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  1. RLLH01

    Storage Loft Deck, mid floor height

    Since I am just getting back into this effort I will do the loft search. The room spec figure you provided does not show items that are grey and unelectable, is this controlled by the foundation? The foundation here is a minimum of 30: below grade. Thanks Rick
  2. RLLH01

    Storage Loft Deck, mid floor height

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have had 2 surgeries between your response and now. I have added the information as you suggested. So what I have is some confusion with the stem wall height and pony wall heights. I have a garage remodel that the owner wants to install a storage loft above the garage door. The ceiling heel is 14 ft clear, the door has an 8 foot clear opening. The foundation stem wall is 24 inches above the floor. I have been trying to set this in the room specification/structure but some of the items are greyed out and cannot be selected. Any help will be appreciated Rick Home Designer Pro 2018
  3. RLLH01

    Storage Loft Deck, mid floor height

    I have to create a storage loft 8 feet about the floor in a garage (only above a garage door) where the interior ceiling is 14 feet tall inside. I have not found an approach to create this deck. Is there a method that will work?