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  1. Eric, Thanks. The default is Full Gable on all walls and I have verified the settings on each wall including the lower and upper sections. I deleted the Upper Pitch and that corrected the problem.
  2. The walls are set for Full Gable but I am getting this mansard-like roof that seems to be related to attic wall height. Using HDPRO
  3. Eric, I am not exactly certain what the solution was, but I started with a new drawing and set the following defaults (which I had tried earlier but must have changed something else that messed it up). Foundation Foundation Type - Walls With Footings - Hang 1st Floor Inside Foundation Walls Stem Walls - Structure - Hang Floor Platform Above Wall Wall Types - Made a block wall with brick exterior Walls - Foundation was not selected, Footing and Monolithic Slab were grayed out and not changeable Thanks again Now on to learning roof planes.
  4. Eric, Thanks tremendously for all of the time you have put into this. I had tried a similar approach but couldn't quite get there so I'll follow your instructions as best I can with HDPro. Especially how to get from floor framing to slab but if I can't, floor framing will probably be adequate. My materials estimates will be used primarily as a check on the contractor estimates so some details aren't critical. I will be giving the final plans to an architect to create the final drawings and signature, so you are correct that I won't need to include some details to complete the design (I should have clarified that at the beginning). I'm glad I didn't bother you with something that was a common problem although nearly all construction in GA is monolithic slab or a brick foundation with slab. My next big challenge is the roof line. Thanks again.
  5. Eric, This is the construction requirement I am trying to duplicate. Block on foundation with poured slab between the block stem walls and the brick laid from the foundation up. Thanks again.
  6. Eric, I was in the process of finding a good photo but called onto something else. Thanks. I'll post something tonight.
  7. Eric, Thanks. I wasn't clear that the brick must start on the foundation and extend up to the soffit.
  8. Home Designer Pro 2022 I and trying to simulate a block on foundation with an L block on top and the poured slab within the block. The brick must start on the slab wall foundation. This is a very typical construction here in GA where most homes do not have a crawl space. I need the brick to extend all of the way to foundation but the brick walls are shown on top of the slab I simulated the block with stem walls and set it to "Slab with footings" which results in the slab and its footings on top of the stem walls and the brick starting at the slab.