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  1. That worked and I appreciate the additional explanation. It's odd though, as I had been in this CAD Setting (and made this change) as a part of the Import process. I didn't even go back and check this setting as I was doing the clean-up...guess I thought it stayed set. Anyway...thanks again. Now I just need to figure out how to increase the size of the font for the Perimeter I can get rid of the large imported text box (in purple). Appreciate you.
  2. Thank you very much. I will see if I can make it work...
  3. P.S. I also followed the video's instruction on re-aligning the Survey on my screen so when I build my existing house in HD Pro 2021 (and the Attached Addition that I'm doing), they will be fit onto this survey at the correct Angle. To make the adjustment, I clicked on the Survey's existing footprint, got the angle off of the front wall and re-set all of the objects off that wall. (in case you wonder why the North arrow is not exactly pointing straight up). Thanks again.
  4. Here is the file. Again, I imported my survey's DWG file (per the video link above). I've not done a lot of clean-up (so the colors are rather hideous). Thanks for taking a look. I 'think' I have taken the required steps...but apparently not. IMPORTED Survey DWG file (10-10-2020).plan
  5. Thanks Eric. Signature seemed to disallow anything...resorted to just my software and name. Any thoughts on the issue I am experiencing? Tried Knowledge Base, videos, Help...all NaDa!
  6. I just purchased Home Designer Pro 2021, so I am new to it (and struggling a bit). I viewed an excellent video on importing a Survey DWG file ( and had GREAT success with importing mine! During the cleanup of the boundary lines (Perimeter Lines), all has gone well EXCEPT being able to get the "labeling" to display properly in Quadrant Bearing format. Attached are three (3) screenshots. I click on Perimeter, open it, go to the Selected Line...and the angle of my subject line is CORRECT, displaying N85* 18'W...just as it is in my Imported DWG file. I then click on the "Number Style" (at the bottom this window) and confirm that I've checked "Quadrant Bearing" (which I did). However, when I look at my drawing (of the imported DWG Survey file), you will see that Home Designer Pro 2021 is displaying it as 179* 39'2". PLEASE HELP!!! (and thanks in advance for your reply ASAP) Russell