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  1. DavidJPotter's post in Single gable roof line over irregular footprint home was marked as the answer   
    I recommend that you consider upgrading to Home Designer Pro, that has manual roof tool manipulation and creation. It is more money and more learning curve but will enable you to do anything, roof-wise you wish to create.
  2. DavidJPotter's post in Software was marked as the answer   
    I downloaded a trial version years ago and was unimpressed.
  3. DavidJPotter's post in Create Walls is not showing dimensions any longer was marked as the answer   
    You probably turned off "Temporary Dimensions" see image

  4. DavidJPotter's post in Changing interior casing was marked as the answer   
  5. DavidJPotter's post in "top" and "bottom" clipping of a cross section/elevation was marked as the answer   
    Send the view to a layout page where you can control how much of the elevation you wish to show.
  6. DavidJPotter's post in Painting walls , two colors, diagonal line was marked as the answer   
    With Architectural you go-to tool for that kind of create is found under Cabinet Tools - Custom Backsplash. Using an  elevation camera you can then, using the Custom Backsplash tool to draw a closed polyline that is editable and adjustable to whatever shape and material you wish, check it out!
  7. DavidJPotter's post in Terrain cursor... was marked as the answer   
    That cursor icon appears when in the Terrain Specification Dialog you uncheck "Auto Rebuild Terrain". Place a check mark there and then the cursor icon goes away. Such icons appear by  your cursor when certain default tools or conditions are turned OFF by the end user (to remind you to turn them back ON).
  8. DavidJPotter's post in Adjust interior wall heights was marked as the answer   
    Such specialized conditions take additional manual adjusting of wall polylines and specialized settings (Shelf Ceiling) to achieve.
  9. DavidJPotter's post in Lost cross section/elevation was marked as the answer   
    They must be manually saved or all work in the "saved" camera is lost, sorry. The first thing I do when detailing an elevation or cross section camera is to mark it "saved" in its dialog box, otherwise you are just screwed.
  10. DavidJPotter's post in high bay garage cant figure out how to get the roof line to adjust was marked as the answer   
    In plan view, in the garage "room" the part of that room where you wish to have a higher ceiling (by raising the ceiling when you build roofs, that will cause the roof planes to be higher due to the higher ceiling height). You divide the garage in to two areas, one with a lower ceiling and the other set to a  higher ceiling to accommodate your tall garage bay door and ceiling. This software only does what it is "told" to do by way of settings only.
  11. DavidJPotter's post in How to draw a support cable to a platform? was marked as the answer   
  12. DavidJPotter's post in Ghosting at exterior wall intersections was marked as the answer   
  13. DavidJPotter's post in ceiling styles was marked as the answer   
    Take a look at some of  these help videos on ceiling beams and exposed trusses please: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ceiling+trusses+or+beams+in+Chief+Architect
  14. DavidJPotter's post in Room selection suddenly not working correctly was marked as the answer   
    Look for, find and correct either a wall that is programmed to be "No Room Define" in its dialog box or a wall connection that is not properly connected to solve this situation. You can try the "Fix Wall Connections" command found under the "build - wall+ dropdown menu.
  15. DavidJPotter's post in Stairs - not displaying was marked as the answer   
    When you select a stair object in plan view, in the resulting "Edit Toolbar" (the toolbar that appears when any object is selected and disappears when any object is deselected) you will find a command icon called "Auto Stairwell" which  when left-clicked upon, creates a "Stairwell" aka hole in the floor so the stairs can be traveled. Check it out!
  16. DavidJPotter's post in Joining Gable Roof Planes (L-Shaped House) was marked as the answer   
    Commonly I usually auto build roofs and then manually clean up the results as I desire. Auto or manual, the point is getting the results you wish.
  17. DavidJPotter's post in New features in 2022 was marked as the answer   
    This is the email I received from Chief Architect Sales:
    "Hello David,

    Thank you for your call earlier today. Framing end profiles are a feature introduced for Chief Architect products and not Home Designer products. Our web team will be updating this soon on the Home Designer page. Thank you for alerting us to this.

    If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Have a good day!"

  18. DavidJPotter's post in 5-Panel Door? was marked as the answer   
    See if the attached library file of a "Five Panel Door" will download and then install in HD Pro 2022 please.
    5 Panel door.calibz
  19. DavidJPotter's post in Reference files for Layouts was marked as the answer   
    In HD Pro with a layout file you will have to delete the old view on the layout page and then send from the new updated plan file the view which you wish to update on the layout file.
    in Chief Premier you have a "Relink File" tool for such purposes but again, that, along with MANY other features is why Premier is a lot more expensive than HD Pro, sorry.
  20. DavidJPotter's post in What is it, and how to draw i? was marked as the answer   
  21. DavidJPotter's post in Roof Issues was marked as the answer   
  22. DavidJPotter's post in Basement wall thicknesses was marked as the answer   
    Open a wall's dialog box. Go to its Wall Types tab. Click on "Define" and then define the wall as you wish.
  23. DavidJPotter's post in Unwanted Elevated Foundation Sections was marked as the answer   
  24. DavidJPotter's post in Dimensions tools not working was marked as the answer   
    This software performs best when your structure is at right angles to the screen or at 7 degree increments. To create a structure at odd angles just makes the work ten times harder as the tools and objects you are using are not being used as they were programmed to be used. if a structure needs to be rotated relative to magnetic North you  have a "North Pointer" tool for that purpose, you rotate the North Pointer and never the structure. When you use any software in ways it was not designed to function you just make it harder on YOU.
  25. DavidJPotter's post in Gable ridge not lining up was marked as the answer   
    I had to use manual roof tools to iron all the problems out on your file, I do not think Architectural is really capable of doing this roof by settings alone.