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  1. Oh, okay. Seems like a bit of a program oversight.
  2. Hi there. I've noticed that when I have contrasting gutter and fascia colours that the fascia actually protrudes above the gutter which creates a noticeable line around the perimeter of the roof (which clearly wouldn't be there in reality as the fascia sits beneath the gutter). After researching and looking at the settings, I can't see a way to adjust this. Are there avenues for altering the height of the fascia and/or gutter to eliminate this issue? Sorry if I've missed something obvious but I'm currently stumped.
  3. Thanks. Why do I have this gap? It's only present in certain areas. I would assume that the walls should naturally meet the ceiling as I haven't made any custom dimension changes. Sorry, just a bit unsure the best way to solve the problem.
  4. Hi all. Hoping someone can shed some light on why I often get a black line where the walls meet the ceiling when I don't have a flat ceiling over a room? And the best way to remove it? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Keith. Yes, I considered using a tilted shape to mimic the hopper. I will play around with it. Pro 2020 already has the ability to show cabinet doors both opened or closed
  6. I understand your premise, however not everyone who uses the software does so to create 2D drawings for building purposes. I am an interior decorator and all of my clients are "non-professionals" who engage my services purely to visualise their designs. My shared work is all purely 3D. So, in my case there is a NEED to have a fully functional cabinet in 3D, particularly as this client has requested to see each of her proposed cabinets both opened and closed. It's not a huge issue and I know there are some work arounds, I just wanted to ask here first. Yes, it would be great to have Chief
  7. Thanks. Yes, I still have Pro 2020. I can't justify the cost of all the constant upgrades in AUD, it's really expensive. So is this in Chief?
  8. Hi all. Just wondering what would be the best way to create a tilt out cabinet door like this? Obviously it's not difficult to create a bottom hinged door, but what about the internals? Would I have to add something completely manually then adjust the angle each time I want to show the door open or closed? I am trying to make a potting cabinet with two soil containers like attached. Thanks so much.
  9. Hi all. Can anyone offer some assistance in helping me rectify this mess of a corner I've created. As you can see, nothing lines up quite right and there is roof showing through the wall. I've tried a few things though each change I make seems to impact something else, then I end up with more problems I don't know how to best resolve. Any advice greatly appreciated. Rebecca.plan
  10. Thank you so much. That's really helpful. I will take a look and see how it goes.
  11. I'm going to preface this by unashamedly admitting it may be a stupid question, however I'm asking in the hopes of being educated... Lately I've seen a lot of new interior design programs emerging which offer "4K" rendering options which look incredibly realistic. I'm really happy with Home Designer and its level of flexibility so don't wish to change at this stage, however am wondering if there is some kind of avenue to import models into a rendering generator which could produce more photo realistic images? I believe Chief has the power to produce slightly more realistic
  12. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your replies.
  13. Sorry, I mainly use the program for interior decorating (so purely visual) and aren't very familiar with exteriors. I usually just paint materials on which doesn't effect thickness. So I need to set the wall material somewhere?
  14. Thanks. Have you just off-set the walls? I can play around with this though I'm still not sure how to achieve the recessed siding areas above the ground level windows?