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  1. Any chance you might post your plan model or site plan and elevations layout to see what's happening with your info etc. Cheers.
  2. We used to have a feature called 'Print Plan' which I used a lot - however it was removed at version 2019 - if I recall; It was awesome - mapped out fold together and glue profiles of a design that you could stick together and voila! Everything a 3D printer does but better imo. I posted comment to CA making for its return - but it is something that they, CA, do knowing where the software is heading. I can offer this post of mine in 2021on an alternative method used after the demise of 'Print Plan'. It takes a bit of shuffling but it works ok. Happy modelling RossID. Jeff.
  3. Because my hard copy plans are on white paper - I have used fill patches in solid white to screen areas, both in layout and plan, that I couldn't turn of in layers; Have the polyline colour of the fill same colour to hide it, shape it to suit. There is a layer Walls, foundation on floor 0 - which is perimeter walls..... Food for thought there.
  4. My walkthroughs are planned from start to finish so that there is continuity from start to finish- no need to have several clips that are joined. I dont think HDPro has video editing of the sort you seek. But, you could have walkthrough segments linked and the footage might jump from end of one to the start of another I guess? See whoever else has to say - some users are gurus on this subject I have noticed.
  5. Indeed it should. Universally speaking, as I am in Australia and not the US. But you are correct. It depends on how you placed the gate. I would insert the gate like a door is inserted. That would show the jambs that are missing. See whoever else comments closer to home for you.
  6. Hi - you might be better posting in the 'seeking services' forum? Good luck.
  7. Well on the occasion, I have put my notes on the saved detail scaled window in the layout. You can set your print style calculator character height in saved text styles in the default settings....
  8. Hi, any chance you could expand upon this please? Thanks.
  9. Why not this? Architectural Blocks An architectural block is a collection of individual 3D objects that are grouped together so that they can be placed and moved as a single object. Although blocked together, these objects retain many of their own attributes, such as materials.. See page 91 User Reference Manual. This is how I do it.
  10. My comment is that there is nothing ' random' about this software; I learnt that early on. The hard way. You may need to simply adjust the floor height for the deck perhaps. You either have a loft or you have a second floor; You refer to it as a second-floor loft? Don't know what that is. Thats me done. Jeff
  11. Know the issue - have had it happen to me. I always save the image in plan - select the dwg then open the specification and tick the 'save in plan' box; Now trace the image using lines and make a polyline of the site perimeter - Then convert the polyline line to terrain by selecting it and right click to open convert polyline to terrain. Thats my experience in a nut shell. - Happy days. Jeff.
  12. Save your HD file as a .DWG (most likely) by exporting it from HD. CAD file is a generic reference to a range of different file types. I would go - File\Export \Export current view (DWG, DXF) Name your file and send that. Ask your Architect if that file type is ok for their use. Jeff.
  13. Hi - I have had similar issues in the past - my solution or suggestion is to draw it manually as a 2D CAD drafted block overlay at the intersection - where you want it.. If that makes sense. Jeff.
  14. Looks like balloon options are there under platform intersections of wall specifications? In my version HDPro2024.
  15. Use another tool.....custom backsplash maybe...what is it? Its sort of circular but not exactly symmetrical is it. Draft a circle first to follow with your hole making.
  16. Robborito

    Corner Window

    In HDPro 2024 - this is what I have for butt glazing; You have to slide them into the corner to make the butt glass to happen; Jeff.
  17. Robborito

    Corner Window

    Are you talking about butt glazed corner in fixed lite windows? Jeff.
  18. Did you now that the Core Catalogue library of goodies has a folder of various shapes - I use a vertical cylinder sized to 75mm diam(3") and the cylinder can be rotated in 3D window or elevation, angled off a wall to its head restraint - into place to suit your needs on the house model; Pretty cool eh? When selecting the cylinder in elevation or 3D camera view just click on it - and the little triangle will appear which lets you rotate it to suit your needs. This suites my feature exposed bracing in the past. Cheers. If you want a square brace - use the square object - rotated and resized to suit.
  19. Go to page 0 to setup your title page info etc.. Cheers.
  20. I have had similar issues in the past; I would save the window in your user library - then add a door to the wall you want - then reinsert the saved window at the appropriate floor level plan. It looks like the sill of the window is below the ceiling/top plate height - that may have caused it to delete the door in preference and save the window with the raked head; A door and window wont site together in plan if they clash with height references - from my experience anyway. I adjust window positions in elevation in preference. Cheers.
  21. Isn't the DXF a vector fie and the jpg a raster image? My comment would be that you'd need to trace the jpg image using HD tools etc., to create items that would then be a useful in the dxf fie. I suggest only. Thats me done on this subject. What is the jpg image of?
  22. Wow - what is that exactly structurally speaking - sounds impressive. Any views or visual details of this round beam. I am not familiar with its type. OK - I see the pdf file - all good. So its not a round beam in section but just decorative infill.(beam trusses as you call them)
  23. Due to recent suspected 'bot' scans of my contact details - my details have been revised and withheld.

    CA support have been notified.

  24. Here is my contribution; If you only have 1 page and 1 page only - then that will be where you build your template/title[ etc and then saveas required'; In more recent versions we have 5 pages for layouts Page#1,#2,#3,#4 and #5 - and layout '0' is where your template setout can be bulit/drawn. You need to provide details of what software and version you're using to the forum. See D J Potter's link above. Cheers.
  25. OK -so this is where the editing and removal of unwanted details are done? And without this - what does one do? Not much other than look the alternative methods on offer. Thanks for the detail explanation anyway. Great input.