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  1. Hi Folks , I am having an issue with wall thickness on my foundation basement , the main basement (8' walls) I want to be 8" thick ICF with drywall on interior . The garage (4' walls) need to be 6" thick ICF with no drywall . I have already got it drawn with 8" walls throughout but the customer wants 6" on garage now. When I change the garage walls to 6" with no drywall Everything changes to 6" . I know this can be changed but just forget how , any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Fredo649

    Changing sidings

    Thanks , that did it. I knew it was something simple I was missing.
  3. Fredo649

    Changing sidings

    Hello everyone , I've got a likely simple issue that I can't figure out . I have a home , vinyl siding throughout but I want to change the siding on only the gable ends to a staggered shake but when I highlight the gable and change the siding to staggered shake all the siding changes on the whole house. How do I change just the gable siding. I know it is something simple I am missing. Thanks.
  4. Fredo649

    Line Weights

    Here is a question for you all. What line weights do you use to print Detail Section views ? Mine almost always print really dark and I am wondering if there is a line weight most everyone uses to print nice and legible. Thanks
  5. Works Great Thankyou.
  6. I am using Windows operating system. I will look into Dropbox . Thankyou.
  7. Fredo649

    using 2 computers

    Hello folks , a Question , I have HD Pro 2021 on my desktop and lap top . I prefer doing my plans on the desk top because it has a much larger screen but use the laptop to show the plans to clients. My Question: is there a way to link the program to both computers so any changes that are made on the laptop are reflected on the desktop and vise versa. I haven't been able to find a way if there is. Thanks.
  8. Please note that you do not have a sub floor installed on top of your joists . That gap is for the subfloor layer.
  9. I am contemplating getting Chief full version but thought I would check to see if anyone knew what will be added in Pro 2022 and if there is enough new things then maybe I won't need to spend the 2-3 thousand dollars to buy chief.
  10. Fredo649


    David I realise we are not truss engineers but shouldn't both sides of a truss be the same , I think I have wall heights etc. the same or am I missing something. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Fredo649

    Garage Door

    I guess Vertical Sections are Modifiable but not Horizontal door sections.
  12. Fredo649

    Garage Door

    Thanks David , I do understand that but it just didn't look right on the plans and I thought we could change the number of panels in a dr.
  13. Fredo649


    Why do my roof trusses frame differently from one side to the other ? J. SYLVESTER.plan
  14. Fredo649

    Garage Door

    I am doing a large garage that has an Over head Garage Door 20' wide by 12' high . How do I change the number of panels on the door from 4 panels to 6 in height . I can't seem to find how to do that. 4 Panels Just don't look proper and a 12' high door would have 6 panels not 4. Thanks.
  15. Fredo649

    Detail's Download

    A Question , Where is the best website to get Residential Section Views and details that are modifiable to suit a particular plan. I have been searching and have found several but what do most of you use other than manually inputting the info. Thanks.