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  1. Kristine

    Colours Presenting Inaccurately

    This particular image uses a "Standard" view. I just wanted to share a detailed interior I have created as it displays the importance of the cosmetic/aesthetic nature of my work.
  2. Kristine

    Colours Presenting Inaccurately

  3. Kristine

    Colours Presenting Inaccurately

    Thanks so much. I was hesitant to share the file because I'm using this plan purely for interior decorating purposes and know that it's poorly resolved overall - and I wanted to avoid the scrutiny - LOL! I have attached it now. Have also attached some other images of spaces I've manged to capture using the "Physically Based" camera view so people don't assume I'm totally hopeless. Bianca Final.plan
  4. Kristine

    Colours Presenting Inaccurately

    Thanks. Yes, the light source is just 'Automatic'. Changing to 'Use Light Settings' doesn't change the appearance of the colours, even if I play around with the light settings and add/remove them. I've tried several views and making adjustments to all sorts of things. I really can't get it looking right.
  5. Kristine

    Colours Presenting Inaccurately

    Hi all. Hoping someone can shed some light (no pun intended) on why my model colours are presenting so inaccurately in the Physically Based view? Image attached shows Physically Based (top) and Standard (bottom). In the model I have the ceiling, walls and beams all set to pure white, however as can clearly be seen in the Physically Based grab the walls appear grey, the ceiling appears beige and the beams are a bright icy-white. Have tried multiple lighting and setting changes though nothing seems to help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Kristine

    Roof and Ceiling Help

    I am attempting to model the house attached. Photos show the current dwelling (which is being retained) and the plans are for an extension. Also attached is my model so far (I have deleted roof planes for now). This is primarily for interior design/decoration purposes so it doesn't need to be 100% accurate or technically correct, it mainly just needs to look right. But I am struggling to achieve even just that! I can get the roof looking okay from the exterior (which isn't a huge priority anyway), though the interior ceiling always ends up a mess. I'm just really struggling with how to neatly transition the current large gable roof and vaulted ceiling with the extension. I keep ending up with gaps and protruding planes and inside-out upper walls. I've been spending lots of time trying to improve my knowledge of roofs - I've read all the documentation and watched all the tutorials - but I'm still at a loss. It's just really not my thing unfortunately. Any help greatly appreciated. Note: I'm not too concerned about adding features such as the rafters and clerestory windows etc. as I don't tend to struggle with these elements. I just need to get the roof and interior ceiling looking right. Bianca 3.plan 172702S01 sketch-Sheet T02.PDF 172702S01 sketch-Sheet T03.PDF
  7. Kristine

    Walkthrough Light Settings

    Hi all. I'm hoping to expand my knowledge and skill using walkthroughs. I'm aware that certain visual parameters, such as shadows, can be adjusted, though is there any way to use custom light/sunlight settings when recording a walkthrough? I love the 'Physically Based' view option however find it needs lots of tweaking for best results. This isn't an issue for static images as I can customise the light values as needed, however for a walkthrough I find things always revert to the default light/sunlight settings. This does have some aesthetic advantages, such as the way shiny materials and reflections are portrayed, however overall I find the appearance too dull, cold and flat, with the windows all blown out. Attached is an example of my adjusted image (top) versus a walkthrough screenshot (bottom). Any ideas or advice welcome
  8. Kristine

    Advanced Rendering Options (for interior design/decoration)

    Thank you so much. That's really helpful. I will take a look and see how it goes.
  9. I'm going to preface this by unashamedly admitting it may be a stupid question, however I'm asking in the hopes of being educated... Lately I've seen a lot of new interior design programs emerging which offer "4K" rendering options which look incredibly realistic. I'm really happy with Home Designer and its level of flexibility so don't wish to change at this stage, however am wondering if there is some kind of avenue to import models into a rendering generator which could produce more photo realistic images? I believe Chief has the power to produce slightly more realistic renders than Home Designer due to its ray tracing capability, however from everything I've seen it's still not comparable to some of the new programs I've learned about (and I sadly can't justify the expense of upgrading to Chief anyway). I feel I've become quite proficient with adapting lighting/shadows/materials etc. in order to make the most of what Home Designer offers, however it still feels lacking to me in regard to realism and ultimate "wow" factor (have attached a snippet from a recent design I've been working on). I've tried researching this though it's all over my head and very confusing for someone who is essentially fully self-taught and a stay-at-home mum designer! Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  10. Kristine

    Areas of recessed siding

    Thanks so much. I really appreciate your replies.
  11. Kristine

    Areas of recessed siding

    Sorry, I mainly use the program for interior decorating (so purely visual) and aren't very familiar with exteriors. I usually just paint materials on which doesn't effect thickness. So I need to set the wall material somewhere?
  12. Kristine

    Areas of recessed siding

    Thanks. Have you just off-set the walls? I can play around with this though I'm still not sure how to achieve the recessed siding areas above the ground level windows?
  13. Kristine

    Areas of recessed siding

    What is the best way to go about recreating this exterior in terms of the areas which are raised (brick) and recessed (siding)? Particularly the areas of siding above the lower ground windows. I originally drew it out roughly with regular straight exterior walls then realised when I went to apply materials that I'd missed the variation in depths. Played around with some options though just ended up making a mess! Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Kristine

    Custom Doors on Cabinet

    Thanks so much. My sideways thinking wasn't working well. I ended up importing a bi-fold door symbol and using that though this is a much better method.
  15. Kristine

    Custom Doors on Cabinet

    Hi all. Is there a way to make cabinet doors bi-fold? I am trying to re-create something like this. Thanks.