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  1. I thought this was a Home Designer forum?
  2. Use the insulation tool and add it onto the wall once drawn; Cad\Boxes\Insulation see sample; I use it all the time. Or, create a new wall? Jeff
  3. If you have a second floor - work away and build your other house. Then you can elevate this second house to suit the levels of land/terrain. Here's one I've been working on. Jeff
  4. My goodness making work there in the process. Surely it would be quicker to simply to just trace selected contours off a pdf copy of the DXF content as terrain elevation lines or splines in the first place; Give the GIS DXF thing a big miss here? If the result is cluttered then modify the original to suit your drawings needs in HDPro. I work with terrain elevation splines traced of pdf surveys all the time here. Jeff.
  5. So, this software HDPro allows you to make new materials - so where is the problem? Just make a new material ,'old wood',....find a pic of old wood you like and go to it... I have made several materials of various steel claddings not already catalogued. It's very simple and quick to do. It's the same thing. Jeff.
  6. My guess on this is that the wall doesn't know what you want it to be -hence the exclusion. Is it constructionally correct? This software is pretty smart - to put it lighty. Does a dutch gable need the lower wall? Try rebuilding it differently. Often sorts out the knots and lumps for me. Jeff.
  7. Robborito

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    OK - so dare I ask - what was the solution, or is that to remain a secret here? Can you explain your recovery 'solution' please. Jeff.
  8. If you select the pdf in plan view - look to bottom left hand corner of screen for the 'point to point resize' tool. Happy resizing. Jeff.
  9. Well it sounds familiar to me that's for sure; I'd be thinking it's a hardware or GPU issue; I also look at the General Options for Render under Preferences - Preferences\Render\ General Options Tick the Manage GPU Residency. Mine is ticked. I am having no problems in 2023 - in fact it seems better than 2022 for me. Marginally. Jeff.
  10. Hey - I always ensure that the independent graphics card is on and actually running. I had some issues a while back in my case it was ensuring the graphics card was actually running by checking on the cards utilities. I know its running now as I can hear the fan blazing on the laptop as I work. I have a NVIDIA GTX GeForce 1660 Ti 6Mb card on a Ryzen 7 and have done walkthroughs in Physically Based render in both 2022 and now 2023 - and it's great for my work. Is your Radon card compatible and meets the minimum required by HDPro2023/2022 specs? Hope this assists in some way as it can get frustrating, I know. Jeff.
  11. To all the lucky HDPro 2023 users out there. When you print in HDPro 29023 to Chief Architect PDF all 5 pages(now) from Layout - do you end up with 5 separate pdf's or do they combine all 5 pages into one PDF file? I only have the HDPro2023 demo - and hence cannot do this myself. Thanks in advance. Jeff.
  12. You have supplied a floor plan here with an orange area so noted "Light Access at 11:30am" - The suggested method was to simply resolve this area calculation. So do a screen shot of the dolls house view you suggested and then import it into the floor plan then scale the screen shot and then do the polyline lassoo calcs. there on that. That could work for me. Jeff.
  13. Run a closed polyline around the desired area created with sunlight on plan and read off the enclosed or lassoed area? Is that what you are asking? Jeff
  14. Well it is entirely up to the individual....I have tried this before on simple envelope profiles set by local authorities; I use the 'Driveway Area', tool which hugs the terrain when it is placed; Elevate this via the specification to 6.000M (20') in respect of what you need for the build envelope; Terrain To Top - becomes the height for the envelope you need; Make it to be glass or other transparent material you so desire; Heres one I made earlier. Bingo. PS - It will cut out or clip the build area but it's a compromise as the height plane can be elevated.. Unless you unselect 'Hide terrain intersected by building' in the terrain spec. Plus -if you specify the thickness same as the height - it will show as a box to contour.
  15. I had similar issues in HDPro 2022 getting the balance right - till I found this CA video. The commentary is done by a gentleman who is very good as a user and as an instructor - in my opinion. I have applied the settings discussed in the video with great success. It's well worth perseverance I feel. Physically Based Rendering with Real-Time Ray Tracing - Bing video Jeff.
  16. Solved by MichaelScott ? What was? Stated at top of page that the person who asked the question has solved the answer? Where and how sorry?
  17. Sorry - I don't see any difference between the two posted views using the suggested solution? I can see the sofit - but where is the new material you wanted to apply? Define the new number of materials to match the number of surfaces you have needing different finishes. Or just use the spray can material applicator where required. The top of your pony wall can be defined differently in your wall specification - can't it? Jeff.
  18. So use the cad tools or other model objects and make your own 'Gas Stub' and save it as an architectural bock/object for future re-use?? It's really not that hard. You'd have it done in 13 minutes - allowing for the paint to dry..
  19. Eric - I tried that - you can't edit an end panel in elevation as the tools are not available - you can change the width and height - but can't shape an arch into it - I tried. Must try a splashback instead. Extend it to the ceiling to fill in the vertical gap? I created a 20mm wide cupboard wall as a face panel and inserted an arched opening - which worked; But it all got too messy. A wall is a wall - not a cupboard in HDPro. Keen to see someones answer using available tools. Maybe some solid objects from the library shaped might work? PS - Soffit won't work either as I tried that also.
  20. Hi - I modelled something from your pics to see if I could basically - so it can be done; I show blockwork not brickwork walls - sorry; Need to sort out the brick coursing either side of the wall junction; Have a go using soffit for the beam and partition for the expansion seam; Good luck. Jeff.
  21. OK - so I use 'pro.'...successfully as a 'pro'.... Move the handrailing out of the way - build a wall in the opening and then shape it, viewing it in section/elevation, to the ceiling profile... Now install the handrailing back as it was. This could work I think. This is a suggested method....I dont like downloading users files.....otherwise I'd have a go for you with this as a solution. Cheers. Jeff.
  22. In the Full Camera Defaults - see Positioning and insert a wide angle 'field of view' - Standard is usually 55 degrees but you can set it as wide as you like. Works well for me. Jeff.
  23. That's a cool setting - nicely done whoever and wherever you are located.
  24. Export the dolls house 3D view as a .dxf - and go to a dxf to .svg converter app. Scalable Vector Graphics, .svg - files for web use . See DXF to SVG Converter. I have saved or exported dxf model views for my use but only in black and white line drawings. This may not suit your needs.