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  1. Fredo649

    Roof Strapping

    Sorry I misunderstood . That will work . Thankyou so much . Take Care
  2. Fredo649

    Roof Strapping

    Yes I have tried that but it has to lay on top of the truss at the same angle as the roof . Like plywood on the roof.
  3. Fredo649

    Roof Strapping

    2x4 strapping across the top of the roof trusses to receive the roof steel at the same 4/12 angle as the roof
  4. Fredo649

    Roof Strapping

    I am drawing a pole barn style building with trusses 24" on center and Steel sheathing . It will have 2x4 strapping across the trusses and steel over that. How Do I do the 2x4 roof strapping @ 24" o.c. across the trusses.? they are 4/12 pitch. I can't seem to get it to work.
  5. Fredo649

    Cathedral truss

    Found it , thanks for your help.
  6. Fredo649

    Cathedral truss

    Hello Everyone , I am just getting back to it after being sick awhile and my brain isn't functioning the way it should because I know this is easy but I can't wrap my head around it. I am just starting drawings for a Florida Room on the back of a house , the trusses will have a span of 22' with a 10" raised heel for insulation sitting on 2x6 framed walls. Outside pitch is 5/12 , inside pitch is 3/12 overhangs will be left long to be trimmed on site to match existing roof. I know I found a video on how this was done pretty much but can't remember where I saw it . Any help would be appreciated , Thankyou and take care.
  7. Fredo649

    New Update.

    I just installed the new program update for HD2021 but I have no idea what was updated . Anyone have an idea what the update was ?
  8. Fredo649


    Got them back sir , had to reset to factory defaults . Thank you very much.
  9. Fredo649


    My toolbar across the top of my page has disappeared , tried clicking on toolbar and nothing happens . It was there yesterday but when I turned on this morning it isn't there.
  10. Fredo649

    Plan Freezing

    I have contacted support , waiting for reply.
  11. Fredo649


    I am just downloading the trial version , Thanks David for all you do.
  12. Fredo649


    Anyone upgrade to HD2021 and if so what do you think ?
  13. Fredo649

    Plan Freezing

    Hello Again . I have been working on a plan for a bit but today when I turned on HD 2020 and opened the plan I am working on it started acting strange , curser jumping all over and such and zooming in jumps . I clicked on a door that they wanted changed and everything froze , all I get is the dreaded swirling blue circle. Any one else have this issue or do I call support.
  14. Fredo649

    Problem with Dimension lines

    While doing a plan I think I have sent everything correctly for Dimensioning however when I add a dimension one side (arrow) snaps correctly to the framing layer the way I set it but the other side (arrow) snaps to the drywall not the framing layer (stud). What did I miss ?
  15. Fredo649

    Hip Roof Trusses

    I know we are not truss designers but is there a way or a tutorial on how to show Hip Roof Truss Layout in HD Pro.