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  1. OK, I've opened and checked defaults for both "interior and exterior wall types", if I click on define the "wall settings" it shows 24" centers on exterior walls and 16" on interior walls, however when I click on camera view tools and "perspective framing overview" the studs inside and outside are all 24" on center. I am now at a loss as to what I am missing here. As I mentioned the wall settings are "what I want" but framing view "is not".
  2. Could not find what I am looking for there, I tried using an exterior wall (which I assumed would be insulated) as an interior wall, but that did not work ? Any other ideas ?
  3. Is there anywhere in the program (HD Pro2021) where you can specify an internal wall to be insulated, such as near a bathroom or living area to keep sounds deadened between them ?
  4. Wireless Logitech M325 is what I use and love it !
  5. I should have thought of that, looks good, thanks !
  6. My next question is this . . . I have created a set of drawers in the bottom portion of a extended (to the ceiling) half wall. Problem is that the program will not let me place a set of doors (bifold or sliding) in this wall (above the drawers) on account of the drawers (?), anyone have an idea of what I can do to put these doors in this wall ? (picture attached) I use HD Pro 2021

    Old wood for siding

    Thank you everyone for the advice !

    Old wood for siding

    Where would I look for old wood siding, such as what you would see on old cabins and barns . . . I use HD Pro 2021. I have the siding / shiplap that comes with the program but I am looking for something a little more photo realistic. I've tried 3D warehouse, but having no luck there. TIA !
  9. Thank you y-g-m-n I plan to build out in the sticks where there are no building codes (per se), but I still need to design and build the home to tried and true codes & standards. I have another issue that I have now noticed . . . When I design a very limited plan (for the sake of determining the dimensions of inside and outside wall materials) I now notice that interior as well as exterior walls have their studs all on 24" centers ? I need the outside walls to be 6" studs on 24" centers (done), and the interior walls to be 4" studs on 16" centers . . . I have tried going thru all of the default settings but ! can't figure out where I need to make this adjustment ? Any help would be appreciated, if I can even do this with HD Pro 2021 ?
  10. I use Home Designer Pro 2021 and have this question . . . Is it possible to set the outside walls to have 24" on center (6") studs ? I figure that by having 6" wide studs on the outside wall (on 24" centers) would help with insulation here in SE Texas and that I could then use the thicker insulation in those walls.
  11. Thanks David, I have made it work as you have noted.
  12. Why is the material smaller on the pony wall as compared to the regular wall below it ? I have tried everything to make the materials look the same. I use Home Designer Pro 2021 on Windows 10
  13. Thanks guys !! . . . your suggestions just help me to better understand the program and its offerings !
  14. Thank you to both Solver and David for your time. However, I've tried both solutions but having trouble with both of these ideas. I have renamed and saved certain cabinets (as per Solver) to my User catalogue. This did not work for me. As I change the degrees as David mentioned in his video it affects "all" cabinets with similar countertop materials (images 1 & 2). So I was still struggling with changing one set of cabinet's and not all of them being affected by that change. So my solution, however rudimentary, is that I changed the material tone slightly (image #3) and then used the adjust material definition and Wala ! it worked. I saw that there were two choices (image #4) for material layout (horizontal & vertical) but that did not work either. Also, why would my program (HD Pro 2021) not have the choice as mentioned above for "rotate angle" on define materials ? I hope my workaround helps others.
  15. I use HOME DESIGNER PRO 2021, running Windows 10. My question is this (see attached pictures): I want to rotate the materials on the countertops (shown to the right) so they run in line with the cabinets (image #1). I have saved the cabinets to my "user catalogue", which from what I've researched (see attached images #3 & #4) will then allow me to "rotate" those materials. However when I open the cabinet (my user item) and click on materials I don't see the "rotate" check box in my version of the program (image #2), what is my program missing here ? Also see how when the cabinets' are placed on different walls (90 degrees of rotation) the countertop then has rotated automatically . . . I am missing something here but not sure what.
  16. I am considering buying an iMac computer system. I currently have a Windows 10 Pro computer running Home Designer Pro 2020. Can I migrate my current copy of HD Pro 2020 to the iMac, or do I have to download a fresh copy of HD Pro 2020 (and maybe have to pay for it ?) Here are the Windows computer specs I have now . . . Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz 2.93 GHz Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.87 GB usable) System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  17. Here is my question . . . ( I am using HD Pro 2021 on windows 10) When I add (+) or customize a framing member, be it a joist, rafter, stud or such, how can I get it to be added to the materials take-off ? I've looked everywhere in the program and in the Q & A's but can not find an answer. thanks all !
  18. BACLLC

    Falling Water

    Here is my try at recreating Falling Water
  19. Thanks Solver ! I'll give it a try
  20. I use Home Designer Pro 2021. On Windows10. My question is, why does my outdoor ceiling look disconnected from the roof ? Note the picture: the white ceiling is not touching the bottom of the roof line. I've looked thru all of the roof details as well as ceiling details but have not found the answer.