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  1. Thanks for the quick response! This is super helpful. I just reached out to the Upwork person to remove the 6 solar panels.
  2. Hello! I used Upwork to get someone to help me get a 2D layout into Home Designer Pro 2024 in a basic format for a fixed fee for our future mountain cabin. Now I want to start digging in and customizing the design and step by step I am learning a lot in Home Designer! I have one Home Designer question that I have not figured out. For some reason the 6 solar panels I see in the 3D perspective view on the roof are showing up in the 2 floor doll house and floor plan. How would I keep the solar panels from showing up in the second floor on some of the views? When I try to select the solar panels in the floor plan or doll house view I can't select the object to force them on the roof. Thanks in advance for any advice here! Dan Weeks