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  1. i was going for a "contemporary look" but it seems that i cannot find the section where I can change my walls to slant on the sides for this
  2. i would like to make a section of my house more higher to have a slope roof but I don't know if i'm capable of that
  3. Tyler2022

    light switch

    so I don't know if this is a software limitation or something, but how do I get a double switch plate? On the plan view it S2 switch so i need to understand how to get a double switch?
  4. can you please elaborate??
  5. Tyler2022

    setting fixtures

    Is there any tips on how to quickly set fixtures using the kholer catalog? I have noticed it is more easier to do it on a new document and adding a fixture onto the sink but in a default plan it’s more complicated so is there any tips on this?
  6. So if someone designed something in suite it is able to open up in any higher version like pro or architectural but a design that was done in a higher version like pro or architectural can't be open in lower version like suite or its universal?
  7. i have the home designer architecture 2022
  8. hey so i'm tracing a plan that scales at 3/16"=1'-0" but i cannot find where i can check what my scale setting is at could someone please show me how to change it ?