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  1. You are correct. I "searched" New Layout and did not notice that the tutorial only applies to the Pro version. I will probably upgrade this week. Thanks for the help.
  2. The Tutorial says that I can make a NEW LAYOUT page, but my drop down does not have that icon, Home Des Suite 2023
  3. Thanks for the Input. This will work for now, but will probably have to upgrade to Architect to resolve some of the others. This is a great site!!!!
  4. Thanks for your input that will work for now,  I've also made a Green House, I just told it to make material GLASS.   There are a couple other issues with SUITE which I understand I can solve by upgrading to Architect,  I'll probably do that before the next project.

  5. Two different buildings on same drawing. Can't apply different Roof materials. One is shingle and the other is standing seam. Tried unchecking Auto Roof redraw but didn't work. Whatever I put on one roof automatically goes to the other.