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  1. what do you mean tricky? maybe i can help you out. Typically exterior walls will be a thicker assembly than interior walls
  2. Renerabbitt

    Roof Design

    Existing trusses only reach to line B on my post if that's what you are showing.Could pick it up with a flush beam and do your clerestory on the back 8' Unless I am misinterpreting the photos
  3. Renerabbitt

    Roof Design

    Have you checked sat view to see what neighbors have done a remodel on the same model home. I am from california and typically we can find multiple homes within the area with the same house plan. A heck of a lot cheaper just knocking on their door, being friendly, asking them about their lovely home and grabbing their floor plan. So this is the truss roof for the hall and kitchen and bath, and the bottom chord is bearing on line A and E from this image: which means the gable trusses are overframed on the sheathing of your truss system. Also means your truss probably has a standing heel heigh at line B to create the eave overhang So if you wanted a cost effective design you would not disturb this truss system which means you could modify this portion of the roof system without incurring cost on re-engineering the truss system: OR get it re-engineered and cut your trusses at line C and if there isn't one already, support the wall at line C under floor. There likely is already support at line C as you have a ~25' span. You're in California so an engineer might make you sheer wall line C. that means your, patching your trusses: and then braced wall up: If you were my client I'd be asking you a ton of questions such as how long do you plan on living here...projected return on investment over time, comps, are you pulling equity from the home etc. Depending on your answers I might try and convince you to add additional sq ft or another bedroom or bath depending on comps
  4. Renerabbitt

    Roof Design

    I really don't understand why anyone would do this home as a truss roof....which makes me think that its not...but if it is, i bet the dutch gables are overframed. I don't think we are paying attention the cost implications of modifying a truss roof such as this. I bet comps in the area dont sustain sinking $80K into a roof re-framing, and thats a sunk investment since it adds no value to the home. Even what Jo-ann proposed would be a huge expense on the roof, cutting the center section of trusses, and redoing all the gable trusses...this is another complete re-frame. Also, go check under the house and scan that and see if there are pilings/piers/grade beam/post and girder at center bearing. Again would advise against this...unless its not a truss system at the gables...point being...go take a scanner and scan up in the attic space and take some pix. I put my money on it being stick framed and that the hallway is center bearing midspan and youre on 2x4 or 2x6 rafters with collar ties...otherwise someone just really wanted to play around with trigonometry or these are track homes.
  5. you attach it the same way that you attached the pdf. Its limited to 14mb so if your file is larger than that you might consider putting a link from dropbox/onedrive/icloud or any cloud service or wetransfer etc. would google "share cloud link"
  6. I dont think I have file size limitations in my forum, go ahead and post it there and I can check it out and ill post the answer back here. click on the image in my signature
  7. would be a great idea to attach your .plan file as well
  8. for those that dont want to download the zip. These are the contained images:
  9. Renerabbitt

    Roof Design

    Redoing the roof structure for an open ceiling is a significant expense that adds no value to the home. I would consider hiring a designer who can help you create the effect of a larger-looking space. From a financial advisory standpoint, this is when I would suggest selling the home and buying one that already has an open ceiling (without knowing all the details about the current home). Alternatively, design around the deck, create an atrium, and extend out (if the lot supports it) to have your new addition include an open ceiling.
  10. If you really get used to them they are faster than just drawing with walls
  11. report it, its a glitch with the materil. In the meantime, use the colored mirror and change the color
  12. To clarify, label offset values are not available in the home designer line. So if you had an offset label previously, then you may have received a template plan that was built using the Chief Architect Interiors or Premiere Line which has the ability to store label offsets. You could revert back to using your old plan templates then. for example, this is the OOTB Home Designer 2024 Residential Template with label offsets established in the Premiere product line. Profile-Modified With Label Offset.plan