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  1. solver

    Unwanted Framing in Layout sheet

    Delete the framing or turn off its display in Layer Display Options.
  2. solver

    Monitor style roof Barndominium

    Watch on YouTube:
  3. solver

    Monitor style roof Barndominium

    Attach your plan and I'll have a look.
  4. solver

    Plot plan before floor plan?

    Start with the plot plan. Once drawn, save a copy. You will want to rotate it so the house is drawn square to the screen.
  5. Watch on YouTube:
  6. Look again at the image I posted above. The cabinet filler is tiny -- 1/8" deep, 1/8" high, and could be 1/16x1/16. Placed back against the wall no one will see it.
  7. For centering a cabinet between 2 windows, or more specifically the casing on each window, place a cabinet between them and drag each end of the cabinet until it bumps into the casing. Open the cabinet and set the width you want.
  8. No -- as you found out, it needs to stay. A picture/drawing would help explain.
  9. This feature was just added to Chief this latest release -- center between 2 points, and in chief, you can pick up centers and edges of things. When I was using Pro, I frequently drew CAD lines to use where there was nothing to locate. Center cad lines on 2 windows. Draw a 3rd line connecting those 2. The center tool will find the center of the connecting CAD line.
  10. Make a small cabinet to act as a filler. You will need to change the cabinet defaults to allow a reduced width. Place the filler cabinet and size it, then bump the other cabinet against it.
  11. I believe you are correct -- might check the Bonus Catalogs for a horizontal outlet, and sill color is the same as casing color.
  12. Please update your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left. Turn layers on or off, change the properties of layers that do show, change how your walls are defined.
  13. solver

    Monitor style roof Barndominium

    Watch on YouTube:
  14. solver

    Monitor style roof Barndominium

    You changed the ceiling height to what is shown by the short red line. You can see a black line in the 2 taller walls showing the level of the ceiling in that room. Ceiling height is one way of controlling wall height. Start by raising the ceiling 8', just as a test. Use a cross section or elevation camera to see what happens. And turn on Auto Rebuild Roofs.