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  1. Thanks , I never seen this before either , I will send to chief .
  2. No but new to HD2023 and a new computer . It seems like when I do a floor plan and people make changes that is when I start having issues. Maybe it's all stuff that I don't take into account when make changes.
  3. sands plan to
  4. How do I send the plan ? I'm having a brain fart.
  5. It seems like the more I try to fix it the more issues I create.
  6. I've done that about 20 times and it always comes back as an interior 4 wall.
  7. Fredo649

    Room Divider

    Are you saying there is not fix to this because it creates issues with all kinds of stuff.
  8. New Issue . Why does the drywall disappear on the end of my walls ? It only shows lumber but no drywall wrapping around the entire wall.
  9. Fredo649

    Room Divider

    Why does my Room Divider keep Changing to an interior 4 wall . I keep changing it back to a single line room divider and it keeps bumping back to an interior 4 wall. Help !! It's driving me nuts.
  10. Fredo649

    Lost my Library

    I seem to have lost all the library . I click on it and nothing shows , just the check mark on and off but no library. It just disappeared. Help.
  11. Fredo649

    New Laptop

    Hello Folks , My old computer finally crashed for the last time and I will need a new laptop. I think this unit will work to run HD2023 . What do you all think.? "Gaming Laptop GIGABYTE AORUS Intel Core i7-11800H RTX 3070." thanks.
  12. Fredo649


    I am using HD2023.
  13. Fredo649


    Could someone point me in the direction of a video concerning over framing roof . I am having issues with this. Thanks.