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  1. Not sure what you need, but maybe something here will help.
  2. @RickFlack I'd start by clicking this button if it's an option in Pro 2022. You should then be able to import the catalog you purchased by simply double clicking the downloaded file. And many questions have been answered -- a search on the Home Designer site is a good place to start.
  3. For anyone curious, that's the Seth Peterson Cottage by Frank Lloyd Wright. @ChiefNina Help the helpers by attaching your plan file after closing Architectural, and always include the year -- Architectural 2024, for example.
  4. With Architectural it's important to have auto rebuild roofs on as you work, and focus on getting the roof correct as you work on the plan.
  5. That's what I would do using Pro or Chief because I can control floor and ceiling framing easily. Probably do this with Architectural too, but you will need to manipulate various dimensions to get the look you want. With Architectural, I would experiment with using a thick ceiling finish. To increase that wall height, increase the ceiling height in the rooms, then add that same amount to the Ceiling Finish. And please delete your thread on ChiefTalk via Moderator Actions near the top of the page.
  6. Probably on a different level -- 0 or A
  7. You will need the same (or newer) version/date as was used by the person using Chief. As an example, if they used X15, you will need at minimum, the 2024 version of Pro.
  8. solver

    Can I open a plan?

    The Chief plan needs to have this setting checked. You will probably not be able to edit some things. Depending on your needs, might be best to simply redraw. And you always need to say which Home Designer title (Suite, Architectural or Pro) you are using.
  9. Only in Pro, not an option in Architectural or Suite.
  10. You can set your newels to a 0" width, then place them manually (choose from library). To force a full newel against a wall, pull the railing back from the wall, draw a Room Divider wall perpendicular to the railing, then another Room Divider from it to the wall forming a T. Select the perpendicular Room Divider and move it close to the wall -- maybe 1/16" away. Then drag the railing wall letting it snap to the perpendicular Room Divider.
  11. I'm not sure anyone here can help. Suggest contacting Chief Architect
  12. I'm guessing a Chief Architect user has been involved. From your image above Architectural does not have a Kitchen & Bath Layer Set Give us some background on what you are working with.
  13. How to Convert to CAD from Chief Architect Are you using Home Designer? If so, what title and version? What is CAD? Are you asking about a DXF or DWG file? Probably -- did you look?
  14. I imaging you want 2 roof planes and not 3. The one on the front side should be contiguous and not divided. Delete the one shown on the 1st floor, drag the one above across.