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  1. First you open "Display Options" you then "Unlock" The "Framing Truss" layer if locked, then do as Eric said above, preferably in a back-clip elevation camera for precise control. DJP
  2. DavidJPotter

    Enable Labels

    Labels for what purpose, where, what software title and version are you speaking of, please? What do you wish to lable? DJP
  3. Temporary Dimensions as a tool can be turned on or off manually, look for the icon. DJP
  4. File - Export - Current View - .dwg for AutoCAD or .dxf for general Generic CAD programs (after export you manually change the file extension from .dwg to .dfx DJP
  5. Whatever can be done is done via this tab of the Cabinet Specification Dialog (see image) DJP
  6. https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/search/?default_tab=all&q=split+level Have at it,please. DJP
  7. I recommend that you consider upgrading to Home Designer Pro, that has manual roof tool manipulation and creation. It is more money and more learning curve but will enable you to do anything, roof-wise you wish to create. DJP
  8. The floor plan geometry directly determines the roof system geometry, that is the LAW, sorry. Or perhaps I do not fully understand your "question". DJP
  9. I looked again. I stand corrected, thank you Eric. DJP
  10. Most default wall types have a "House Wrap" AKA vapor barrier", I think only masonry and block walls do not use a "House Wrap". What I was trying to communicate is that Wall layers and definitions can not be manually edited in Architectural 2023, if your version can, then good for you. DJP
  11. My answer above was based upon me checking using my 2023 Architectural trial version. DJP
  12. I'm not using 23 because of the current situation that I'm in Do you or don't you have Pro? If you have Architectural it offers NO customizing of wall types. DJP
  13. You will have to upgrade to HD Pro in order to create custom wall types, sorry. Your "signature" shows that you use "Architectural 2021", if that is out of date, please update it so it shows what you are now using, please. DJP
  14. In any version of Chief, YES; Home Designer NO DJP
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    I downloaded a trial version years ago and was unimpressed. DJP
  16. I commonly help Home Designer users with rough spots in their plans, I charge $75.00 per hour exchange for my help. DJP
  17. For the decks, make sure to "Build Deck Framing" is completed by selecting the deck in plan view and then in your Edit toolbar (the one that only appears when you select something), you will find the "Build Deck Framing" command to select and do. That will then fill out the deck's floors and framing. DJP
  18. I think the safest thing you should do is to delete the terrain in your as built .plan file and then duplicate your successful actions you implemented in the successful terrain .plan file. I there is no "easy" way to do this, the easy way is the way that confidently gets a useful product at the end. I prefer to import the topo information from AutoCAD or an image file that I have scaled and then trace over such files using Home Designer topo line objects that I program myself. DJP
  19. Most likely, if you open the Room Specification Dialog - Structure Tab you will see that the "Floor" is probably set to zero inches which means NO FLOOR, so if you want a floor in the basement or foundation you must set its thickness and material type via that dialog. Once you add those values and materials only then will you see a floor in camera views. Take a look. DJP
  20. Open your Library Browser in your old application and see if you can select those paid for libraries and "Export them" to your Desktop to import into your new application-try that. DJP
  21. They can be reached by their phone numbers, Monday-Friday Pacific Time Office Hours. 208-292-3400 DJP
  22. Turn off the layer: Framing, Wall while in the camera view, that is if Architectural even has that layer (it does exist in Chief Premier). In terms of Home Designer and Chief Premier you may have to consider upgrading to HD Pro in order to also control framing and framing layers, sorry. DJP
  23. Tomorrow please call Chief Architect customer service or Tech support for source help, please. DJP
  24. Please read this Help article on the Home Designer website. I found it by searching that website using the search term: "Reporting Bugs". DJP