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  1. y-g-m-n's post in Electrical Panels and Stairs was marked as the answer   
    I think on some panels if you open them up, they have placement dims.
    You need to look at DISTANCE from WALL and play with it to get your desired look.
    Seems the panels I use like to go into walls, and they are mounted on exterior outdoors on my brick.
  2. y-g-m-n's post in Apron / Farm Sink was marked as the answer   
    Kohler Library has several
    Just go to your library search bar and type APRON SINK hit return and presto a bunch of them will show up.
    The library search is an amazing tool
  3. y-g-m-n's post in Stem wall vs foundation was marked as the answer   
    stem wall is part of foundation above footers that the Walls are built upon.
    It is not a separate item.
  4. y-g-m-n's post in Paint Roller vs Spray Can was marked as the answer   
    should be tool bar thingy a bottom of page once you select spray can.
    Roller is a feature that combines materials..
    hover mouse pointer over icon for roller at bottom and it will pop up some text description of what it does.
    Or it help.
  5. y-g-m-n's post in EXTERIOR WALL ARCHED DOOR OPENING was marked as the answer   
    pretty sure what you have will.
    insert your door.
    Click on it to highlight and then open DOOR edit DIALOGUE.
    On left side, click on ARCH tab.
    many choices in there for you to get creative.
    In fact when you get to that edit page click the help button to open up the help screen for door arches.
    Tons of info there to describe how to make an arched door.
    Most of this stuff is covered in help manual and by playing around with item you are interested in "Tweaking" it is about playing with software and looking at everything i nthose edit screens to see what you can do
  6. y-g-m-n's post in 1st floor overhang on a 2 story building was marked as the answer   
    need to create a PORCH type room with roof.