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  1. Moose13

    Open beam ceiling

    This should help you......
  2. Hi Eric - I do have those settings setup as you described. I remember having this same issue when I was an avid user of CA X2. It took me months to get the defaults setup in there to do exactly what I wanted for every plan. Long story short, I lost 10 years of work on X2. The rendering I'm showing here is just a design I'm thinking of doing at our new house. It was done mostly with the slab tool which I know can confuse the software as to what's what. Later today, I'll try to attach the file on here so you can see what I have. Thank you again!!
  3. Hi Keith - I have the ceiling layers turned off, and locked. The layer I'm referencing is part of the roof layer. Thank you anyway!
  4. Good morning - I turned off ceiling planes, and locked them, from the start. The layer I marked with the red X is part of the roof plane. If I turn off roof planes, the roof shingles, sheathing, and that white layer will all disappear. Thank you anyway!
  5. Hi Eric - I don't see anything that would be labeled that layer. If I make roof planes invisible, it will take it away but, also the roof shingles and sheathing. I'll mess around with the options in your video. Thank you!!!
  6. Hi David - If memory serves me well, I believe you helped me quite often in my CA days. How do I turn that layer invisible?
  7. Good morning - I'm a former user of CA X2 and I forget how to turn this layer off. I'm looking to only show the roof rafters and T&G sheathing. Please advise......thank you!