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  1. Fredo649


    I have a question , After you have completed the plans for a home , garage , addition etc. and have given them to your client what do you consider to be your Responsibilities as the designer as the project progresses. I have always been curious about this . Thanks
  2. I have been trying to make a scalloped end on rafter tail that I am using for a pool shelter , I made the rafters from soffit and that works fine but just can't seem to find a way to make a scalloped end on one end. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Fredo649

    Siding direction

    Hello Everyone , I am designing a small shed to cover pool equipment and have Natural wood siding on walls and doors. My problem is that the siding installs properly on the walls (Horizontal) but on the doors it shows Vertical. How can I change it to Horizontal instead of Vertical. I can't seem to find the solution
  4. Hi Folks , I am having an issue with wall thickness on my foundation basement , the main basement (8' walls) I want to be 8" thick ICF with drywall on interior . The garage (4' walls) need to be 6" thick ICF with no drywall . I have already got it drawn with 8" walls throughout but the customer wants 6" on garage now. When I change the garage walls to 6" with no drywall Everything changes to 6" . I know this can be changed but just forget how , any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Fredo649

    Changing sidings

    Thanks , that did it. I knew it was something simple I was missing.
  6. Fredo649

    Changing sidings

    Hello everyone , I've got a likely simple issue that I can't figure out . I have a home , vinyl siding throughout but I want to change the siding on only the gable ends to a staggered shake but when I highlight the gable and change the siding to staggered shake all the siding changes on the whole house. How do I change just the gable siding. I know it is something simple I am missing. Thanks.
  7. Fredo649

    Line Weights

    Here is a question for you all. What line weights do you use to print Detail Section views ? Mine almost always print really dark and I am wondering if there is a line weight most everyone uses to print nice and legible. Thanks
  8. Works Great Thankyou.
  9. I am using Windows operating system. I will look into Dropbox . Thankyou.
  10. Fredo649

    using 2 computers

    Hello folks , a Question , I have HD Pro 2021 on my desktop and lap top . I prefer doing my plans on the desk top because it has a much larger screen but use the laptop to show the plans to clients. My Question: is there a way to link the program to both computers so any changes that are made on the laptop are reflected on the desktop and vise versa. I haven't been able to find a way if there is. Thanks.
  11. Please note that you do not have a sub floor installed on top of your joists . That gap is for the subfloor layer.
  12. I am contemplating getting Chief full version but thought I would check to see if anyone knew what will be added in Pro 2022 and if there is enough new things then maybe I won't need to spend the 2-3 thousand dollars to buy chief.
  13. Fredo649


    David I realise we are not truss engineers but shouldn't both sides of a truss be the same , I think I have wall heights etc. the same or am I missing something. Thanks for your reply.
  14. Fredo649

    Garage Door

    I guess Vertical Sections are Modifiable but not Horizontal door sections.