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  1. Hello - I obtained a DWG (and DXF) file created in Autocad from a civil engineer for my property and I'd like to import it into Home Designer 2020 Pro and have it display the elevation data. The problem is, I have no idea what values in the DWG file are elevation data. Is there a way to identify which values are elevation...perhaps someone with Autocad can?
  2. It's obvious that I'm not understanding the concept of layers. It would be helpful to get some instructions. Is it as simple as unchecking the "disp" and select all as shown in the attachment?
  3. Hey Dave...Perhaps I'm not fully understanding your reply...Home Designer only has one layer to work with. So not sure if I follow you.
  4. Hello - a while back, I asked this question but at the time, I wasn't that familiar with the program and wasn't at a point where the information was needed, and back then, I still couldn't figure it out. When I first started using Home Designer (I now have Pro 2020), I just started right in after watching a few videos. I started with the foundation, walls, rooms, etc. I didn't start off defining the property lines. Later, I created the terrain and using the civil engineering drawing information, I entered in the GPS information and the property dimensions showed up...all looks good. But when I import the DWG file (or the DXF), the property shows up, but it's not where the property outline is in Home Designer. If you look at the first enclosed photo, the property outline in BLUE is the drawing I have in Home Designer, and RED is what the DWG imported. For emphasis, I outlined the property lines in RED. I don't understand why there isn't an option to change the origin of the imported DWG or the ability to rotate it in the "import DWG" utility. I also tried to "lock" every parameter in the layers menu, and then select "edit area" and rotated that, but the house also rotates along with everything else...don't want that. Anyone know of a way I can line the property in RED to the same orientation I have in Home Designer in BLUE?
  5. Oh, BTW.....the fill option did the job. I can now see the toilet. I must have changed this parameter while trying to "see" the cabinet. Just with this simple cabinet in the wall, I learned about "bumping", fill, and open underneath...features I didn't know existed.
  6. Hey Eric....I understand your perspective, however, on the flip side, my plan is pretty much done, and now I'm just trying to learn how things are done, and also how to do things in the program...and one of the reasons I am looking for an architect. I'll check out the link....thanks!
  7. Thanks Eric! That worked!!! I actually checked the "open underneath" and as soon as I did, the wall disappeared in staircase shown in the menu just like what your video showed. Thinking that I didn't want the wall to disappear, I unchecked it. However, this time I did what you said, and again checked "open underneath", but when I looked at it in camera mode, the wall was still there, and now I can see the full depth of my cabinet! Since I have your attention, I have a couple of questions I'd like to run by you, if you don't mind...Can you tell me if the handrail going up the stairs, typically ends on the ceiling above (as shown in the second photo, or should the railing be more inward and go past the landing? And in the third photo, is this 3ft 6" a reasonable distance between the wall and the counter in the bathroom? And lastly...I find strange, is that the plan used to show the toiled under the stairs, and now I don't see it unless I hit return to select near by objects. It disappeared when I redid the upper stairs going to the second floor. (having nothing to do what we just did). I can only see the toilet if I click on the stairs, then press "return" to select near-by objects, and it shows up...otherwise one wouldn't know it was there just looking at the plan.
  8. I did zip's much bigger than 14MB. So, I did what you recommended. staircase plan.plan staircase
  9. Unfortunately, the file size is larger than 14MB. If you use Microsoft "onedrive", or can provide me your email, I can send you a link to file..
  10. Hi... I am trying to put a cabinet under the landing of a staircase and this is what I did... From the menu under windows, I installed a "pass-through" in the wall, and inserted the cabinet with the right size/height into that opening. All looks good from outside, but when I open up the cabinet, the inside of the cabinet (and shelves) are only as deep as the wall itself, even though I made the cabinet 30" deep. I have played with the various options, but none of them show the full depth of the cabinet. Anyone know how to do this? I have enclosed a snippet of the floor plan and the cabinet.
  11. Hello - I have a floor plan and I'm looking for someone that has a lot of experience and creative genius to design a roof. This isn't some easy/simple layout. The second photo is the roof design of a very similar floor plan. I have various roof designs that I'm willing to share, but I'm looking for some fresh ideas. If you have experience with roof designs, please let me know how much you charge/hr.
  12. Yea, I discovered that one while playing with it a while back ago. Can make a real mess.
  13. Thanks Dave!!! I'll give this a try and let you know how it comes out.
  14. Hi...I think I did things backwards and I hope someone can help me. When I got Home Designer a couple of years ago, I just jumped right into not knowing there were so many online tutorials online, or even this forum. I laid out my foundation, designed the floor plan, and everything is coming out better than I thought! I loved this program. Certainly a learn by doing experience, that's for sure. Recently, I obtained the CAD Files (DWG and DXF) of my property that was done by an engineering company who did a survey for another project that fell through. I imported the CAD files, and I was blown away by it showing the elevations, location of fencing, trees, etc...pretty cool. But now the problem is that my house isn't orientated in the right location in relationship to the imported CAD information. There is even a part of the house that is "buried" into a sloped hillside. I can't rotate the house, so somehow I'd like to rotate and move the CAD information...but that was imported with the survey/GPS not sure how I can change this. Any suggestions?
  15. I have Home Designer Pro 2020...and some of the features shown in the first video, I don't have. I did "play" with importing the DWG file and selected a few variables that I thought might contain elevation data...and these windows popped-up. Also, the only selection is "Elevation".