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  1. I used the 2nd floor with invisible walls over the 5 bays and open below over the garage area.
  2. Check your temporary dimensions tool to make sure it’s turned on.
  3. I’d be glad to help you out. PM sent
  4. Garybills

    Roof issues

    I believe you’re talking about the small gable above door not having the return all the way across. I’ve had that happen before and I’m trying to remember what I did to correct it. I’m nat at computer for a few hours but will check it out unless David has had this problem before.
  5. You can use a counter top to cover that framing.
  6. If you can post the plan file I can take a look at it later this evening.
  7. This could work for your material list. 1 layer Slab floor, draw a polyline box over slab, convert to slab, change thickness, change material to ridged foam and lower below slab. repeat with 1/8" vapor barrier. It reports to material list as a slab but with different material. The elevation I drew cad boxes and fill color. Hope it helps.
  8. Try opening camera view light settings, adjust sunlight use generic sun, set intensity to 100000 and adjust sun tilt and angle.
  9. Home Designer Pro does not have the option to add layers to the floor structure. The only thing you could do is have someone with Chief Premier take your plan and edit the structure and send it back to you. I tried it with a new plan in X14 and then opened it in 2023 and the additional layers show in the structure.
  10. Sorry Dave I had to get on a team meeting and just went out. I’ll try and look at it again later, but I placed two cabinets and changed them after placing and they stayed.
  11. You can control the side properties in Cabinet Specification, Fronts, select drawer then adjust left side properties.
  12. Is this what your trying to accomplish? I used HDP 2021 and cut the main roof on each side of dormer and moved middle section in front of Dormer back against the wall. That will turn off your auto build roof if you have it on.
  13. Garybills

    Roof Alignment

    I looked at your picture. What are you wanting aligned the top ridge.