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  1. I am trying to put to match roof shape but it only will follow one roof line. Is there a way to custom shape the window? I couldn't figure out a way to break the line to customize the shape how I want.
  2. I am having issues with auto generated walls in the attic. They are not connecting where they should for some reason. Also, I have one wall that is not stopping at the foundation below and just goes through it below.
  3. I am building a house with a monolithic slab but the footing wants to project outside of the main floor walls like a typical foundation wall would be. How do I flush the main floor wall with the footing of the monolithic slab?
  4. Thanks David. That corrected the exterior wall issues as I had the roof butting into the walls instead of going under them. I still have some issues on the interior view of those intersections. See photos
  5. I am designing an A frame and have a few walls that are not intersecting with the roof line the way I want. Some walls I have been able to break and adjust to match the roof pitch. Not sure if that is the best way or if there is a better way. Some walls will not let me break them to do what I want. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. When starting a new plan there are all the default settings to choose from. Contemporary, modern chic, etc. Is there a way to convert an already made plan from one preset to another?
  7. Eric, Thanks for the help. We are toying with the idea of doing a shed roof over the porch instead.
  8. I am trying to change the roof lines on this design and I can't figure it out. I want the three front walls to be gables but not connecting to eachother. The attic walls are extending in further than I want but I can't change those without it messing up alot more. Can you guide me how and where I can get help with this?
  9. I am missing the Total living area calculation that normally shows up below my drawing. I check the display options and there isn't an item for this. Where do I find it?
  10. I have two walls, technically railings that I am building perpendicular to eachother. I want them to be within an inch of eachother but not connected. Is there a setting to override to auto snap?
  11. Eric, thanks that fixed it. Why would it default to that?
  12. I am trying to change some room specifications but when I try to click on the room to select it, nothing comes up. I checked all the wall connection points and they are good. I even tried deleting all the exterior walls on that room and build them again, still nothing. What am I missing?
  13. This is awesome. Thanks so much!
  14. So I have seen this topic discussed a bit on here but I do not have my answer yet. I want to have the ceiling open with timbers above the bar area but let the siding on the left flow over the top still. I have watched the videos on ceiling beams using the soffit tool but I am not seeing how to incorporate this into the gable wall. Thanks for all the help. Sorry my sketch is very crude but I think you get the idea,
  15. Thanks, Ill give that a try. It is set to 2" now and some windows automatically snap together but others aren't. I do want to keep the distance at 2" though.