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  1. DavidJPotter

    Trying to draw a room with the cape cod crunch

  2. DavidJPotter

    Dutch Gable Roof Alignment Issues

    I was able to repair the out of alignment wall and roof plane edge but only in Home Designer Pro/Chief Premier. If your walls are aligned properly, floor to floor, the auto roof generator should get it right but did not in this case. DJP PS: if you intend to download and use the attached plan file MAKE SURE THE AUTO-ROOF GENERATOR IS OFF FIRST. FARMHOUSE_2.plan
  3. DavidJPotter

    Dutch Gable Roof Alignment Issues

    My mistake was simply opening the wall spec dialog and by selecting it I saw no out of alignment indicator like you did. It looked OK in an overview camera. I did not check it from the inside, my bad. I agree with Eric, in that this is improper function, so it should be refereed to Tech Support for evaluation. DJP
  4. DavidJPotter

    Lights Turning Off While Exporting Photo?

    I am sorry you are having some difficulty. Being a user of Home Designer and Chief Premier for almost 25 years, I have never had this happen in any version or title. I would first suspect a video card problem as the most probable source to address, does it meet minimum requirements for using Home Designer software? Are its software drivers up to date and not corrupted? Are you using export image command or are you doing a screen capture (control key - Print Screen), Snip It or some other method? Take a look. DJP
  5. DavidJPotter

    Dutch Gable Roof Alignment Issues

    Thank you for sharing your plan. When I opened it the dutch gable looks perfect. I checked the walls on the first floor and the wall above, they are the same exact wall type and they are NOT out of alignment at all. I do not know what to tell you, I found nothing wrong, nothing out of place-good job. DJP
  6. DavidJPotter

    Dutch Gable Roof Alignment Issues

    Please post a copy of your plan so others that would help you can then do so. DJP
  7. DavidJPotter

    Parapet gable ends

    In Pro and in Premier while in a cross section camera, one can click on an existing gable wall which then displays that walls "poly line" and its corner handles which can then be used to reshape that walls shape. This can only be done when you manually pull back the Roof plane poly-line's edges so they do not overhang that walls extents. With patience, one can then shape that wall in any configuration they wish. The only limiter is your own patience and willingness to obtain what you wish. DJP
  8. DavidJPotter


    It is not at all obvious from your images, what you did want but did not get (except the one gable you "red-lined". Please share with those who would help you, exactly What Software you are using (HD Pro, Architectural or Suite etc and the year of release of that software please). Then share a copy of your problem plan so we can LOOK at that plan file's settings and thus help you find a soluton. DJP
  9. DavidJPotter

    Exterior staircase to second level entry?

    Share a copy of your plan file and I will then give it a go, if you like. DJP
  10. DavidJPotter

    U shaped stairs with 3 winders to quarter landing

    Done in Chief Premier manually but this method also works in HD Pro as well: DJP
  11. DavidJPotter

    Double gable roof

  12. DavidJPotter

    How to create this front gable

    The part I missed, sorry DJP
  13. DavidJPotter

    How to create this front gable

    I forgot to show you how to raise a gable, sorry but basically you form a room on the second floor, centered upon the second floor and then raise the ceiling height of that room to the height you intend to raise the gable. the exterior wall you then break off from the one long wall using the "Break Wall Tool"a and then program the selected segment and designate that wall segment via its Roof Tab to be a gable wall. The raised ceiling will cause the resulting gable to rise above the adjoining roof planes. DJP
  14. DavidJPotter

    shower design

    Sorry, the trial version does not allow "saving" so no edited file is available but you can do as I did in the video easily. I did two videos because I forgot about some of your questions. Video # 1 Video #2 DJP
  15. DavidJPotter

    Does anyone use a programmable mouse with HD Pro that they love?

    I have used a LogiTech M-U0007 mouse with my desktop and another LogiTech wireless mouse with my Laptop for years. DJP