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  1. SandraH

    Stair railings

    That worked!! Thank you!
  2. SandraH

    Stair railings

    stairs.pdf This is what the stairs look like currently. I would like them to not have the railing at the wall at the lower portion.stairs.pdf
  3. SandraH

    Stair railings

    I need to customize railings for "U" shaped stairs. I need to put railings on upper staircase on inside to post on the landing, and on the lower level on outside. Is there a way to do this? Is it possible to have the stairs unconnected?
  4. I need to create a large format tile (24" X 48") with a marble look. Don't seem to have much success creating tile in the user catalogue that appears as a tile. When placing on a wall there doesn't appear to be any grout lines, and if I take an existing tile I can't get the right "marble" look. I have created a "tile" from a slab, changed the pattern to grid, and set the scale, but I'm at a loss as to how to create the grout lines. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. SandraH

    Roof issues

    I have a hip roof with a nested gable and am trying to get full roof returns on the gables. It will give me a full return on the one gable, but not the other. I can re-draw new plan with just nested gables and that will work, but as soon as I attach to the hip roof, it deletes the one roof return. Is this a glitch, and is there a way around it? File was too large, so I recreated the same issueroof problem.plan 232035 roof.pdf roof problem.plan
  6. I'm wondering how I can place a dormer on a very small structure. 12' x 24' and with an 8 pitch roof. Just want to place a very small shed dormer, and each time I place an auto one, it will not meet the roof, even with a 3 pitch. I tried manually creating, but I don't want interior walls.
  7. SandraH

    Terrain Perimeter

    Awesome! Very helpful!
  8. SandraH

    Terrain Perimeter

    Is there any way to show the terrain perimeter in the foundation level? I need to submit a building plan to City showing the house on the building lot, but I would like to show the original foundation, and our addition as the re-build involves tearing down the original house and re-building to the max allowed on the site. With so many changes on the main floor it is clearer to show the existing foundation, and the addition planned. Thx
  9. Ok, I see what you've done. That should work here as well.
  10. Is there any way to show the existing home on an addition in Home Designer? We have an addition going onto an existing home, and would like to show the extent of the addition. I don't want the walls to show in elevation since they will be removed , but do want them on the plan to show the extent of the addition. Is the easiest way to create a new wall and just change the colours, then erase when you generate the elevations? This is what was done using softplan, but we never generated a 3d plan, only used it for plans.
  11. I wondered if that might be the issue. I will try importing a 2018 item, as there was no older version of the pool table. I only searched pool table in the forum. Thanks for the response.
  12. Can anyone tell me how to import (if possible) sketchup file? When I try to import skp file a warning comes up that says "This skp file was created in an incompatible software version. Unable to import." The object is a 2019 version, but I also tried a download for a 2021 version, and get same message. Have never imported objects before, so not sure what is needed, or limitations for sketchup. TIA
  13. SandraH

    Weird Roof

    Fixed it by deleting the floor and re-building. But the reason I had floor set to 6' is because we haven't decided on half storey or full storey, so I was trying to show them the difference in design. Most likely will go with half storey, as the neighbourhood is mostly bungalows, with a few half storeys thrown in.