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  1. Thanks Solver ! I'll give it a try
  2. I use Home Designer Pro 2021. On Windows10. My question is, why does my outdoor ceiling look disconnected from the roof ? Note the picture: the white ceiling is not touching the bottom of the roof line. I've looked thru all of the roof details as well as ceiling details but have not found the answer.
  3. I guess my next question is, if I change the exterior wall layout and need to redo the roof on that account, how do I do that without the roof going crazy after I've adjusted room ceiling heights ?
  4. Here is my issue. When I change ceiling heights (in this case a front living area (delineated by a "room divider" to the back portion of the plan) ceiling is 1' higher than the rest of the ceilings in the back of the house) I get this strange roof plane (image #1) ? If I place the ceilings the same level I get a normal looking roof plane (with auto roofs turned on (image #2)) Whether or not I have no ceiling or flat ceiling (in the front area) the roof stays the same (awkward looking) with the two differing ceiling heights front to back. I have auto roofs turned on, is that my problem ? or is there something else I am missing ? I have seen where others have gotten the roof the way they want it and then turn off "auto roofs", but I thought there was an easier way to remedy my problem, as I tweak the plan / ceiling heights, etc. I am using Home Designer pro 2021.
  5. Thank you David ! You have given me the clues I need to get it right and better understand all of the tools and details needed to work through my project.
  6. I, for the life of me, can not figure out why I can not get the roof framing to show when I click on either "orthographic framing" or "perspective framing", all I see (as shown) is the completed roof with shingles. What am I missing here ? I am having a beast of a time searching for my error . . . or misconfiguration setting somewhere ? I am using Home Designer Pro 2021 running Windows 10 thank you !
  7. How do I access older user catalogue data from Home Designer 10 ? It is an older version of which I can no longer use but had saved lots of custom made items that I would like to use in a newer version of Home Designer Pro 2021. Is it possible to look thru the file folders and find that data ? thanks ahead of time everyone !
  8. I just recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, now my Home Designer Pro 10 will not open (asking to re-register). I realize it is an older version of Home Designer, what I am asking is if anyone has had the same issue with an earlier version of the program not opening once you upgraded Windows ? And if you solved the problem ?
  9. I know I am using an older version of Home Designer (Pro 10 / 2011) but I am curious as to where I can find items (other than 3D warehouse) to add to my library (fixtures, appliances, etc.), catalogs and so on ?
  10. BACLLC

    Pony wall conversion

    here is the plan 306_Peterson_remodel.plan
  11. BACLLC

    Pony wall conversion

    Everything stays the same (using materials tab). Yes to component mode . . . opening up wall specs show me that the top is siding and the bottom is stone but in reality "not"
  12. BACLLC

    Pony wall conversion

    I am using material painter to leave the top two thirds as siding and the lower third as stone but when I place stone on the lower third it applies that material to the top as well. The top and bottom are replicating each other which is what I don't want. I've attached the wall specs
  13. I am using Home Designer Pro 10 and am having some wall conversion issues. I've built the house, roofed it and so on, I want to convert the outside front wall to a pony wall (which I've done under wall specs.) but when I go to change the material the entire wall changes, I just want the lower third to change. What am I doing wrong?