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  1. solver's post in Roof question was marked as the answer   
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  3. solver's post in Stair / Keep number of winders when reshaping was marked as the answer   
    I'd use landings. 
  4. solver's post in Second Floor Wall Meeting First Floor Roof - How to was marked as the answer   
    It's helpful to have the plan file to work with. Often difficult to understand a problem looking at an image.
    Close Pro before you attach, and there is a 14MB size limit.
    Here is a similar structure and a setting you might experiment with.

    And the wall on the inside.

  5. solver's post in Flooring Material Direction(east/west vs north/south) was marked as the answer   
    Your signature -- see my comment above.
    Materials generally have a Texture and a Pattern. You usually need to change both, but not always.
  6. solver's post in Red outline? What is it? was marked as the answer   
    The red lines are a result of showing the Reference Display layer set, and the lines may be any color you choose. You need to manually turn this on or off, they don't just appear

    Think about what that outline might represent.
  7. solver's post in HOW DO YOU EDIT PART OF A SLAB IN HD-PRO 2021 was marked as the answer   
    You are, I think, doing this the hard way. 
    If you build a foundation with walls, those walls will automatically get a footing.
    If you simply draw a wall, you can mark it as a foundation wall and it will get a footing.
    The software does many things automatically -- sometimes it's not what you want, but generally it is.
    You want to do a little manual building as possible and learn/allow the program to do it for you. 

    A search in Help for ledger will give you some ideas on how to have the program automatically generate a ledger.

  8. solver's post in Materials are Displaying in Cross Section/Elevation was marked as the answer   
    In Vector View, you can toggle off color. Look at the tools on the toolbar at the far right of the screen, or press F8.
  9. solver's post in Framing starting stud question was marked as the answer   
  10. solver's post in Need a little help with framing. was marked as the answer   
    Since your question is about framing, all someone needs are walls and a roof. Delete everything else.
    Did you try this?
  11. solver's post in Porch Ceilings have a gap was marked as the answer   
    Read about Use Soffit Surface For Ceiling.
  12. solver's post in dormers manual/automatic was marked as the answer   
    No need for interior walls when manually creating a dormer.
    You will need to draw this wall manually, then set it to Roof Cuts Wall At Bottom.

  13. solver's post in How to move dimension extension lines closer to their referenced feature?? was marked as the answer   
    I believe only Pro lets you adjust these lines.
    You could a CAD lines over the top, but that's a pain because there are no snaps to help locate them.
  14. solver's post in Invisible Wall impression left on Foundation was marked as the answer   
    Think about the wall type you are using.
  15. solver's post in Lost the support for floor was marked as the answer   
  16. solver's post in How To Raise Ceiling Height Without Raising Upstairs Floor Height was marked as the answer   
    Change the 2nd floor, floor structure.
  17. solver's post in Shelf ceiling pantry below a ceiling with 2 heights was marked as the answer   
  18. solver's post in Importing sketchup file was marked as the answer   
    You may need a 2018 version. I'd find one, not necessarily the symbol you need, and try it.
    Did you search the forum? Probably more specific info in previous similar threads.
  19. solver's post in Is there a setting that can change an imported PDF floor plan's transparency level? was marked as the answer   
    You can lock its layer, but that will lock everything on that layer.
    Change the colors in HD -- make walls red, for example.
  20. solver's post in Locking / hiding reference images? was marked as the answer   
    Use Transform/Replicate to move it if you do not want to see it. 
    Imported images are on the CAD, Default layer which you can set to not display, and/or lock, but that will affect all items on that layer.
    And no, you cannot change an items layer.
  21. solver's post in DWG Export minus the hatches was marked as the answer   
  22. solver's post in Exterior Wall Siding was marked as the answer   
    It's not obvious when you edit your original post to add additional info as we see the last post made and don't start over at the beginning. If you do so, add a comment saying you did so.
    The simple way to do what you want is to use a Wall Covering applied in the Exterior Room.
    Click just outside an exterior wall. It's easy to select the wall, but try again until you see a highlight that surrounds the plan. Open the room and add a Wall Covering to represent your rock.
    You can also do this wall by wall if the rock does not wrap the house.
  23. solver's post in Cross section dimension not the same was marked as the answer   
    Please see my comments here:
  24. solver's post in Roof section laying down in room...Help was marked as the answer   
    Your foundation forms a room just like the rooms above. Select it, open it, Structure panel, uncheck Roof Over This Room.
    I'll suggest yo send this problem plan to Chief/Home Designer. It may be a bug that they will need to see to be able to fix.

  25. solver's post in Skylight Labels was marked as the answer   
    You can create a new Text Style -- I just used an already defined one to make the text larger. You will also change everything on the roof labels layer.