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  1. Those previews are generated by an addon that is installed when Sketchup is installed. Since Sketchup is still only a 32 bit program they only install the 32 bit version of preview handler addon. This means when using a 64-bit program you do not see the full preview. If you were to install the 32 bit version of HD Pro 2015 you would see the preview. This will not change until Sketchup updates to 64 bit.
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  3. One of the reasons is this forum is more accurately keeps track of who is currently using the forum. The old forum would not remove users from the list until they had been inactive for some time. Also the old forum get hammered by spammers trying to register new accounts. Currently I just checked and there are 75 guests online most on the registration page even though registration on the forum is disabled. I can also see the ip addresses of these users and almost all are from non-English speaking countries notorious for spamming.
  4. Currently as Kbird mentioned you will stay logged in for 24 hours as long as you don't log out or log in on another device. Logging in another device will automatically log you out on the previous device. We are still evaluating whether or not 24 hours is the correct amount of time and are willing to make some changes. If you have any suggestions as to what a good amount time would be please let us know and we will consider it. Be aware however that forever like the prior forum system will not be an option. Thanks
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