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  1. No "trick" just Go to your second floor. Turn on your "Reference Display" so you can "see" the "L" shaped stair from the second floor. Draw around the stair with "railing walls" or solid walls as you choose, and then designate the resulting "room" to be "Open Below" (no floor area) which is what the "Stairwell" tool does by itself as above, just manually. DJP
  2. The "Project Browser" does not exist in any Home Designer Titles, it is a Chief Premier/Interiors only feature, sorry. DJP
  3. Share a copy of your plan, and I will be happy to show you. DJP
  4. You did that correctly as far as I can see, in terms of the shed roofs shown, of course they do not fully match the photos because the open, covered porch has not yet been added as well as the front porch but you are headed in the right direction, just more yet to learn. DJP
  5. In order to customize the floor structure you must have either Home Designer Pro or Chief Premier or Interiors. Architectural does not have this ability. DJP
  6. Without knowing which software title and version you are using, no one can help you with a positive answer. Fill out your posting "signature" so others know what you are using. Then state what you have tried that "did not work" so other helpers can then help as they wish to. DJP
  7. When you select a stair object in plan view, in the resulting "Edit Toolbar" (the toolbar that appears when any object is selected and disappears when any object is deselected) you will find a command icon called "Auto Stairwell" which when left-clicked upon, creates a "Stairwell" aka hole in the floor so the stairs can be traveled. Check it out! DJP
  8. Commonly I usually auto build roofs and then manually clean up the results as I desire. Auto or manual, the point is getting the results you wish. DJP
  9. Your computer is probably not within the "Minimum Requirements" necessary to use Home Designer Pro or Chief Architect Premier: DJP
  10. Share the plan and post some images of what you have and perhaps what you expected, hoped for. Too many unknowns to make any useful guesses. Helpers need to fully understand what you wish as an outcome in order to help. DJP
  11. DavidJPotter


    Commonly you create a Terrain Plane and then set its relationship to the structure using the "Building Pad" input box to raise of lower it relative to the level of the house. Then it is easy to auto-create stairs based upon that relationship. Outside, stairs auto-seek out the surface of the Terrain Plane, once created and located. DJP
  12. I am getting different results in Chief Premier X13 and HD Pro 2022 (My dialog opens just as expected for me). You should call Tech Support for help, you are probably just missing a basic step to obtain that kind of control. DJP
  13. Using the instructions available in the "Build Roof Dialog - Roof Styles Tab" on how to set up for automatic roof generation for detailed help. You mark where you wish to have "Full Gable Walls" where each gable is to appear in their "Wall Specification Dialog - Roof Tab - Full Gable Wall" and then command that roofs are to be built using those instructions. When the settings are correct, the results will also be correct. DJP