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    Annoying Light Glow

  2. DavidJPotter

    Shed roof side wall extending into the attic .. why?

    Wether Home Designer or Chief Premier, the software is pre-programmed to fill in automatically attic walls, which the divide themselves ceilings and roof planes automatically, if you will go to the second floor, turn on the "Reference Display", showing the first-floor walls in "red" you will clearly see that auto-generated attic walls were generated over the porch and inward towards the house, using exterior walls that match what you set in your Default Settings (Walls-Exterior Wall and Materials-Exterior Wall). DJP
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    Home Designer Suite 2021 - Build Gable Roof Over Porch

    The software skips building a foundation under rooms named "Porch" so you just go to the foundation level (<0>), turn on the reference display (so you can see the porch walls above) and then draw or extend the foundation walls underneath the porch which should fill in under the porch above grade. DJP
  4. DavidJPotter

    Home Designer Suite 2021 - Build Gable Roof Over Porch

    Just separate the remaining space with an invisible railing wall, set the higher portion to about 3" below the house (-3" the house should be a zero inches), draw your stairs and then you are done DJP
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    Home Designer Suite 2021 - Build Gable Roof Over Porch

    Divide the Porch area into three spaces (one for each porch and the area that is lower than the porches. Program each area to have a "ceiling over this room and roof over this room" on the "Structure Tab", then build roofs. You then use the wall break tool to remove the railing where it is not needed, DJP
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    How to Create Round Vigas with Home Designer Pro

    There are NO tools in Home Designer Pro for that adjustment, sorry. DJP
  7. DavidJPotter

    How to Create Round Vigas with Home Designer Pro

    In an elevation camera when you click-select the object do you not see a rotate handle??? I do. DJP
  8. DavidJPotter

    Wall Piers

    There are NO wall piers shown in your posted images that I am familiar with. What I do see is a brick wall with the door set to framing, thus insetting it relative to the surface of the brick. In your image from HD Pro you are showing siding 6 walls which is completely different from your brick veneer image photo. After watching your video, I think rather than trying to make walls do what they are not programmed to do, I would use a custom slab to create "wall piers". This would at least emulate them in-camera views and in plan view, they can be given a similar appearance by using the "Fill Tab" so they look like walls in plan view as well. DJP
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    How to Create Round Vigas with Home Designer Pro

    Try this symbol made and shared at Chief Talk some years ago: DJP Viga.calibz
  10. DavidJPotter

    Shed roof structure

    In drafting generally whether in AutoCAD, Revit or Chief Premier and Home Designer Pro. One commonly shows a wall typical, elevation-cross section like your image using just 2D elements drawn in HD Pro in a separate plan in plan view. Another way in Chief or HD Pro is to create a back-clipped cross-section view and then add mere 2D filled polylines to represent your rafters and other detailed objects. This is MUCH easier to do that to 3D model all such objects whether in Chief Premier of Home Designer Pro. You need the elevations and exterior views to look correct (but not necessarily perfect to nine decimal points) and details, cross sections, elevations and especially wall details-framing details are done using a combination of 3D and 2D objects. DJP
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    Cabinet Drawer Face

    I believe you can avoid that outcome by separating the large cabinet that encloses the fridge from the drawers. It is unwanted behavior and you should have been able to do what you at first intended, you may want to send this to Tech Support as part of a bug report. My advice is to split the one large cabinet into two cabinets and I will bet that this time, the drawers line up properly. Any software has pre-programmed limitations built into it and I think you just found one. DJP
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    Home Designer Suite 2021 - Build Gable Roof Over Porch

    No this is actually simple in Suite DJP
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    Different Size Foundation

    Leave the bulk of the house floor at the default "Zero inches", then lower just the garage by -56" (Your posted image shows 8 steps to the front porch so I used 7" per step times the number of steps. You then create the Terrain Plane and set its "Building Pad" to a height of 56" (this setting works in the reverse of lowering the garage). When you then build the foundation, set the stem wall height to about 66" to fill in between the floor of the house and the terrain plane. DJP
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    Best source for learning to use Home Designer Pro 2020

    It did not work, sorry. Keep trying! DJP
  15. DavidJPotter

    Rev-A-Shelf Library

    Call Chief Architect Customer Service to know for sure. DJP
  16. Set the interior "Finished Ceiling" to 11'. Build roofs at an 11' plate height. once roofs are built, then by way of the Room Specification Dialog - Structure Tab - Finished Ceiling Height, reset the Finished Ceiling to 10'. With "Auto Rebuild Roofs" OFF, the roofs will stay at an eleven-foot plate height but the interior ceiling will remain where you last set it at 10'. If I have understood what you want to do this should work. DJP
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    Window size labels for stacked windows

    Thank you to Eric and Keith for the clarification! DJP
  18. DavidJPotter

    Window size labels for stacked windows

    I would like to understand exactly what you are saying here please. DJP
  19. DavidJPotter

    Window size labels for stacked windows

    My apologies, I was speaking about an ability that exists only in Chief Architect Premier (I assumed it worked the same in Home Designer - it does not), so in the case of stacked windows and doors with transom windows above them one would then have to manually place the unseen window/door labels DJP
  20. DavidJPotter

    Window size labels for stacked windows

    With the windows and door label layers checked "on" stacked door and transom or a window and a transom above the labels start out on top of each other. So all you need to do is to left-click-select a window or door with transom and if you are zoomed in close you will see a tiny dot which is the selected door or window's label. Once selected just drag the label out a little bit to reveal the other stacked object's label in plan view. DJP
  21. Use enlarged "Corbels" from the Library Browser to support your balcony. DJP
  22. DavidJPotter

    Stairs under deck

    Stairs are programmed to be drawn on the level below the deck, you can turn on the "Reference Display" so you can see, in plan view, where the deck is but the key is that the stairs are drawn below the deck to the deck level. DJP
  23. DavidJPotter

    window label location

    I opened my trial copy of HD Pro 2021 and Eric is right, Window and Door labels cannot be moved by settings or direct manipulation whereas they can in any version of Chief Architect Premier, sorry. You get what you pay for. DJP
  24. DavidJPotter

    How to connect a 3 way switch to a light on another floor?

    The way it is commonly done is how BeachHouse1 described it. I usually place a CAD arc with an arrow on the end and then add the text "to light fixture above or below" as the case may be. That is the way most drafters do this. DJP
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    Printing Elevations to Scale

    see if this helps DJP