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  1. If the "Point" markers have a dialog box in Pro then you can change the size and line color of the points to make them less visible. DJP
  2. Welcome, you did not say which software title you are using to do your home virtual model with. That is a vitally important fact to state when asking for help. The reason is that the different titles sold by Chief Architect Inc have differing abilities, tools and features. What software do you have (Year bought and the Name of the software like: Professional, Architectural, Suite...). Lots of good people here wish to help learners but you must help them with the above information AND a clear communication verbally and graphically so the question can be clearly understood and addressed by
  3. Home Designer Suite has no "Layout" only Home Designer Pro has that feature and file type. What software do you actually have? Whenever something exists but does not show, its layer i.e. "Plants, Labels" is turned off in "Display Options", take a look. DJP
  4. Intuitive or not, they programmed the software to work as it does. One person's "intuitive" is another's conundrum. Learning a tool is just part of one's competence and that is all. DJP
  5. Can you explain what is wrong, a section at a time please so specifics could then be addressed? DJP
  6. I had to use manual roof tools to iron all the problems out on your file, I do not think Architectural is really capable of doing this roof by settings alone. DJP Farmhouse.zip
  7. The baseline height of roof planes is determined by how you wet room ceiling heights. If your room ceiling heights are off or just wrong in each room then the roofs once built will look wrong like your posted image. Only if all rooms are set tot he same ceiling height values will the resulting roof planes also have a uniform fascia and baseline heights. Make sure also that you have set the Finished Ceiling Height value in "Edit - Default Settings - Floors and Rooms - Finished Ceiling Height" BEFORE you create your model structure and do not make any alterations of those values until after you
  8. If you are using elevation points as opposed to elevation lines, splines then I am not surprised that you are having difficulties. I never use elevation points, they are hard to see and find to edit them after the fact. The basic datum for terrain is that the software will generate a gradient from one elevation value to the next elevation value. For abrupt changes in terrain you use the "Terrain Break" object to define abrupt changes. Try to keep your terrain as simple as it possible and laid out smoothly from end to end. I realize that the "real world" often does not follow this maxim but mos
  9. Check out this search data at the Home Designer website please: https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/search/?default_tab=all&q=roll+out+shelves&page=1 DJP PS: BTW you should NOT post questions here, the Tips and Tricks section is for posting helpful hints, shortcuts and other helpful-useful data you have discovered that you wish to share with others. O & A is for Questions to be posed, not here.
  10. This software performs best when your structure is at right angles to the screen or at 7 degree increments. To create a structure at odd angles just makes the work ten times harder as the tools and objects you are using are not being used as they were programmed to be used. if a structure needs to be rotated relative to magnetic North you have a "North Pointer" tool for that purpose, you rotate the North Pointer and never the structure. When you use any software in ways it was not designed to function you just make it harder on YOU. DJP
  11. Each video is marked as to what software title it applies to or not. No video generally fits all possible titles. DJP
  12. You NEVER - NEVER - NEVER EVER should rotate the model to "fit" terrain, rather you fit the terrain to the structure in HD Pro always. DJP