Trees - and final view shadows.


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I have looked everywhere - but still can't find anything that will allow the inserted trees and plants to cast respective shadows on a 'final render with shadows'? Is it possible at all in HDPro 2016? Maybe not.

I can get other objects, cars, etc to do so - but not the trees and plant (images) that are inserted into a model?

See attached image.......




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Sorry for the lag in responding (been busy). The thing is that bit map images do not show shadows but plants that are 3D do. In the attached image the palm tree on the left is a 3D symbol downloaded from 3D warehouse and the tree on the right is from the plant image library from Home Designer Pro. You can clearly see the difference in result. In Chief Architect Premier using its Ray Tracer bit map images do show shadows but only there under those conditions. The render engine in HD Pro and other Home Designer titles do not show shadows of plant images by default. See attached image, created in Home Designer Pro 2016.





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OK - Thank you David J. Potter for your reply.

I will investigate the 3D warehouse scenario - have not looked there yet - but will investigate your direction.


HD Pro - has such an amazing selection of landscaping - quite uniquely.

I have experimented with adding shadows to trees in exported images selectively in 'Gimp'- an image editor for Mac, with varying degrees of artistic success.

For reasons -  that I just like the planting selections available in HDPro.



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