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  1. Thanks so much. Bottom line, to my original question, even if I set my default to "surface", there is no way to get any dimension choice to locate to surface. I need to set the dimension and adjust it. From what I am understanding, this is what you are saying and, after trying all of the dimensions, that is what I am experiencing. If I am misunderstanding and there is a default and then dimension choice I can select that will give me "surface to surface" dimension, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for that feedback! Appreciate the patience, Roy James. SEEING EXACTLY WHICH LAYERS THE DIMENSION IS LOCATING TO: Yep, I assumed that was the drywall (surface layer) that the smaller dimension was locating to, but have used several rendering apps and I no longer assume anything). CHANGING DEFAULT OPTION TO "SURFACE". Thanks for those directions. I did previously research this and had the settings on "surface". But, you are saying that for interior, I can use only the manual dimension tool to mark dimensions "surface to surface"? (Doesn't make sense that I wouldn't be able to use the "interior dimension tool" and get surface to surface result, but okay. Just for the heck of it, with the default set to "surface", I tried both "interior dimension" and "manual", here are the results. What am I doing wrong. Acknowledge in advance there is something I am totally missing. Thanks.
  3. I am new to Home Designer Suite 2024. I will mostly be using interior sheetrock to sheetrock dimensions. I have been playing around with the settings and don't even know how I achieved these 2 different interior dimensions. Questions: 1) Is the 5'4" framing to framing and the 5'3" sheetrock to sheetrock? 2) How do I set up defaults to ensure I am getting interior dimensions sheetrock to sheetrock? Thanks so much in advance!