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  1. RoyJames's post in Displaying floor 1 objects in the foundation plan was marked as the answer   
    Hello jlliles87,
    You should be able to use the Reference Display to show your plumbing fixtures on the floor below and change their line style using the Change Floor/Reference dialog (Tools->Floor/Reference Display->Change Floor/Reference). Use the Define button next to Reference Display Options to control what shows and in what way.
    To learn more about the Reference Display:

    I hope this helps!
    Best Regards,
  2. RoyJames's post in Roof issues was marked as the answer   
    Hello SandraH,
    It appears that the Auto Roof Return is behaving oddly. I would send a copy of this plan to our Tech Support team so they can take a look.
    In the meantime, I believe I have a workaround for you. If you change the Auto Roof Return settings from Full return to Gable return, then increase the Length value until the ends meet (9.5' seemed about right for the plan you attached), it should behave like a Full return.

    Hopefully that works for you!