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  1. Hello Eric, I could solve it with you support! Thanks a lot! Below the "solution"-video to close this issue. 2021-03-28_20-14-27.mp4
  2. Hello Eric, I downloaded the wall socket object from this page: Swiss wall socket 230V 3xT13 | 3D Warehouse ( Thank you for the tip! I found a nice training video : Creating a Wall Niche ( I will try this and if it is successful I can close this topic by a tiny video. THX and BR and have a nice day. Marco
  3. Hello community, how do I place a wall socket on a wall correctly? See the picture below. There you can see that the wall is covering the interior of the wall socket. THX and BR Marco
  4. Hello community, I want to buy a kitchen. I was aking the kitchen supplier if he can send me the dwg-files of all kitchen objects. Instead of sending me dwg-files he was sending me a bak-file. I checked on google and they say I must rename the bak-file into a dwg-file. So I did it and I imported the dwg-file in my project (File->Import->Import3DSymbol). The problem here is that all the kitchen is only one object instead of multiple objects. So, I am only able to select the entire kitchen as a single object. See the video below. Is there a better way to import a bak-file? Or should I ask
  5. Hello solver, thanks a lot for your help! It works perfectly now. I made a tiny "solution"-video for other users below. Have a nice day. I updated also my signature as you wrote above. BR Marco 2021-03-22_23-16-25.mp4
  6. Dear community, does anybody know how can I control the connection of two different exterior wall types? See the pictures attached. Lets say I have wall typeA and wall typeB. The tool is connecting the walls automatically perfect. But I want the walls are connecting in a different way but it does not work. Can anybody help me? It is my first time using this tool. Thanks and BR Marco