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  1. How have you found HDPv24? Is HDPv24 better than 23?
  2. Is HDP2024 running better on your mac? Do you have Sticky Keys on? When pressed a few times you will not be able to click on items or move its like it Freezes.
  3. I have the same issue when you click the red cross you think you close the program. Its shows as if its still open. You have to Quit to totally close the program. This is common with Mac os as far as I am aware.
  4. Hi is anyone one on the forum using a Macbook pro M2?
  5. Angie15 I agree defiantly not as good. I will look into Robborito fix and see if that works.
  6. Hi I'm using Home designer pro, and old Chief x1, and export to DWG and DXF quite a bit . You will need to setup a Autocad template and standards file in Autocad, (or in my case NanoCadv5(free)) specifically for importing Chief or HDP files. I have not found a better way to do it. Once your template and standards are setup, it should automatically convert correctly when importing Chief/HDP Also use these settings, I find to be better for fills in AC or Nanocad
  7. Hi Rookie65 that is the solution. Tech support got back to me. Screen Recording 2023-05-04 at 9.49.59
  8. Hi Guys I have un-checked the opening indicator point to hinge side. But it still shows it on the hinged side? What am I doing wrong?
  9. Ok thanks, that's what I was thinking, as the area shown example was from another program.
  10. Ok so you use doll house view and show the camera directly down at 270deg? Can see how the cad tools work in 3d?
  11. Hi, I know there is a way to produce shadows on a plan using sun angles. Is there a way to show the shadows/ or sunlight area within a room on the floor plan?