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  1. elleinda-1


    And again I spoke too soon. It worked for the rug beneath the pool table but not the one under the sectional. Ideas? rugs 3.zip
  2. elleinda-1


    Never mind, as usual as soon as I finally ask the question I find the answer. Just for the record I found the answer to be to place a rug from the Core Catalog> Accessories> Rugs to place the object rug. After placing the rug object then I opened the furniture box and went to materials and replaced the material from Core Catalog>Materials>Flooring>Rugs and voila. Thanks anyway. Elleinda
  3. elleinda-1


    This should be a simple question. I've started having problems placing rugs in my plan. As you can see I started looking for the answer in the HomeTalk Forum and have followed the steps suggested and I can't get it to work for me. I used the Microsoft steps recorder to allow you to see what I'm doing and hopefully someone will see what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance. Elleinda rugs.zip