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  1. How do I access older user catalogue data from Home Designer 10 ? It is an older version of which I can no longer use but had saved lots of custom made items that I would like to use in a newer version of Home Designer Pro 2021. Is it possible to look thru the file folders and find that data ? thanks ahead of time everyone !
  2. I just recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, now my Home Designer Pro 10 will not open (asking to re-register). I realize it is an older version of Home Designer, what I am asking is if anyone has had the same issue with an earlier version of the program not opening once you upgraded Windows ? And if you solved the problem ?
  3. I know I am using an older version of Home Designer (Pro 10 / 2011) but I am curious as to where I can find items (other than 3D warehouse) to add to my library (fixtures, appliances, etc.), catalogs and so on ?

    Pony wall conversion

    here is the plan 306_Peterson_remodel.plan

    Pony wall conversion

    Everything stays the same (using materials tab). Yes to component mode . . . opening up wall specs show me that the top is siding and the bottom is stone but in reality "not"

    Pony wall conversion

    I am using material painter to leave the top two thirds as siding and the lower third as stone but when I place stone on the lower third it applies that material to the top as well. The top and bottom are replicating each other which is what I don't want. I've attached the wall specs
  7. I am using Home Designer Pro 10 and am having some wall conversion issues. I've built the house, roofed it and so on, I want to convert the outside front wall to a pony wall (which I've done under wall specs.) but when I go to change the material the entire wall changes, I just want the lower third to change. What am I doing wrong?