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  1. Try using "soffits" as your go to material. They can be sized and colored to match your materials of choice.
  2. No, but I'll give that a try, thanks for the suggestion ...
  3. That must be my problem, no direct x12. Those are stock items also. Thanks
  4. Tried that with no luck, not sure what else to try ?
  5. That did not help me. I tried that but no luck . . . I'm now running Windows 11
  6. Why am I seeing these strange color tiles ? When I use the program the up close colors are right but when you scroll back these crazy lines and tiles show up. I'm thinking that a setting is wrong somewhere but not sure where to look . . .

    12" wall thickness

    Thanks, how I missed that I'll never know

    12" wall thickness

    I know how to change wall thickness's (under wall types) to some point, but my issue is how can I make walls 12" thick ? I see choices for 4', 6", 8" & 16", but no 12" ? I use HD Pro 2021 running windows 11. Thanks in advance !
  9. OK, long story short . . . after I reset my pre-made "template plan" to reflect these wall type details ("edit / default settings / exterior wall or interior wall / wall types" set as such) and I redraw a new plan, the framing now shows outside walls at 24" centers and internal walls at 16" centers. I believe by going thru all of these recommendations I missed something but I am now happy with the outcome. It is best to set default settings on a "template plan" as I have which will then provide these specific details as I design future plans. For some reason pre-drawn plans will not show the changes made in default settings after having been done.
  10. That is absolutely the best !! I appreciate the advice !
  11. OK, I've opened and checked defaults for both "interior and exterior wall types", if I click on define the "wall settings" it shows 24" centers on exterior walls and 16" on interior walls, however when I click on camera view tools and "perspective framing overview" the studs inside and outside are all 24" on center. I am now at a loss as to what I am missing here. As I mentioned the wall settings are "what I want" but framing view "is not".
  12. Could not find what I am looking for there, I tried using an exterior wall (which I assumed would be insulated) as an interior wall, but that did not work ? Any other ideas ?
  13. Is there anywhere in the program (HD Pro2021) where you can specify an internal wall to be insulated, such as near a bathroom or living area to keep sounds deadened between them ?
  14. Wireless Logitech M325 is what I use and love it !