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  1. Hi Eric, Thank you, I very much appreciate the support. Have a great day.
  2. Hi Solver. Thanks for insight on signature. I believe its now added. I had checked the on-line help before posting my question, and didn't find a solution. You say I can do it corner by corner, couuld you please provide additional guidance? Term to search for, or other points of reference. Thank you again.
  3. I'm wondering if it is possible to round the outside corners (where two interior walls meet)? If it's possible, how would I go about doing this? Maybe its a limitation on HD Pro and only something that can be done in Chief Arch? Additionally, it would be nice if there was a "Southwest" Home Style as a possible starting point. Maybe there is and I'm just unaware. I found that the Mediterranean Home Style does contain some beneficial profiles to start drawing from. Any insight and or instruction would be appreciated. I have not started on a specific drawing yet. I thought it best to ask before drawing and then going back to fix things. Many thanks in advance for the feedback! I'm currently using HD Pro 2020.