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This has been driving me nuts...  I want to create a variable exposure lap siding like the attached pictures.  So I am creating a new material and I have created a new texture, attached, but for the life of me can not figure out how to create a new pattern so all the 3D renderings are correct.  Any ideas?



Variable Exposure Lap Siding.jpg


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Only vector view and line-based camera types use pattern files for renderings. They are not used at all in the Standard Render, PBR (in 2021) Ray Trace (Chief Premier). I looked in my "Pattern File" folder in C:/Windows/My Documents/Home Designer Professional 2021 Data/Patterns" and found that folder to be empty. In older versions of Chief Premier I actually learned how to create ".pat" files but that was years and years ago (I have since forgotten how-I learned by doing a "Search" online for ".pat" files but I do know in Chief Premier X12, Chief scans custom materials and AUTOMATICALLY creates a custom .pat file to emulate the custom material imported but I do not know if this is possible in HD Pro-2020. I suggest you contact Chief Inc Customer Service and ply them with your question.



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