Home Designer Pro 2021 Does Not Show Width/Depth with the Specified Values


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Hello everyone,

I have a square timber with a width of 50mm and a depth of 50mm. Why does Home Designer Pro 2021 display it incorrectly? Please see the screenshots below.

Thanks in advance,



image.png.a84dd5bad1cafa440a31b5d46192f0c9.png image.thumb.png.a2e8f6703966f4cbb9499dadd51e07e9.png


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my guess is you used a shelf to make this post and since that is under cabinets it automatically creates filler strips to have it touch wall.


Try making it from a SHAPE - Rectangle vertical.. You can change the dims andmaterial to your liking.

then ensure you have SHAPES turned on in VIEWING

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first thanks to all support


@Rookie65: snap grid is turned off. does not help. same issue.


@solver: i deleted the square timber as you wrote (see the middle and right picture below)

image.thumb.png.03d08908bf0f7502eb893b0f2ce1d7f6.png image.thumb.png.ed0e2c0b9642957d9bc1518fa0471b88.pngimage.thumb.png.cac166024336e310a40fc596e21e351b.png


@y-g-m-n: yes you are correct i created this square timber from cabinets (shelf). Where do i create 3D-SHAPES? under CAD?


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3d shapes in library:

They are very powerful when you need to create something not in a catalog.

I have used them for pipes, conduit, AC Line Set covers, etc.

Note they can be rotated when viewing in 3d viewing

When yo uget to one and click edit click the help screen and read about SHAPES.


Road map to shapes:







Screenshot 2024-05-22 041803.png

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