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  1. DavidJPotter

    Home Designer Pro Import of DWG or DXF files

    AutoCAD files do not change from one version to the next, as long as you have the AutoCAD file, you should be able to import it into any version of Home Designer or Chief Architect Premier provided that application allows it (HD 2020 and X7-X12 will work, I am not sure when they allowed HD titles to import .dwg files but I do know that 2020 and 2021 titles can). DJP
  2. DavidJPotter

    Bay window and porch...I am loosing it

    What version (year) of Home Designer Pro do you have, please? I was able to open the plan you uploaded in Chief Architect Version 18 or X8 and all layers were visible. I am not familiar with a roof type called "Gazebo", commonly Gazebos have multiple "Hip Roofs" over them corresponding with how many facets the gazebo has (4 facets = four hip roofs, six facets Hexigon = 6 hip roofs etc). DJP
  3. DavidJPotter

    Bay window and porch...I am loosing it

    What version of Home Designer software do you have? What is the Name (Architectural, Pro, Suite, Essentials...) of your software? What is your idea of a "Typical Roof"? What do you mean by " fix the bay window upper right", what exactly is "wrong"? You Wrote: " also on front porch I have a dormer with a platform over the entry second-floor level." I do not see any dormer in your plan. Very confusing, especially in terms of any "Help" anyone might guess at. Sorry. DJP
  4. DavidJPotter

    Print size limitations

    Try posting your plea at Chief Talk and also take a look on E Bay but beware of pirated software there. A license of Chief Architect Premier includes all versions, it is a permission to use the software. I have, on my PC, Versions 7 (Circa 2000AD) and also Versions 9, 10, X1, X2, X7, X8, X9, X10, X11 and X12 but they are all under my single license agreement with Chief Architect Inc. So I cannot share my copy with you without giving up the right to use the other versions, FYI. BTW the first Mac Version of Chief was version X6 (version 16) DJP
  5. DavidJPotter

    Garage with dormer

    Eric showed you an example of what I suggested: "Creating the dormer walls manually...") by "Manual" in this case you just manually draw the dormers, properly pre-set the walls as per each roof type (Explained in detail in the "Build Roof Dialog - Roof Styles Tab) and then when finished with set up you then order roofs built. The result is evidence of your competent work or evidence of your mistakes. Once studied and practiced with all your roofs for this design can be done completely manually using only roof creation and editing tools available in Pro but like I said, it requires Study and then lots of "fail and succeed" practice to get the feel of how to use those tools to accomplish what you wish, it is a learned skill and not "Automatic". DJP
  6. DavidJPotter

    Garage with dormer

    He manually laid out the walls of the dormer and then set its walls on the roof tab as stated in the "Shed Roof Tab of the Build roof Dialog - Roof Styles Tab", preprogrammed all the other walls as necessary to obtain gables, sheds and hip roofs and then "Auto Built" roofs. It is NOT really in any way "automatic" but rather the outcome is based upon how you prepared to cause the eventual outcome. DJP
  7. DavidJPotter

    Garage with dormer

    I tried but could not download your shared plan. I do not think this roof design is possible in Architectural, except "Manually" like Eric said. I say this because I believe the dormer must cross two roof planes (the dormer tool is NOT programmed to do this by itself), so I believe that you need to upgrade to Home designer Pro to accomplish this roof design, because some manual roof editing will be needed to get this done. DJP
  8. DavidJPotter

    Help on front porch roof

  9. DavidJPotter

    Vaulted ceiling

    If you set roof defaults to 4:12, that is what you will get when you uncheck "Flat ceiling under this roof" on its "Structure Tab" which then makes the underside of the roof planes the "vaulted ceiling". If you wish an 8:12 common rafter vaulted ceiling, the roof planes above that room must also be set to 8:12 by setting the walls that hold up those roof planes to 8:12 on their "Roof Tab" in their "Wall Specification Dailots - Roof Tab - pitch input box" per wall. You set global roof defaults in the "Build Roof Dialog - Pitch" input box and where you wish exceptions in roof pitch, in the wall specification dialog - Roof Tab - Pitch dialog. All of this is explained in your Reference Manual and Help files and also the "Roof Styles Tab" of the "Build Roof Dialog" DJP
  10. DavidJPotter

    Living Area Calculation has Dissapeared

    Also other than running "Plan Check" the "Living Area" display can be turned off and on via "Edit - Default Settings - General Defaults - Living Area" or by double-clicking on the "Select Objects" icon. DJP
  11. DavidJPotter

    2nd Floor Floor is not Showing on 3D Displays

    Pro version 9 would be VERY old, what year does your Pro display? Check to see in "Display Options - Ceilings" is turned off or if your ceiling is set to "Zero thickness". DJP
  12. DavidJPotter

    Double Gable Issues in HD Architectural

    DJP Plan_1_-_New_Master_Suite__2.plan
  13. DavidJPotter

    Shed Dormer

    DJP CotuitRoad_Original_2.zip
  14. DavidJPotter

    Shed dormer help

    I redid it and this time hopefully, I got it in the right place, you be the judge. DJP 105 South Drive v1 pre dormer-b.zip
  15. DavidJPotter

    Shed dormer help

    Your edited file is attached and you should be able to open and edit it in Interiors 2018, hope this helps you. DJP PS: in retrospect, I think I placed the dormers in the wrong place, sorry. 105 South Drive v1 pre dormer.zip