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  1. I figured out how to do it with just a beveled edge countertop. Thanks for your help. Erich
  2. I tried that and it keeps giving me an automatic overhang. When I try to adjust the slab to the edge of the countertop, it keeps extending the countertop automatically. Is there a way in the Custom Countertop preferences to remove the overhang? Thanks!
  3. Hi there-- Is there a way to create a beveled or chamfered edge on the TOP of a monolithic slab foundation? I have included a simple line drawing of what I am after. Thanks! Erich Home Designer Pro 2021 for MAC
  4. Erichk1

    Lighting Issues

    Thanks for the answer David. Yes, it does work, but it makes everything look horrible. It changes the colors of everything. Everything looks incredibly harsh. I'll keep working on it. Thanks again!
  5. Erichk1

    Lighting Issues

    I am having issues with lighting. Sometimes my interior lights are on, sometimes they are not. I have looked at the "adjust lights" in the menu tab and it shows that all the lights are on and creating shadows. Some lights create a light spot on the floor while others don't, even though they are the same (copied and pasted) light fixtures. The dining room chandelier I have chosen does not give off any light at all no matter what I do to it. Same for a hanging light in my stairwell. It is VERY confusing and there are no tutorials available on this subject...just how to place lights and add switches etc. I have read many posts that this is an issue with Home Designer. Can anyone help or advise? Erich Home Designer Pro 2021 for MAC
  6. Erichk1

    Camera View issues

    Slowdowns are sometimes a result of a symbol, or several symbols. If I delete everything out of the plan; furniture, lighting, exterior lighting, it goes back to normal. According to the Home Designer website, my computer exceeds all the requirements needed. I have 32 GB of memory, graphic card with 4GB, 4GHZ Quad-Core Intel Processor. The other thing is, the whole plan file is only 59 MB It's a mystery to me...
  7. Erichk1

    Camera View issues

    No. But this is the most complete plan I have done. I have added furniture, lighting etc. When I turn off furniture in preferences it gets better, but whats the point? Shouldn't one be able to see the design with furniture and lighting in place?
  8. Erichk1

    Camera View issues

    Hi there, All of a sudden, as of yesterday, whenever I try to use any camera view, the program slows down and it takes about 5 minutes to render a view. Then, if I try to move the camera in the view it is impossible. This has never happened before. I have a MAC running Catalina with a 4GB video card. I have no other programs open on my computer except a web browser (Google Chrome). I looked at the help window in Home Designer and followed the steps they suggested and it didn't help. I have Home Designer Pro 2021 for MAC Thanks! Erich Kaiser
  9. One more have a button to "turn off patterns" on you system. I don't seem to have that. DO I have that on Home Designer Pro? I can't seem to find it... Thanks again! Erich
  10. Thank you so much for your instruction and insight. The second floor ceiling where you thought there might be a sky-light is just flat ceiling. And as for that little wall at the apex of the highest roof (at the intersection of all the gables) that I will add in the attic story as you did and just adjust as needed. As I said in my note, for some reason, I can not seem to just click and join the roof planes like you do. Maybe I am doing it wrong. Thanks again! I look forward to implementing some of the ideas you gave me... BTW, the house is is just an original design of mine that I have been working on for many years.
  11. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to this. Life got in the way. I have attached a zipped copy of my plan. I can not figure out why the roof controls are not working for me. The roof remains incomplete..and by that I mean, all of the sections are there and in place, but they have not all been joined to the intersecting planes. Every time I try, it fails. I can not get the gables (planes) to match up properly. The "interior" portions of the gables are still showing fascia on the interior of the plan. One fascia has shot through the first floor into the "piano" room (I am really confused about that). Two sections of fascia have poked through the living room ceiling along the "piano" room wall. In the second floor "Hall" you can clearly see what I am talking about as all of the gables, or roof planes, connect above it and all of the fascia's are showing on the interior. I have moved all of the roof planes to the "attic" level for ease of seeing them. The other flat roof portions on the first floor I have left in place and am having less trouble with those. This is mind-numbing. I have a feeling it is something very simple, but I have been struggling with it for over about 10 days now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. House
  12. I don't as of yet...but when I do I'll try. I see that there is a max total of 25mb upload plan is already larger than that.
  13. I did finish the roof. I thought the same thing...finish it and it will take care of itself. But it didn't. This is the second go round and it's still doing the same thing. It is very frustrating.
  14. As you can see the gable fascia has made its way into the interior. Obviously the roof is unfinished as I have become very frustrated with it! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Good Morning, I am using Home Designer Pro 2021 for MAC. I am working on a roof on a 1 1/2 story house that has four intersecting gables. Two of the gables have a different pitch. The problem is that when I create the roof, (with roof planes) the gable fascia and the eave fascia show up on both sides of the gable---i.e. on the interior. Is there a way to remove the fascia on just one side? Erich Kaiser Home Design Pro 2021 for MAC