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  1. Thanks! - I THINK I figured out what was wrong, or at least a work-around. - I went back to the stairwell & added a wall at the bottom of the stairs (to enclose the area) then made the wall invisible. Then I was able to change the settings for that room to unspecified & delete all molding. I also created a wall break at the bottom of the stairs so that I could still keep the molding in place on the wall until the stairs started. To close up the gap between the bottom of the solid rail & the support wall, I lined up a bunch of closed block shapes, set them for 1/16" thickness, staggered their heights, the CAREFULLY lined them all up & "grouped them" & then slid them over into the staircase wall. (Took FOREVER to get them lined up the right way!). Not sure what this will affect down the road, but for now the 3D rendering looks OK.
  2. What exactly do you mean by "plan file?" The entire Plan? It's HUGE. Not sure I can upload it on here. I CAN take some screenshots of different items if you need them, though.
  3. Thank you for your prompt response! - I just added 2 jpeg files. Hopefully you can see them. (I circled the problem areas in red.)
  4. HOME DESIGNER SUITE 2019 The room I'm working on has a staircase coming down into it. The wall supporting, or under, the staircase SHOULD be sloped to match the angle of the stairs. I think I finally figured out how to do that, but now I can't get the molding to display properly. I'm having trouble making the wall angled. This wall should be solid (ie: you can NOT see the treads/risers). The best I've been able to do is make the handrail solid, but there's still a gap showing the steps. How do I remove the chair rail from this wall without also removing it from the rest of the walls in the room? - The rest of the room has a chair rail, but there should NOT be a chair rail on the staircase wall. (It'll be an accent wall). I've tried using the parallelogram shape to cover it. It's not only really hard to match the angle, but, I can't get it flush against the entire staircase wall because the chair rail is in the way. The crown molding automatically displays on the back wall of the stairwell & shouldn't. How do I extend the base molding all the way across the bottom of the stairwell wall. (When I extend the wall to match the length of the staircase, it automatically becomes a full-height wall instead of matching the angle.) (See the attached pic/doc.) Thanks! ~ Cheryl