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    Fences and Gates

    Did you check the bonus catalogs?
  2. It looks like your wall layers are reversed, with the siding on the inside
  3. If there are any doors marked on it with a size, you can start with that. Or knowing kitchen cabinets are usually 24" deep, 25" if they have the countertop drawn. Tubs are often 30" x 60". Try to find items in the plan that have known sizes, and you can probably scale from there.
  4. You can use "marker" in your text drop down box. You can label it what you want, plus you can dimension to it. You can start with the camera as a section view so you can measure to the point you want. Then you should be able to pull the camera back to outside of the structure, and the locations will stay.
  5. Some of the ability to change the joists may depend on which version of the program you are using. Last I knew, I think HD Pro was the only version where you could change the framing defaults.
  6. Read through the reference manual or help link on each page
  7. You should be able to start the house plan and draw the landscape afterwards. Do you have a plot plan that was done by a land surveyor? If it's in pdf format, you can import it into the plan. If the house is drawn on it, use the tool to set the scale from known dimensions. You'll want to make sure the structure is drawn square to the screen and you can rotate the pdf to align. Once that's done, you can draw your topography from the info on the plot plan.
  8. Have you tried using "point to point move?" That is very effective for tiny adjustments.
  9. For what it's worth, what I do is import the 1st floor PDF, then use the scaling tool to measure the walls that are known. It's the red arrow in a blue box in the toolbar that will show when the PDF is selected. You can set the dimensions so they scale in width and height. If you have auto rebuild foundations on, like DMerc1400 had said, the foundation will build as the walls do. Then when you are done with that, check the foundation dimensions so they are in round numbers so your foundation builders don't have to deal with little fractions. Then you can go back to the 1st floor and align those walls with the foundation you may have changed. It sounds like it's complicated, yet it really isn't. It's just setting the plan close to what it should be before tracing it.
  10. Try rebuilding it in plan view
  11. When you first open the program, in the top right corner, you'll see links under "Getting Started" and "Resources." You can use those to get familiar with the program. Your reference manual is also an invaluable tool. As for the knowledge on how to become a designer and construction, I would suggest signing up for some locally taught classes if it's new to you. I am guessing by your user name that you have some construction background? As for the codes and details, those will vary by your location and are not built into the program.
  12. Sounds like you need to upgrade to HD Pro, which has manual roofs. I didn't look through the plan, yet Suite doesn't offer manual roof planes, which is very commonly needed tool for projects.
  13. Rookie65

    Tracing Over Plans

    You'll want to do the 1st floor first with auto-rebuild foundation on. Or if it's too much to start over, make sure the foundation is on floor 0 and turn off auto rebuild foundation. Then you can trace over your foundation on floor 1 with the wall type you need. Then use the alignment tool so it's over the foundation correctly.
  14. Send them to layout 1st, that's where your scale is set
  15. Rookie65

    Stair railings

    I don't think there were the stair options in HDP 2022 as there are now in HDP 2024
  16. Don't know which program you have, yet try it without a dormer and just change the roof pitch of the back half of the roof? Then all the walls will be aligned
  17. Try the bonus catalog Accessible Design>Lifts and elevator components>platform lift. That may be what you're looking for.
  18. Go to the symbol of the door handing in the bottom tool bar and reverse the handing
  19. Did you try what I suggested? May need to it with a combination of monolithic slab and something different for the stem walls. You know better what you need to achieve.When all else fails, try looking through the reference manual or clicking "help" on each page.
  20. Try checking in foundation defaults where it's marked "slab on top of stem wall." I think 2023 may have had that option.
  21. Did you try changing the foundation wall type to block instead of concrete?
  22. I use that combination all of the time when doing a chimney with a sloped section. Not sure what the trouble is you're having.
  23. Or you can make them with a wedge shape placed on top of a rectangular soffit or closed shape
  24. Try breaking the railing and making the section invisible