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    HERE ARE SOME GENERAL PRICE BREAKDOWNS FOR RENDERINGS DONE OUTSIDE OF CA: Here is a breakdown of LOD(level of detail) ranges from 1-5 1-CA PBR renderings: do not apply 2-Semi-Photorealistic: building only, some entourage, low resolution HDR background image or fog, 720p (not suitable for print media) 3-Photorealistic(camera phone quality): 150 passes with 50% optix denoising, short line of site (distance cut off in background). 1080p resolution(optimized for web pages, suitable for budget print/flyers etc) 4-Photorealistic: 450 passes with 20% optix denoising. 1080p o
  2. Thank You, appreciated!! I only converted this, not sure who the creator was. I make content for CA premier, not sure those items work in the home line of products.
  3. See if any of these work- Library file built in CA X-11: PLAY PARK ALFIEJAY08.calibz .3ds file with material IDs intact: play park 2017.3ds .plan file with the structure placed in plan: PLAY STRUCTURE ALFIEJAY08.plan