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  1. i found how to change it
  2. I mean QTY sorry my head was somewhere else. so would that number be the same if you are estimating within the program?
  3. I have looked through the messages on this topic and I haven’t seen what I am looking for but, how come chief wrote the estimation in SF instead of QTR?
  4. because I'm a nerd and just curious to see if it was possible
  5. you are right and I'm totally open on learning the right way of the right components that goes on a outside wall under the stucco or even inside too. if you have some time to teach me i would absolutely appreciate the education. this is the materials that builders use in my area which is new Mexico. Truly to be honest with you i have walked multiple frames that had the lath and the wire in the ongoing process
  6. Is there anyway to get have the OSB sheeting appears in the 3d frame view? like you would see in a frame house or chief doesn't have that option yet
  7. I was trying to see if there are alternatives that i can use for the barrier because I'm aware that the 22 software doesn't have the right material. So i was asking for suggestions
  8. it just that i dont have 23 but i have the same capabilities can we get back to the original question please?
  9. I am not quite sure what is going on. I was asking if anyone uses a vaspor barrier under the housewrap because whenever I looked at a detailed example i was asking if there is a substitution within the program i can use for the water barrier
  10. look at the picture that i took DJP it allows me to add materials those three items under sand finish cream were me so i am not quite sure what you are saying. Yea my version is basic still but it was all that I can afford
  11. what are you talking about? i have the ability to add some things to walls i was looking for a quick recommendation
  12. I'm not using 23 because of the current situation that I'm in.
  13. hey so I am trying to get my outside wall application setup and I seem to be stuck because I cannot find moisture barrier would that be the lath or the house wrap? can anyone help me on what i should use as my vapor barrier
  14. i don't seem to see a wow factor that makes me want to upgrade because it seems the same
  15. Tyler2022

    Base boards

    Where do I need to go to change my size of the base board?
  16. This might be a stupid question but have you used this option?
  17. I would be in heaven if that is a option but i don't know if it's compatible
  18. my guess was the nicho tool but I was absolutely wrong
  19. so I have been through the shelves in the architecture version and nothing will work. Is there is a way to make cubbies in the wall?
  20. Are you the one who decide on if it goes to SSA or anyone can use it because I am suggesting it for the HD version as well
  21. I would like to see more catalogs from Navien.. I know that it includes a tankless water heater but in my opinion it is just weird that we have catalogs from Delta and etc. Is there a way to struck-up a deal to add navien to the catalog?