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  1. Where do I change my signature?? I have been looking all over and can't find it...I would have thought it would be in my profile.
  2. I'm using Pro 2024...I just upgraded. Thanks for catching that. What I have done is "estimated" what the cubic feet is by using a tape measure.....I was hoping there would be an easier way. I don't want to upload my plan for the world to see.
  3. That's what I thought he was referring to....and why I showed the which items were "on" or "off".
  4. If I follow exactly follow your instructions...which was....Open "Display Options dialog "Tools - Layer Settings - Display Options where you will then find all named layers alphabetically listed. I'm not seeing "Layer Settings" as shown in the screen shot below
  5. I went to the attic level, clicked on the "reference" display, and then used the "Room Divider" and traced out the walls...and this is the error I got. I was just doing the top left "square" you see in the photo and had the camera view displayed so I could see if adding the room divider messed up the existing plan.
  6. I thought he was referring to the ability to turn off layer. Regardless, as I stated, I have the room labels not sure why they aren't displaying. I have also checked the default settings.
  7. Hi Keith...that's what I'm doing now....a pain. I wonder how they got turned off.
  8. Somehow the "show room label" has been turned off on all rooms even though in the "display options -> Room labels" is checked. I have tried to uncheck it and check it with no change. I can click on each room and manually check "show room label" and it will display. How do I get them all turned back on?
  9. When I go to the attic level, it's fragmented...meaning many of the walls are either missing and don't connect. Why is that?
  10. So...back to square one...anyone know how I can figure out the cubic feet of the attic space?
  11. Thanks!! I didn't realize that it provides the volume, but I see it now (as shown in the screen shot below). I'll be adding up the cubic feet of a lot of rooms. It's too bad the program doesn't provide the total cubic area of the home much like the "living area". To complicate things....when it comes to the attic area, the divide by 2 comes into play...and how does just determine the cubic feet of the attic in order to divide by 2?
  12. My bad!! I have been saying "sqft"...yes what I need is the CUBIC FEET (the volume). Because the program provides the sqft of the living area, and say you have default 8ft ceiling heights, a person can easily determine the cubic feet. But when it comes to the attic, the volume isn't that easy to figure out, cause it may not have (and in most cases doesn't) uniform wall heights; as an example a room where the attic above is a slanted roof...or say a partial slanted hexagon roof. In regard to the "divide by 2"....because the attic space is not "living area"...the fire district states that the volume associated in an attic is divided by 2 and that is added to the total cubic feet associated with the living area. Sorry!!!
  13. The fire district requires that the gallons of water available (say in a water tank) for fire suppression is dependent on the square feet of the home. For example say a 2,000sqft home would require a 10,000gal tank. As you know, the program provides the square feet of the "Living Area", but there are areas above (say a room) that aren't living areas. So, let's say you have a room that is 10ftx10ft and an attic above, the square feet of the room would be 10x10=100sqft and the square feet of the attic space would be 100sqft/2 (1/2 of the square feet of attic space). So, the total square feet of this one room, would be 100sqft + 50sq = 150sqft. Could I just add up all the square feet (living area) that the program provides and divide that by 2??
  14. That just shows the room "living area" doesn't include the attic that could be above the room.
  15. Hi everyone... I need to figure out the total square feet of my design that also includes attic space to address fire district requirements. I'm finding it difficult to figure out the attic space when there are so many spaces of complex shapes. Anyone have some suggestions? When it comes to the attic square feet, that is divided by 2 and added to the main square feet (living area).
  16. Hello - I obtained a DWG (and DXF) file created in Autocad from a civil engineer for my property and I'd like to import it into Home Designer 2020 Pro and have it display the elevation data. The problem is, I have no idea what values in the DWG file are elevation data. Is there a way to identify which values are elevation...perhaps someone with Autocad can?
  17. It's obvious that I'm not understanding the concept of layers. It would be helpful to get some instructions. Is it as simple as unchecking the "disp" and select all as shown in the attachment?
  18. Hey Dave...Perhaps I'm not fully understanding your reply...Home Designer only has one layer to work with. So not sure if I follow you.
  19. Hello - a while back, I asked this question but at the time, I wasn't that familiar with the program and wasn't at a point where the information was needed, and back then, I still couldn't figure it out. When I first started using Home Designer (I now have Pro 2020), I just started right in after watching a few videos. I started with the foundation, walls, rooms, etc. I didn't start off defining the property lines. Later, I created the terrain and using the civil engineering drawing information, I entered in the GPS information and the property dimensions showed up...all looks good. But when I import the DWG file (or the DXF), the property shows up, but it's not where the property outline is in Home Designer. If you look at the first enclosed photo, the property outline in BLUE is the drawing I have in Home Designer, and RED is what the DWG imported. For emphasis, I outlined the property lines in RED. I don't understand why there isn't an option to change the origin of the imported DWG or the ability to rotate it in the "import DWG" utility. I also tried to "lock" every parameter in the layers menu, and then select "edit area" and rotated that, but the house also rotates along with everything else...don't want that. Anyone know of a way I can line the property in RED to the same orientation I have in Home Designer in BLUE?
  20. Oh, BTW.....the fill option did the job. I can now see the toilet. I must have changed this parameter while trying to "see" the cabinet. Just with this simple cabinet in the wall, I learned about "bumping", fill, and open underneath...features I didn't know existed.
  21. Hey Eric....I understand your perspective, however, on the flip side, my plan is pretty much done, and now I'm just trying to learn how things are done, and also how to do things in the program...and one of the reasons I am looking for an architect. I'll check out the link....thanks!
  22. Thanks Eric! That worked!!! I actually checked the "open underneath" and as soon as I did, the wall disappeared in staircase shown in the menu just like what your video showed. Thinking that I didn't want the wall to disappear, I unchecked it. However, this time I did what you said, and again checked "open underneath", but when I looked at it in camera mode, the wall was still there, and now I can see the full depth of my cabinet! Since I have your attention, I have a couple of questions I'd like to run by you, if you don't mind...Can you tell me if the handrail going up the stairs, typically ends on the ceiling above (as shown in the second photo, or should the railing be more inward and go past the landing? And in the third photo, is this 3ft 6" a reasonable distance between the wall and the counter in the bathroom? And lastly...I find strange, is that the plan used to show the toiled under the stairs, and now I don't see it unless I hit return to select near by objects. It disappeared when I redid the upper stairs going to the second floor. (having nothing to do what we just did). I can only see the toilet if I click on the stairs, then press "return" to select near-by objects, and it shows up...otherwise one wouldn't know it was there just looking at the plan.