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  1. Hello Matthew! From the information you provided, it looks like you may need to adjust your In From Baseline/Star at Height value. If you set your In From Baseline to be 0”, it’s going to cause the programs some problems trying to generate the roof. The In From Baseline value determines where the upper pitch starts by defining the distance from the baseline (the exterior edge of the framing layer of the wall) to the upper pitch change. In your left image, you can see that the pitch change occurs between the wall and the middle, so you will have an In From Baseline value greater than 0” if you want the same shape with a lower ceiling height. I would suggest looking at the In From Baseline value before lowering your ceiling. Then, once you lower your ceiling in the dormer area, change the In From Baseline to be the same. This should hopefully change the height down to where it needs to be. I hope this helps! Roy
  2. Hello lawrencelam2000, If you’re still looking for information about the Rooms, Interior Area layer or Rooms, Standard Area, here is the information from the documentation in the section called Room Labels: "Rooms, Standard Area is measured from the center of interior walls that define the room and from either the outside surface or the outside of the Main Layer of exterior walls, depending on the Living Area To setting in the General Plan Defaults dialog. It is rounded to the nearest square foot or mm and does not include the area within bay, box and bow windows. Rooms, Interior Area is measured from the inner surfaces of all the room's walls." Hopefully this helps!
  3. RoyJames

    Roof issues

    Hello SandraH, It appears that the Auto Roof Return is behaving oddly. I would send a copy of this plan to our Tech Support team so they can take a look. In the meantime, I believe I have a workaround for you. If you change the Auto Roof Return settings from Full return to Gable return, then increase the Length value until the ends meet (9.5' seemed about right for the plan you attached), it should behave like a Full return. Hopefully that works for you!
  4. Hello RJRDesign, Home Designer Suite does not have a layout feature in it. This feature is available in Home Designer Pro and the Chief Architect Premier/Interiors versions of the software. Which tutorial are you following? If you’re just trying to export a PDF of your plan or a camera view, go to File->Export->Export PDF while in your view.
  5. System settings->Appearance->Always Hello Beth, Regarding your scrollbars, there is a setting on MacOS that affects the scrollbars within Home Designer. The setting is called Show Scrollbars. You’ll want to set it to Always and relaunch Home Designer. The setting is located: MacOS Ventura: Apple Menu->System Settings->Appearance MacOS Monterey and earlier: Apple Menu->System Preferences->General Regarding your jumping camera, this sounds like unexpected behavior in the software. I would recommend reaching out to Chief Architect’s Tech Support 208-292-3399 and have them take a look.
  6. Hello Donco15, The backup USB can serve a few different purposes: 1. It’s useful in situations where internet is slow or security is a bit tighter. The software still needs to activate online, but the content necessary to install is already there. 2. It’s a backup medium for the program installer, core catalog content, and other resources. Some people find it handy so they don’t have to track them down on the website if they need it down the road. I hope this helps!
  7. Hello again, The features you are describing are features found in the Chief Architect line of software. Specifically, templates, the ability to import/export default settings, and use style palettes. Here’s a couple resources about these features in Premier/Interiors: Templates: Style Palettes: The way you are currently doing templates is what is currently possible in the Home Designer products.
  8. Hello y-g-m-n, Here is an article that may help you combine your drawings into a representation of your whole lot: Modeling a Subdivision or Lot with Multiple Structures in Home Designer