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  1. You can try to turn off "Shadows" and see it that helps. You can use the "Adjust Material Definition" tool on the ceiling material to adjust its properties. It is usually "settings" of one kind or another that make visual differences. DJP
  2. Sorry you are having a problem. What software title and version are you using, please? What "Perimeter", exactly are you speaking of? (Terrain?, the exterior walls? What exactly) DJP
  3. Watch this video please: https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/videos/watch/2246/stairs.html DJP
  4. All versions of Home Designer software for many years can do this. You put the garage on "floor zero" and the main house on "Floor 1", as simple as that. It is probably not the software but your knowledge of it that was/is the problem. I have been a user and teacher of this software since 1999 and a user since 1994. See this Home Talk thread for more data: Sincerely, DJP
  5. Are the trusses exposed (visible)? Otherwise, commonly trusses are not seen. I am trying to understand why structural matters are important in the case were they are not visible for conceptualizing and space planning? DJP
  6. Most new users do not at once understand that the software has 11 or 12 DIFFERENT "Display Options" dialogs and each of those controls what can and cannot be visible in plan view and for each camera type. If an object is visible in plan view but not a camera view, while in that camera view, open its "Display Options" dialog and check "ON" the object layer that is currently "OFF" in that "Display Options" dialog. That is probably what is happening. DJP
  7. Legal trusses are only designed by State Licensed Structural Engineers. You, me, your builder, your software do not qualify for that job, so what you are doing is creating "conceptual" trusses and as such I am sure the ones you make will be just fine. Leave Engineering to Engineers, is my advice. DJP
  8. Your horizontal/vertical can be done manually using either the "Custom Backsplash" tool found under "Cabinet Tools" or with custom slabs sized to emulate the boards and batts all done manually. The diamond pattern image might be done using sloped soffits but I have never tried to do that using them. DJP
  9. Manually edit the dimensions to obtain what you wish. DJP
  10. I would make a copy of your original cabinet then remove its front attributes to all read "Blank Area" then resize that cabinet to 5" wide and then you would have your "filler" cabinet. DJP
  11. DavidJPotter

    Custom Truss

    I like Eric's (Solver) method better than mine (less work). I did not know you could get a truss to form without a room and a ceiling, never too late to learn more. Thanks DJP
  12. DavidJPotter

    Custom Truss

    DJP Covered Patio 21x30.zip
  13. Default settings are not all retroactive. Those that do not update must be group-selected and updated manually, sorry. DJP