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  1. @y-g-m-n thanks a lot for you support. I can not find this "Architectural Blocks" tool in my toolbar do you now why? @Jo_Ann: I will check this later. thanks a lot
  2. Hello everyone, Suppose I have two separate objects (see the picture below). Is it possible to combine them into one object? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all, I would like to properly connect the corners of two objects (closed box and door casing). Can someone show me how? See the red arrows in the screenshots below for more details. Thanks in advance.
  4. @solver that's an elegant solution (I marked this as the solution). Thanks. @y-g-m-n: that's also an elegant solution. Thanks.
  5. first thanks to all support @Rookie65: snap grid is turned off. does not help. same issue. @solver: i deleted the square timber as you wrote (see the middle and right picture below) @y-g-m-n: yes you are correct i created this square timber from cabinets (shelf). Where do i create 3D-SHAPES? under CAD?
  6. Hello everyone, I have a square timber with a width of 50mm and a depth of 50mm. Why does Home Designer Pro 2021 display it incorrectly? Please see the screenshots below. Thanks in advance, Screenshots:
  7. thanks a lot @Garybills it works
  8. hello all, why objects (shown in the picture below, red highlighted) appears longer as it is? Is this a bug?
  9. hello y-g-m-n thx a lot. can you show where in the menu: best regards
  10. Hello all, how can I close the gap above the door? Best regards Marco
  11. Hello Eric, I could solve it with you support! Thanks a lot! Below the "solution"-video to close this issue. 2021-03-28_20-14-27.mp4
  12. Hello Eric, I downloaded the wall socket object from this page: Swiss wall socket 230V 3xT13 | 3D Warehouse ( Thank you for the tip! I found a nice training video : Creating a Wall Niche ( I will try this and if it is successful I can close this topic by a tiny video. THX and BR and have a nice day. Marco
  13. Hello community, how do I place a wall socket on a wall correctly? See the picture below. There you can see that the wall is covering the interior of the wall socket. THX and BR Marco
  14. Hello community, I want to buy a kitchen. I was aking the kitchen supplier if he can send me the dwg-files of all kitchen objects. Instead of sending me dwg-files he was sending me a bak-file. I checked on google and they say I must rename the bak-file into a dwg-file. So I did it and I imported the dwg-file in my project (File->Import->Import3DSymbol). The problem here is that all the kitchen is only one object instead of multiple objects. So, I am only able to select the entire kitchen as a single object. See the video below. Is there a better way to import a bak-file? Or should I ask the kitchen supplier for all single dwg-files? Maybe somebody can also explain me what exactly a bak-file is? Is this maybe a package file (like a libary)? THX and BR Marco 2021-03-23_13-19-52.mp4