK - Thank you David J. Potter for your reply.
    I will investigate the 3D warehouse scenario - have not looked there yet - but will investigate your direction.
    HD Pro - has such an amazing selection of landscaping - quite uniquely.
    I have experimented with adding shadows to trees in exported images selectively in 'Gimp'- an image editor for Mac, with varying degrees of artistic success.
    For reasons -  that I just like the planting selections available in HDPro.