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  1. Is there a way to create an open web floor truss between 1st. and second floor? Approx. 24" deep and 50' long. I thought I saw that someplace but can't remember where. (senior moment.)
  2. That is exactly what I do , Still the same no difference
  3. I hope someone can help. I have a plan that I am doing and when I set things up like the layout page (11x17) printer is an Epson WF-7720 . I send plan to layout at 1/4" = 1'-0" and then print it does not print to scale for instance one wall is 42' long but when I scale it it scales to approx. 41'-2" What could be my issue ? I never noticed this before and I think I have all settings correct. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Fredo649


    Yes that is what I am doing , Thanks.
  5. Fredo649


    That is correct Rookie65.
  6. Fredo649


    I have been looking to see if it is possible to place doors on both sides of upper cabinets for a peninsula but I have not seen a way to do that. Is there a way or not in HDPro.
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    Thanks David that is what I thought.
  8. Fredo649


    Hi everyone . Is anyone familiar with Softplan ? Just got an email about it.
  9. I was not talking about updating from HD Pro to Chief as HD Pro works fine for what I do. My question was will we still be able to update to newer versions of HD Pro when they are released like maybe HD Pro 2014 without a subscription ?
  10. I am a HD Pro user and have been for a long time now. With this new subscription service being introduced for Chief in the new year how will this affect HD Pro users or will we still be able to update to newer versions of HD Pro without a subscription ?
  11. I purchased a new computer to run HD2023 and updated the catalogue content but several items that I purchased did not transfer to HD2023. Do they not transfer automatically ?
  12. Thanks , I never seen this before either , I will send to chief .
  13. No but new to HD2023 and a new computer . It seems like when I do a floor plan and people make changes that is when I start having issues. Maybe it's all stuff that I don't take into account when make changes.