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  1. Dragging and dropping the room box into the exact position. I just need a bit more practice with the new system and I will be ok. Well done to Chief Architect for improving this feature for space planning in Home Designer as well. A great tool that makes this software fast and easy to use for quick home design. Edited: I think I needed to watch the snap indicators a bit closer to get my boxes sitting in the right positions.
  2. Effective method @Renerabbitt, @Kristinewould also like a triangular window in that gable as well. That video posted above has a normal window that follows the roof pitch that can also be edited further to the desired shape. Must be time to turn on the aircon in California. How many Californians does it take to put a window in a gable ? 3, one to put in the window and the rest to share in the experience man !
  3. I am confident you will figure it out becuase there is more than one way to do what you are asking. All good.
  4. Hi @Kristine, here are a couple of training videos to help you achieve your design requirements. For creating gable roof conditions and for angled windows or glazing. Hope these help ?
  5. Yes I can see the potential and have set out a house just using them. A bit trickier when the external walls are wider than the internal walls but very much improved.
  6. Hi, just enquiring if anybody has started using the new space planning boxes in HDP2025 ? Or have you been testing them out, if so how do you find them to perform ? I have had a quick try and they seem to be quite good and more useful than the older version.
  7. Hi Eric, RHS = Right Hand Side. From the picture above it appears that the porch is not being recognized, otherwise a gable should have been created above it ? That’s why I recommend a temporary wall to be located where they want the gable to be produced. The picture doesn’t show any structure yet for supporting the porch entry. It doesn’t appear that a room name or definition for the porch has yet been created even though a slab is shown for the porch ?
  8. Roof building will always follow walls. If you can click on the wall on the RHS that you want a full gable to build over and open the dialogue box and check full gable. For the middle gable, place a temporary wall where you want the gable to build and follow the same process as above. Than delete the temporary wall for the center gable. Have fun.