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  1. This guy is VERY good, check him out please, especially if you need a symbol that you cannot get elsewhere. DJP
  2. Click on this link and then study the "Help Articles and videos offered". DJP
  3. When the "Living Area" display vanishes, you go to "Tools - Checks - Plan Check" , run the plan check tool. This action brings back the Living Area display if it had been deleted earler. It can also be turned "On" or "off" in "Edit - Default Settings - General Plan Defaults", check it out for yourself please. DJP
  4. See if the attached library file of a "Five Panel Door" will download and then install in HD Pro 2022 please. DJP 5 Panel door.calibz
  5. This is the email I received from Chief Architect Sales: "Hello David, Thank you for your call earlier today. Framing end profiles are a feature introduced for Chief Architect products and not Home Designer products. Our web team will be updating this soon on the Home Designer page. Thank you for alerting us to this. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Have a good day!" DJP
  6. I am sorry but no one looking at your shared image can tell where the "front" is or where the "Bedroom" is just from you shared image. Please try again. DJP
  7. I searched in my HD Pro 2022 trial version, the Home Designer website and then called Home Designer Sales to find out (I know how it is done in Chief Premier but not in Pro,...yet). The person I spoke to said she did not know but referred the/your question to Tech Support. She said she would email me with an answer. When I know, I will share the answer here. In Chief Premier for several versions now, there is an ability to add a "Molding Profile" to a "Rafter" so create the look you saw in the "What's New In Pro 2022" document on the Home designer Website". So far I have not found out how this is done in Pro, I WILL get back to you when I DO know, thank you for bringing this up. DJP
  8. Link to help videos on "Stepped Foundation" creation: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/search/?default_tab=video&q=stepped+foundation&page=1 DJP
  9. In this software the <0> level is the lowest possible level and is usually used as the "Foundation" level, that is why when you open a "New Plan" it starts on Level One <1>, making the foundation the next level down or under level one. It is more an end user choice as opposed to a LAW. DJP
  10. What you are up against is "Fill Patterns" as opposed to "Drawing Order". Draw order is for strictly 2D CAD objects on top or underneath & etc in plan views. If you can turn off the "flll" of the symbols then I believe that is the effect you wish to have. This can easily be done in Chief Architect Premier and I believe, Home Designer Pro but not Suite or Architectural, sorry. I would be glad to be wrong. DJP
  11. Link to a help video on my YouTube site. DJP
  12. Another help video I did at YouTube on site plan creation in HD Pro. DJP
  13. DavidJPotter

    Room Divider

    Then are you setting the floor material by way of "Edit - Default Settings - Floors - Floor 1 - materials - floor"? Using that setting is supposed to change all rooms on a single floor to what you set. Still not sure what you are doing that is not working as expected. DJP
  14. Make sure "Angle Snaps" mode is ON, that will help and walls naturally snap to a 45 degree angle much easier. DJP
  15. "Is there a way to make curved inlay panels on the z axis?" In any Home Designer software app, NO, not at all. You might be able to make symbols of what you want using the free Sketch Up online software after you learn how to use it to then download and import as symbols into Home Designer but NOT otherwise. DJP
  16. DavidJPotter

    Room Divider

    Stop using the Material Spray Can or Eye-Dropper and use the "Materials Tab" , one at a time by way of each "Room Specification Dialog- Materials Tab" to change the material settings for each floor. DJP
  17. Use three walls to form your corners instead of just two. DJP
  18. Most often the "Join Roofs Tool" fails ONLY when you are asking it to join more than just TWO edges, it is programmed to join ONE edge to another single edge relative to roof planes, manual or auto-generated. One often has to zoom in VERY closely to see the additional line break that is causing the failure to join (often you get an "error" message that says " unable to join roof planes...." as evidence that an tiny line break is present that first must be manually removed before any joining is possible. DJP
  19. Delete the view on layout that shows the "Reference Floor" in "RED" and then turn off the "Reference Floor" display before you send to layout. That should do it, if not please get back to me please. DJP
  20. In this software ONLY lowering the "Ceiling Height" in "Edit Default Settings - Floors and Rooms - First Floor" will have any effect on the overall height of the resulting structure. Another factor is the pitch or angle of the roof planes, the steeper the roof system, the higher the resulting peak or ridge height of the roof system. DJP
  21. https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/videos/watch/2252/cabinets-in-home-designer-pro.html DJP
  22. DJP Link to video tutorial
  23. The thing about Suite is that is has no "Layout" feature like Home Designer Pro does. That is a separate file ( .layout ) you send views to, to arrange on that virtual paper. Using Suite You have to create your title block in plan view along your plan view structure and print that way. The video I posted above was done using Windows XP and old version 9 of Suite but is still mostly relevant to how it would be done in 2022. DJP