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  1. I disagree with Eric on this. What I would do using Pro or Chief Premier is to use a 3 or four inch thick cabinet for the front of the odd shaped cabinet and then cover the top with a custom countertop. In any case the actual cabinet will have to be custom made in the field just as in your software. DJP
  2. IF and only if "Auto Rebuild Roofs" is checked "ON" in the Build Roof Dialog will the roof planes react to changes to the Ceiling Height setting in the Room Specification Dialog. With Auto Build Roofs "OFF" the roof planes stay were they were while the ceiling raises or lowers, causing no effect on the location of the roof planes That is why only changing the ceiling height did not effect the roof planes. Otherwise you would have to manually raise or lower the roof planes when you change the ceiling height of a room. DJP
  3. "Chief" is not doing this, your video card IS, you can try to update its software drivers but if that does not work, look at a video card upgrade as your solution like Jo_Ann said. DJP
  4. Yes, PROVIDED THE CHIEF ARCHITECT USER MANUALLY PROGRAMS THE FILE FOR USE IN HOME DESIGNER SOFTWARE TITLES BEFORE SHARING IT WITH YOU. The command, in Chief is found in "General Plan Defaults - Allow editing in Home Designer Software" Check box before sharing with you. DJP
  5. What you are showing in your posted image is not a sloped wall, rather it is the underside of a roof plane or planes. If the slope is wrong, then the roof pitch is also wrong or its baseline is too low or high. That is what is creating the coffered ceiling, not a wall. DJP
  6. Post a photo of the existing structure or one like it so those who would help you can better understand exactly in detail exactly that the geometric problem is please. DJP
  7. You draw the porch area using railing walls set to invisible. Once you have a room specification dialog box for that area you uncheck "Flat Ceiling over this room" on the structure tab (that removes the default flat ceiling over the space. Then mark the outer wall to have a "Gable Roof" over the space in the Roof tab of the Wall specification dialog box. Then build roofs and your existing gable will be extended over the Covered Porch room. The beams and posts you will have to add manually. DJP
  8. DavidJPotter

    Roof help

    With Architectural one MUST be VERY precise with one's "Wall specification dialog - Roof Tab" settings, to do otherwise will just continue to frustrate your plans and desires. The basic settings are laid out in your "Build Roof Dialog - Roof Styles" tab. Practice getting those right in simple test plans before you inflict them on your main plan file please. DJP
  9. DavidJPotter

    Roof help

    https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/search/?default_tab=all&q=1+1%2F2+story&page=1 Take a look at these articles and videos please. DJP
  10. If you used the "Straight Sidewalk or Straight Driveway" well those are not editable using the "Break Line" tool, only the "Polyline" driveway or sidewalk can be easily edited using the "Break Line" and "Line to Arc" tools, try that please. DJP
  11. Take a look at some of these please: https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/search/?default_tab=all&q=scaling+an+image DJP
  12. DavidJPotter


    Yes, sorry. Chief Premier has schedules but no Home Designer software does. Such a schedule would have to created manually. DJP
  13. Using a "Standard Render" camera it is designed by Default to only include the light sources in the Room in which its viewpoint is located. Light sources in other rooms than the viewpoint room are excluded. Using the Physically Based Render camera includes all visible light sources. Take a look with this new information and see if that explains what you are seeing please. DJP
  14. No, been using the software since 1994 and I have never seen this happen. Makes me wonder what EXACTLY you ARE doing to cause this! DJP