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  1. Go to Edit>Default Settings>Floors and Rooms>Room Types. Click "Edit" and the room names will show up in a list. Take one of the numbered bedrooms and Rename it. If you need numbered rooms in your plan, then change the label as David showed in his video for each bedroom type. You can do this for any of the rooms listed. Just check the Edit label too and verify the room has the structure and function you want. There you can edit the materials and structure for the various room types too. Even a room style that is not common in your area can be changed and edited to something you want to have.
  2. There are pre-designed pergola's in the bonus catalogs. Look at a few and see if they will work for you.
  3. Do them as soffits or closed boxes
  4. Did you try the bonus libraries? There are several catalogs that can be downloaded free or purchased and there's a good chance one might have apple trees. Since the program lists them by scientific name, try this website, Search by the name, then try it in the library. There are several apple tree options
  5. 1st guess is that the basement wall is not aligned with the floor above it? For the terrain, open the drop down box and set the level to what it needs to be. Some time spent reading the reference manual will often answer a lot of your questions.
  6. When you open the program, click on "New Users Start Here". Scroll down until you see the "Reference Manual" link. There you can open it and even better, save the PDF to your desktop so you can refer to it easier.
  7. Spend some time with your reference manual. I would suggest on the roofs, pull them apart so they aren't touching, then try the "match roof" command, which looks like 2 triangles going in opposite directions. The top roof will probably need to be pulled the most so you don't get the message that they can't cross each other. For the posts, go to the rail style for the railings they are on and look at the end and start post setting. They usually default to a half post, yet you can set it to none. Those may help clean this up for you.
  8. 18x24 layout sheet size is in HD Pro 2022. I do my window and door schedules on an excel spread sheet and then copy/paste it into a text box on the plan. That was asked before and should be in the forum with answers.I answered this same question quite a while back. I think Chief Architect Premiere has that function.
  9. Have you thought of setting the top of the window at the rough ceiling height? If you're worried about casing showing, put a very small lintel on the window
  10. All that needed to be done to fix the line in the wall was align the walls. The icon on the lower tool bar was showing, so it's an easy fix.
  11. Go to your wall and look at the roof option. Then you will see where you can click a box to make the area below the roof the wall type you want. You may find more help in your reference manual.
  12. If it doesn't need the door to be angled, you could try going to the shapes library and place a wedge on top of the cabinet. Adjust the legs so it fills the gap between the top of the cabinet and your ceiling. Then you can change the wedge material to the color of your cabinets so it blends in.
  13. The way I do my edging and patio's is with driveways in the terrain section in roads & sidewalks. Once I have it drawn, I make it the material I want for the edging. Then I will transform/replicate it on the Z axis 1/16" and use the resize option to decrease the size. I then make the new layer the patio material, or terrain in your case, and fine tune the border edge I want, usually 4". I hope this helps?
  14. Rookie65


    The same feature is in HD Pro 2023 if you look under the structural section
  15. Try clicking on the string and drag the dimension you don't want to the dimension on either side
  16. Take a look at the "NanaWall" catalog in the bonus catalogs under "Doors & Windows". I believe it's a free download and you can see if it has the door type you need.Or at least something close to show it as it exists.
  17. 2022 came out last year. I just downloaded 2023 this past week. Did you enter your version code for the upgrade? It might be that price due to skipping a year? Without seeing your options on the screen, it's hard to tell what the issue may actually be.
  18. If you're using HD Pro 2022, under stairs, they have U shaped stairs already available. The default is 39" width. You can adjust width and the number of treads for each section to get the layout you want. Good luck
  19. That's fine, yet most municipalities will require any engineered material to have calculations passed in with the permit application before they'll approve a design. So unless you're an engineer, notate those items to be verified by others. A lot of lumberyards can get the calculations from their engineered material suppliers to submit.
  20. The program knows nothing about structural requirements. That is for an engineer to calculate, or you to consult the span charts for your region from the building code.
  21. Try using an angled soffit and see what material you can make it from to look like a cable. Even using a galvanized steel might look ok. Set the bottom to be at the rim joist height and the top height to the height you want it to be to clear the window.
  22. That's one of the drawbacks to the architectural programI believe. There isn't much flexibility. Upgrade to pro and you can adjust the joist heights.
  23. Which version of the program do you have? The reference manual will be a great help in explaining how to build trusses. Depends on what you mean by "building in detail?"
  24. Since you have the rise/run figured out, make 2 separate stair sections and connect them. The lower can have railings on 2 sides and go up the number of treads until it hits the ceiling. Don't use automatic heights. Then create the second stair section w/railing where you want/don't want it. You can then connect the bottom of the 2nd stair set to the 1st and it will look like a full set of stairs.