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  1. Trueburton

    Window mullions

    Thanks, Ill give that a try. It is set to 2" now and some windows automatically snap together but others aren't. I do want to keep the distance at 2" though.
  2. Trueburton

    Window mullions

    I am trying to group windows together and a few of them are automatically creating a mullion. Some areas are not. Is there a way to manually add this?
  3. Trueburton

    Walls not moving up with new floor height

    I did try the defaults earlier and couldn't figure anything out. I tried what you recommended and that didn't fix it either. I ended up clicking "automatic rebuild framing" and that solved it. thanks for the help!
  4. Trueburton

    Walls not moving up with new floor height

    I recently increased my floor height on the second floor. I increased the main floor walls from 8' 6" walls to 9' walls. The walls stayed in position while the ceilings went up. Now in the cross section, it shows the bottom plate in the floor system and the double tops plates are 5" below the ceiling height. How do I fix this?
  5. Trueburton

    changing wall heights, stem wall and ceiling heights

    That was easy... thanks guys!
  6. I am trying to build a simple garage with 12' ceilings, 42" foundation wall and an 8" drop from SWT to finish floor. When I change one number is changes the others, I go back and forth and feel like I am chasing myself in circles. I must be changing a value not meant to be changed. I have got the desired results a couple times but when I click OK and go into the cross section view, it as changed back to the original values. Is there a default setting I need to overide? Also, for getting the desired stem wall height and ceiling heights am I only suppose to change the absolute values and not the relative values? This seems way more difficult than it should be, there must be a simple step I am overlooking. Thanks!
  7. Trueburton

    Templates not loading

    With OneDrive the file is stored in both locations. However I went into my C drive and opened the the template file directly from there and it worked. You must be correct about the OneDrive interference. Thx!
  8. Trueburton

    Templates not loading

    Where is the repair option? Or am I just suppose to uninstall and reinstall the program?
  9. Trueburton

    Templates not loading

    I keep getting an error message when opening a new plan file. I can open old files and they load fine. It says the file could not be found. I tried renaming the folder and that didn't solve anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  10. Trueburton

    Adding insulation to ext. foundation

    The way this program is setup I don't think it will allow me to do that. Unless you have a suggestion on how to...
  11. Trueburton

    Adding insulation to ext. foundation

    Correct, that is what I meant by "as it should" The insulation will be backfilled and exposed only in a few areas where it will getting a veneer protective covering.
  12. Trueburton

    Adding insulation to ext. foundation

    Heres the file sample.plan
  13. Trueburton

    Adding insulation to ext. foundation

    I am trying to add 2-4" of rigid insulation to the exterior side of the foundation.I have created a new wall type. In the wall types dialog I can get it to dimension to the concrete layer but not build to concrete layer. How do I get it to build to the concrete layer so my framing on the floor above lines up as it should? For some reason its not allowing me to upload my plan file. Will try again if you need it. Thanks
  14. Trueburton

    Angled wall showing up weird in camera view

    Roger Grit Master Bath.plan